AC Repair: McKinney, TX Guide for Air Duct Cleaning

Many people on the internet argue that the air duct cleaning doesn’t work. This is a scam run by the air duct cleaning companies. However, others say it helps reduce energy consumption, increase AC efficiency, and improve indoor air quality. But which side is correct? Like most homeowners, if you’re confused about this, this blog is for you. In this AC Repair McKinney TX Guide for Air Duct Cleaning, I will break down all the claims and help you reach a conclusion.

AC Repair [McKinney TX] – Should You Really Clean the Air Ducts?


3 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Helps the Homeowners

1. Keeping the Energy Bills Lower

Over time, various particles and dust accumulate inside the air ducts. But these particles block the airflow pathway. As a result, required air cannot pass freely through the ducts, and the air conditioner cannot get the required air supply to produce treated air. When the AC doesn’t get the required air supply, it needs to operate longer to produce the cooling, which decreases the energy efficiency or increases the energy consumption. But all these issues can be prevented by promptly cleaning the air ducts.

A duct cleaning professional cleans the ducts thoroughly during an HVAC air duct cleaning. Remove all sorts of dust and micro-particles. Consequently, the airflow pathway will be free for the required air to move, and the AC will get the required air supply. Eventually, this brings down the energy consumption.

If you’re having abnormally high cooling bills and haven’t cleaned the air ducts in years, it is likely that there is dust or foreign materials inside the air ducts. To identify the root cause, you’ll have to call an air duct cleaning company or AC servicing company. They will inspect the air ducts, and if the ducts are clogged, they will clean them. However, if the air ducts are filled with rodents or mildew, you’ll have to call pest control.

Finding an expert HVAC technician in McKinney is more straightforward than in other cities. Unlike other homeowners outside of McKinney, you won’t have to scratch your head by searching “AC servicing near me McKinney.” There are hundreds of HVAC professionals or contractors in McKinney who you can trust blindly for AC repairs and duct cleaning. They are experienced and have all the tools required for AC servicing. So, you’re free to hire any HVAC contractor in McKinney.

2. Eliminate Allergens from the House


If you have someone in your family who has allergies or respiratory issues, you should be worried about cleaning the air ducts.

When you don’t clean the air ducts often, allergens and dust particles will accumulate inside the air ducts. When the treated air goes through the HVAC ducts, these dust and allergens will get mixed with the treated air. As a result, the produced air will get polluted, and if someone breathes such polluted air, there is a high chance it will make them sick and trigger respiratory diseases. But by keeping the air ducts clean, you can avoid getting sick and keep everyone in your house healthy.

Apart from this, when you keep the air ducts clean, your house will have no foul odor. It is found that homeowners who skip the air duct cleaning leave a burning smell in their house. It happens because the dust inside the air ducts gets heated, producing a burning smell. But now, as you know, simply by cleaning the air ducts, you can keep your house free from all sorts of foul odors and burning smells.

3. Prevents Dust Layer Formation on Your Furniture

As I said, dust and other particles inside the air ducts get mixed with the treated air and degrade the IAQ. But another downside of mixing pollution with treated air is that it creates a layer of dust on the furniture. As a homeowner, it is not pleasant to see layers of dust on your furniture, even after cleaning the furniture often. This is why you must keep the ducts clean if you don’t want to see a dust layer on your furniture.

Also, you must replace or clean the air filter at regular intervals. It can cause a similar issue when clogged with dust and pollutants. If you live in a city, changing the AC filter every 50-60 days is suggested. However, to find the accurate time, you must consult an HVAC expert.


While cleaning the air ducts, you’ll have to ensure that the air duct cleaner is using a bio-cleaning agent. With a chemical cleaning agent, your space will have a strong smell, which will degrade your house’s condition. But with bio-cleaning agents, you won’t have to face these issues. Besides, compared to chemical cleaning agents, the bio-cleaning agent is safer and has no after-cleaning effect.

Again, while cleaning the air ducts, if the duct cleaner finds out that there are leaks in the air ducts, you must repair the leaks ASAP. Otherwise, it will lower the ACs’ energy efficiency. However, if the leaks are irreparable, you have no option but to replace the entire AC ducting system.



The bottom line is that you must clean the air ducts. Unlike other HVAC parts, you won’t have to clean or repair the ducts every six to twelve months. Instead, you should clean the air ducts every 4/5 years. This way, you can keep the indoors healthy and the AC energy efficiency higher.