Can I Sell a House Without a Realtor? For Sale by Owner in California 2024

Thinking about selling your place in Cali? Having a good real estate agent by your side can make the process smoother and faster. Plus, there’s a tendency of scoring a higher sale price compared to for sale by owner in California. But, here’s the deal: most agents take a cut from the sale price, eventually leaving you with less money. Let’s break down all the good and not-so-good stuff about getting a pro to sell your house.

Is it Mandatory to Hire a Realtor?


Legally speaking, you don’t have to hire a Realtor. Sometimes, if you’re smart and know your stuff, you can totally handle what these pros do all by yourself.

Opting for the FSBO in real estate will require time, knowledge, and a good dose of confidence. If you’re not feeling 100% about your skills, it might be worth teaming up with a pro.

Benefits of Hiring a Realtor

Better pricing

If you’re thinking, “I want to Sell my house fast California”, working with a realtor may be the best option. According to Rick Sharga at CJ Patrick Company, a top-notch agent can figure out the perfect price for your listing. He’ll let you know when to aim high and wiggle down. If the situation is favorable, he may also recommend starting low to get more offers and spark a bidding war.

Less chance of missing out on important disclosures

Agents know their stuff when it comes to all the info sellers have to provide during a real estate deal. Lots of legal stuff is required to be disclosed to buyers depending on where you live. Homes For Sale by Owner in California are no exception. Think lead paint, water issues, or even the recent passing of a person. How you spill the beans and when can vary from state to state. This is where agents step in to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

Reach buyers easily through the MLS

Agents have the hookup to your local MLS, a huge database where all the real estate pros hunt for leads. Sites like Zillow scoop up those listings too. Securing a spot for your home on the MLS means it’s going to reach many potential buyers cruising those websites. That’s your ticket to snagging the offer you’re after, which might not be possible if you’re doing FSBO in real estate. Plus, agents can sort out the serious buyers from those who aren’t really ready to throw down an offer.

More time to focus on other tasks in hand

Here’s the deal when you team up with a realtor: they’re the ones who market, stage, and show off your place. According to Rajeh Saadeh, a realtor from New Jersey, you’ll get top-notch advice on how to spruce up your listing. That’s especially crucial when you’re thinking: I want to Sell my house fast California. A realtor will tell you what to show off and what to stash away. Based on their knowledge of buyers’ preferences, your realtor might even initiate the staging themselves to attract more buyers. Don’t forget about those open houses and private tours—they’ve got those covered too.

Why Working With a Realtor is Not for Everyone


There are numerous reasons why homeowners choose to put their homes up For Sale by Owner in California. The most common reason for not hiring a realtor is the realtor fee that’s based on the home’s selling price. The standard rate of 4 to 6 percent can scrape off tens of thousands from your profit.

In addition, some realtors will only agree to help you sell if you’re in for an exclusive contract with them. In this case, you could be prone to unfavorable situations stipulated in the contract. Not to mention that over time, you may begin to resent your realtor due to multiple disputes.

FSBO Points to Ponder

Thinking about whether to hire a real estate agent or opt for FSBO in real estate? Here are some points to consider:

Do you have a clear idea of your home’s worth? A real estate agent checks out similar homes recently sold in your area to figure out a good price. But you can do that too. If you know what similar homes are sold for, you could start off well without an agent.

Selling a house is a big job. When you do it on your own, you’ll be busy snapping top-notch photos, promoting the place online, and meeting potential buyers for tours. If you’ve got a flexible schedule and know a thing or two about marketing, you’re ahead of the game. Having one less party involved, you might even be able to Sell my house fast California.

How do you handle tough talks? Selling your home is a big deal, and you’re probably proud of all the work you’ve put into it. But remember, buyers want a good deal, and they usually have an agent helping them out. Without your own agent, you’ll have to handle all the negotiations yourself. If you’re not great at negotiating, you might end up losing out. Plus, you might get too sentimental about your home, which could cloud your judgment. “Real estate can get really emotional, but a good agent knows how to keep emotions in check and get a good deal,” says Bennie Waller, a real estate professor at the University of Alabama.



Good preparation can possibly help homeowners sell their homes. However, you’ll be investing your other resources in exchange for the realtor fee you’re avoiding.

You’ll need the time and know-how to set the right price, stage and market your property well. Putting your home up For Sale by Owner in California will also require negotiation skills to effectively deal with buyers and their agents.

It’s natural for sellers to want to dodge paying a commission. But a good agent should boost the sale price enough to offset the commission. Therefore, sellers can end up with more money compared to selling without an agent.