Learn How to Use a Cen-Tech Digital Multimeter to Check Voltage

CenTech digital multimeter is a pocket-size budget-friendly multimeter for individuals who will occasionally need to check electronic values. In this article, you’d be learning how to use a Cen-Tech digital multimeter to check Voltage.

Nevertheless, this small battery-operated circuit tester also provides accurate digital readings for current, resistance, battery tests, diode test, and transistors test. When you want to use a digital multimeter to check for Voltage, you need to know which type of Voltage, be it AC or DC.

Our household power voltage is a typical alternating current (AC), while that from a battery is direct current (DC). Knowing the type of Voltage, you’re measuring will help you effectively set the selection knob rightly.

There are also the ports where you plug in the probes and a display screen on the Cen-Tech digital multimeter. Note that there is a limit to Voltage you can measure on most Cen-Tech digital circuit checkers; it falls within 200 mV to  750 V.

What is a Digital Multimeter?

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In simple terms, a digital multimeter is a type of testing tool which you can use to test several electrical values like current, Resistance and Voltage. The quantity measured will then be displayed on a screen, and that’s how a digital multimeter works.

One advantage the digital multimeter has over the analog multimeter is that it has a more accurate and readable digital screen. So, when using a digital multimeter, you can eliminate errors due to parallax.

Moreover, in modern digital multimeter you will find in it a type of computer system whicj will offer you features that makes measuring electrical values easier, such as graphical representation, auto polarity, auto-ranging.

Some modern digital multimeter gives you the flexibility to interface it with a personal computer via USB, or any other instrument bus. This interface allows you to record the measurements made on your personal computer.

Some digital multimeters can store measurements and upload them on your PC later.

Features of Digital Cen-Tech multimeter

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Different Cen-Tech multimeter comes with several features of which you will find very helpful in different scenarios. Here are the most common features you are most likely to find in a digital Cen-Tech multimeter:

1. Battery-Operated

Cen-Tech modern digital multimeter features a removable battery, mostly a 9V battery. A digital Cen-Tech multimeter cannot function without a battery.

Moreover, since the Cen-Tech digital tester has a display, it wouldn’t work without a battery. Some Cen-Tech digital multimeters have a backlit, powered by the battery.

2. Fuse Protection

Fuse is another crucial component of the Cen-Tech upgraded digital multimeter. We know a fuse is set to break when a certain level of current is exceeded, and that is what a fuse does in the Cen-Tech digital multimeter.

The fuse will also cut at an instantaneous high current, thereby protecting the Cen-Tech from damage.

3. LCD Digital Screen

Another feature of the Cen-Tech digital multimeter is the digital screen. With the screen’s help, you can use this multimeter to measure a specific electrical value accurately to the first decimal place in most cases.

Some Cen-Tech LCD screens have backlit, which allows you to take readings in low light rooms.

4. Selection Knob

With the selection knob’s help, you can set the multimeter to measure a specific electrical value. Irrespective of what you want to measure, be it AC or DC, use the knob to set it appropriately before any test.

Be sure to use the right electrical value for the proper testing to prevent burns or electric shocks.

5. Ports for Banana Head Probes

Most Cen-Tech high tech multimeters come with multiple ports where you can plug in the probes. The flexibility of the ports allows you to be able to plug in different types of Probes. Often, you would find two or more ports for the black and red wire.

Frequently, you would find that each port has a design that can accommodate banana head probes.

6. Auto-Ranging

With the auto-ranging feature of the Cen-Tech digital multimeter, the multimeter will always selects the correct range for the quantity under test. So your displayed result will always be the most significant digits of the value you’re measuring.

For instance, if your Cen-Tech digital circuit checker is a four-digit multimeter, on measuring an electrical value it would automatically select an appropriate range to display.

So if you measure a voltage rather than the multimeter displaying 0.029V, it would rather display 29.34 mV.

How to Use a Cen-Tech Digital Multimeter to Check Voltage?

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Here are five steps that make using the CenTech digital multimeter to check Voltage in AC or DC:

Step 1: Safety

Safety is an essential part of using a multimeter. You need to take into consideration that electricity can be hazardous, and if care is not taken, it can lead to severe injuries or even death.

So, when using a Cen-Tech digital multimeter to check for Voltage, ensure you observe the general safety precaution. Furthermore, inspect the multimeter to ensure it is in good working condition such as the probe especially.

Ensure the probes are well insulated so that you would not come in contact with the current directly. Lastly, make sure you use the right function of the multimeter for the right purpose.

For example, do not set your multimeter to the DC voltage when you want to measure AC voltage.

Step 2: Rotate Selector to AC or DC Voltage

To set the function of the multimeter to measure an electrical value, use the selection knob. In this case, where we would measure Voltage, turn the selection knob to either AC voltage or DC voltage as the case may be.

Use the section that has a V with a straight line to measure DC voltage. Likewise, use the part that has a V with a wavy line to measure AC. DC voltage is the type of Voltage observed in batteries, while AC voltage is the one supplied to our home sockets.

A typical Cen-Tech digital multimeter can measure Voltages within the range of 200mV to 1000V DC or 2V to 700V AC.

Step 3: Plug the probes.

At this stage, plug in the probes to the ports on the Cen-Tech multimeter. There are different ports on the multimeter, sometimes three or four, used for measuring various parameters.

In the case of measuring Voltage, we would be using just two ports, labeled COM (Common) and V/Ω/Hz. Plug the red wire to the port labeled V/Ω/Hz, and the black wire to the port tagged COM.

Although if you twist these wires, you will still get the same value, it would be the negative counterpart.

Step 4: Check Voltage

Now that you have made all the necessary adjustments, all you have to do is connect the probes on the live and neutral wire for AC voltage testing.

If you are testing a DC voltage, connect the black probe to the battery’s negative terminal, and the red probe to the positive terminal of the cell. Note that nothing terrible will happen when you twist the black wire with the red wire.

Your voltage reading will become a negative number of the actual result if you switch it by mistake. This negativity is because a multimeter measures the Voltage of a live wire to the Common (COM) port.

Step 5: Taking your reading

At this stage, your reading will be displayed on the screen. Depending on the model of the Cen-Tech multimeter, you have, but most often, you would get your result in three or four significant figures.

If the result on your screen is zero, there is no voltage is in the wire.

Maintenance Tips of Cen-Tech Digital Multimeter

If you want to ensure your Cen-Tech heavy-duty digital multimeter lasts, then proper maintenance is paramount. Here are some maintenance tips that will help keep your Cen-Tech digital tester in good shape:

  1. After every use, store in a cool, dry place, away from dust – preferably in its packaging box.
  2. Do not operate it on a low battery, and ensure you replace it with the correct type of cell. Most Cen-Tech uses a single 9V battery, but refer to the User Manual for clarity.
  3. Use the proper settings, techniques, terminals, and range for testing and do not use the multimeter to test current, or Voltage higher than its limit.
  4. Only use accessories that were intended for the multimeter.
  5. Before using a Cen-Tech digital multimeter to test for continuity, diode, or resistance, disconnect all power to the circuit and discharge all high-voltage capacitors.
  6. Only have a qualified technician calibrate the multimeter every year.


In conclusion, using a Cen-Tech digital multimeter to measure Voltage is straightforward once you have a good grasp of how it works. With the CenTech digital multimeter, troubleshooting an electronic device has become so direct.

And the ability of the Cen-Tech digital multimeter to measure different electric values makes it even more useful. So, if you are an electrical enthusiast, the Cen-Tech multimeter is a pretty decent multimeter to buy if you are thinking about getting one.