Cracking The Facts Of Harley Boom Box 6.5 Problems: Secret Tips & Tricks!

Interesting factoids, we bet you never knew about Harley boom box 6.5 problems as we explain in this article. As a Haley lover, you must face these common and rare issues several time.

If you haven’t proper acknowledgement you can’t figure it out. Therefore we are trying to helping you out by explaining the most common and some rare problem.

As well as we will share some crucial tips and regarding these boom box problems. The Boom Box 6.5 features a large size screen with 6.5”.

Also, it has an integrated satellite radio which flows in an equalizer to pump up the big sound for your entertainment while riding your beauty Harley Davidson. Sometimes, it creates a problem and so here we are.

In the following guide, we will try to solve Harley boom box 6.5 problems.

What is Boom Box?

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Boom Box is an evolved interface experience for those riders who love Harley Davidson bike. This infotainment system is designed next-level and has many great features.

In Harley Davidson, the Boom Box infotainment system was specially designed to enhance your riding experience.

Using this boom box, you can browse Google Maps, control your music tracks and fairing speakers, can use Google Maps when your smartphone is a connection to Harley Boombox via USB.

In regions where Google Assistant is supported, you can also control some of its features using your voice.

Harley Boom Box 6.5 Features

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The Boombox brings a navigation system, a telephone interface for conversations via a helmet headset, and audio output. The system knows about USB mass storage devices, FM, DAB +, cable-connected smartphones, and Bluetooth audio from audio sources.

Spotify or other streaming services also work via Bluetooth audio. In principle, everything is as you know it from a modern car. It also slips just as easily.

The menu structure could be more logical, but you can learn it by heart with its peculiarities because Harley kept the hierarchy fairly flat. The system recognizes typical smartphone gestures such as swiping to scroll or the pinch to zoom as usual.

The system is operated using small joysticks on the left and right of the handlebars or using the touchscreen. It captures the inputs capacitively. So that this works with gloves and in the rain, software controls the sensitivity accordingly.

Following are some of the key features of Harley Boom Box 6.5

  • 6.5” Display Screen
  • Touch screen and inbuilt GPS
  • 4.3 Radio
  • A low distortion 25 watts channel amplifier that offers a great sound
  • Sharper and clearer sound than its previous model
  • 25% louder noise level than the 4.3 model
  • Automatic treble and bass adjust
  • Bluetooth to pair your smartphone
  • Map-based GPS
  • Weather alert
  • Incorporated USB and iPod device playback
  • Glove-friendly touchscreen
  • Voice recognition
  • Joystick hand control
  • Bike-to-bike communication (Optional)

Harley Boom Box 6.5 Problems

Customers of Harley-Davidson prefer to buy with boom box 6.5 because of its great features. That’s why Harley also offers a lavish infotainment system that even supports Apple CarPlay.

Right at the beginning of the presentation, Harley’s spokesman called “faster processors”. But unfortunately, people are slowly realizing that this system has slow computing hardware and has many problems.

If you are also one of the customers who are facing Harley boom box 6.5 problems, you should not miss reading the following sections in which we have discussed the main problems and its solutions:

Problem 01: Device Is Not Turning ON


a. No Power or Low Power

The Harley Boom Box uses a rechargeable battery. Make sure that your battery is charged fully. It is advisable to charge it for at least 30 minutes and then try again.

b. Power button stuck:

If the device’s switch is not moving, the power button must be stuck. To solve this, you should wipe that area to ensure nothing is preventing you from moving. Once the button is cleaned sufficiently, then you should try again to turn ON.

Problem 02: Speaker Is Not Working


a. Check device connection:

Ensure your device is connected with the speaker. You can also use Auxiliary cable to solve the Bluetooth issue.

a. No Power OR Low Power:

Harley Boom Box 6.5 uses its rechargeable battery. Make sure the battery is not down and Boom Box can be still operated. It is advisable to lave the Boom Box plugged for 30 minutes.

c. Broken Speakers:

If your Boom Box has buzzing or humming noise, that is one of the signs that it is broken.

d. Audio is not properly working:

In this case, you should use another speaker to make sure your audio is working properly or not. Still, if your audio is not working properly, you should replace it.

Problem 03: Bluetooth Is Not Pairing With Any Device


a. Poor Bluetooth connectivity:

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled in your device which is connecting to your Boom Box. Once checked, Bluetooth pairing is ON in your device, scan for devices in the Bluetooth settings, and select Harley Boom Box. Once paired successfully, you will be able to hear noise from the Boom Box.

b. Out of range: Speaker and Device:

Keep your Bluetooth device close to the Harley Boom Box since the distance between these two devices can affect pairing if they are not in the range.

c. Several devices are connected:

Harley Boom Box can have certain numbers of pairing devices, but at a time, it can only maintain a few. If many devices have connected at a time, the audio will not work properly. So, you should remove one or more connected devices.

Problem 04: The Sound Is Distorted


Try these steps

Step 01: Turn on the device and check that it plays sound.

Step 02: Adjusts the device’s volume.

Step 03: Adjusts the speaker’s volume.

Step 04: If the device is connected, check properly that the 3.5 mm audio cable is inserted properly.

Step 05: If you’re using the Bluetooth connection, try using a 3.5 mm stereo cable instead, or try troubleshooting the Bluetooth connection.

Problem 05: Echo Is Heard Over The Phone


a. Wired connection:

There is likely a sound coupling between the speakers and the microphone of the phone, and it is not a problem of the speakers.

b. Bluetooth connection:

If your device is connected to your speakers using Bluetooth and still you are having problems of echo, it must have problems in your Bluetooth connection.

Problem 06: GPS Issue – Message “Navigation Not Ready Please Wait”


The Navigation will not show when you turn your bike ON for the first time, you have to wait for several minutes.

If you are on your ride with Navigation, stop for a while, but the bike’s ignition switched to ACC and the Navigation will be running and you will not have to wait longer to spool it up again.

If this solution does not work, it must be a problem with the unit and you should get it replaced.

Problem 07: Radio Is Not Working On Harley Boom Box 6.5


Try to turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone and then try again, it will start working.


When you buy a Harley Davidson for touring, this is surely your exciting investment. But many times, Harley boom box 6.5 problems ruin your biking experience.

But we are sure, after going through this guide, there will be no any problem. You will enjoy all the great features including its coolest Bluetooth and GPS features of Harley Boom Box 6.5!

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