Top 10 Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guides

Do you own a motorcycle? It is time you buy the best motorcycle fairing speakers and improve your driving and riding experience. Regardless of whether you like listening to music on a motorcycle or are fascinated about camping while you listen to music, look for motorcycle fairing speakers.

Best Choice
Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5-1/4" Coaxial Speaker for Car & Marine, 2-Way Boat & Car Audio Speaker,...
Good Choice
Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker - Black (Pair)
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Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK
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Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing Rd.King Hc HDF-RK-QZ-HC
Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5-1/4" Coaxial Speaker for Car & Marine, 2-Way Boat & Car Audio Speaker,...
Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker - Black (Pair)
Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK
Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing Rd.King Hc HDF-RK-QZ-HC
Best Choice
Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5-1/4" Coaxial Speaker for Car & Marine, 2-Way Boat & Car Audio Speaker,...
Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series 5-1/4" Coaxial Speaker for Car & Marine, 2-Way Boat & Car Audio Speaker,...
Good Choice
Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker - Black (Pair)
Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker - Black (Pair)
Don't Miss
Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK
Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing HDF-RK
Also Consider
Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing Rd.King Hc HDF-RK-QZ-HC
Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing Rd.King Hc HDF-RK-QZ-HC

Buying good motorcycle fairing speakers must be done with care as there are various models available. They feature unique combination, features, and settings, that it may become overwhelming.

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

10 Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers Reviews

You must consider various factors such as sound quality, compatibility, and power output. Your job is simplified on going through these reviews and details below:


01. Polk Audio DB522 – A Universal Fit

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Polk Audio DB522 offers a balanced technology. The performance with woofers is wonderful as it features marine certification. 


It is clean, rich, and the DB series makes it versatile to be installed in motorcycles, automobiles, ATVs, boats, any vehicle of your choice.


It is tested to handle UV, salt-fog, and humidity. The most attractive part of Polk Audio is that it is ruggedly sophisticated presenting a full-range sound to get into the tough marine. 

Less Stressful

Going on a motorcycle, for whatever, the reason may be, maybe stressful to cover long distances. Having an audio performance set up, especially Polk audio means your ride is one step up and less stressful. 


The dB is a plus for this audio that is already marine certified, indicating you can go in any weather condition. It is nice to have a companion without frills and Polk Audio is also entertaining.

Dynamic Balance

The speakers have waterproof surround. The technology of dynamic balance features zero protrusion design and reduced mounting depth.

Thus, it is an absolute fit making it suitable for various applications. Built to offer premium sound quality and to fit your budget.

  • UV tolerant and Polypropylene waterproof surrounds
  • 5.25’ high-performance woofers
  • The speaker’s house is free from grime
  • Speaker grille easy to install
  • More bass would be appreciated


02. Rockford-Fosgate-R1-HD2-9813 – Designed for Harley


Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers



The R1-HD2-9813 is designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is a complete kit suitable for all the Harley models between 1998 to 2013.

Optimal Response

Harley drivers can enjoy optimal response as everything is pre-adjusted such as the speakers, its crossovers, EQ, and gain controls. Enjoy this weather and water-resistant speaker, they not only withstand rain and cold but also can be water hose sprays as you plan your bike cleaning.

Detail Design

Rockford Fosgate will convince all the proud owners of Harley that it is the definitely best motorcycle sound systems.  It is designed to take into each detail with

the perfection that the performance does not suffer.

Direct Replacement

The R1-HD2-9813 speakers are direct replacement speakers that fit even the new Harley motorcycles. It features 6.5” speakers that are convenient to be mounted that you can go on any tour location with this mounted to your fairing. 

Convenient Installation

No need to worry as it offers a convenient installation. There is no need for any modifications or alterations to be done or considered. You can enjoy your motorcycle ride with these speakers as it overcomes all the road noises.

Astounding Combination

The R1-HD2-9813 speakers help to remove and replace these speakers with ease. The speaker offers 75 watts and has a total power of 150 watts in a combination that the high notes are clear and even as you are cruising per hour more than 65 miles, you will not miss any music beat. 

  • Designed only for Harley Motorcycles
  • Class D amplifier, 70 watts
  • 88dB sensitivity
  • Santoprene surround polypropylene woofer
  • Not waterproof


03. Hogtunes Speaker System Kit – Enhances Road Experience

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Having a Hogtunes Speaker that has ‘Memphis shades batwing fairing’ means the touring with bikes is enhanced. The audio system is easy to install as a bolt-in. 

Smooth Engineering

The entire kit of Hogtunes has components engineered that it works smoothly. This set enhances your experience on the radio as it has 4.25” custom speakers. 

Comfortable Cruising

With these speakers, you are not only listening to music, but you can also feel the music. It is a beautiful way to add to your life these tunes while you comfortably cruise the road.

All-inclusive Kit

You can install anytime as the kit comes with the required installation hardware as all-inclusive. 

The Hogtunes Speaker features a USB charge port. You need not run about looking for the hardware to install the speakers. 

Ideal Design

The entire system takes hardly an hour to be installed. It is an ideal design suitable for Harley Davidson’s large variety of motorcycles.


The advantage of Hogtunes Speaker is its lightweight that is made of the high-quality durable plastic housing. It offers a great sound system providing the enjoyment expected while traveling, taking away your mind from the issues of dirt, dust, and water.

  • Features a custom speaker enclosure
  • Built-in volume control
  • The kit features USB charge port
  • Suitable for ‘Memphis shades batwing fairings’
  • No instructions 


04. Hogtunes- 362R-RM Speakers – Easy Installation

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Hogtunes -362R-RM Speakers present a Gen 3 technology. Its 125-watt RMS and the design are specific to suit touring bikes.

Customized Speaker Basket

It has a speaker basket that is customized to suit Harley Davidson Touring. There is the advantage of installation that is done effortlessly.

The speaker needs no grinding or cutting to be installed and hence can be done anywhere on-the-go or when you are comfortable at home during a weekend.

Clean Look

The Hogtunes -362R-RM Speakers have barbs for the front speaker wires to keep it secure. The biggest advantage is it is free from corporate logos offering a clean look.

Ease of Fitting

These speakers are much better to the stock speakers. They sound better on fitting an upgraded amp. Fitting does not take much of your time with back speakers, but the front fairing speakers do require some involvement.

High-fidelity Sound

Hogtunes speakers the Memphis Shades is a kit of batwing speaker system offering you a high-fidelity sound as you are on your motorcycle. It offers dual 4.25” speakers and a custom pod, with a 50-watt amplifier.

5 Devices Charging

The USB charge port allows charging around 5V devices such as GPS, smartphone or power bank. The integrated volume in the audio perch allows easy tweaking.

The kit weighs around 6 pounds and is hard to fit if it has riser-mounted handlebars, gauges, or accessories.

  • Easy to install
  • Sold in pairs
  • Clean looking mesh grills 
  • Enjoy the feel of no corporate logos
  • Bottom 3 mounting bolts hard to access


05. Rockford-Fosgate- TMS6SG- Withstands Roadways Roughness

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Rockford-Fosgate- TMS6SG is one of the best motorcycle handlebar speakers suitable for1998 to 2013 models of Harley Davison motorcycles. 

Doubles Clarity

These are the speaker’s anyone would love to have during their cruise as it doubles the clarity and sound. You will be tempted to hear music regularly as you go down the highway. 

Perfect Fit

The mounting rings offer the perfect fit that you need not be worried about its secure fit. There is no need to customize to consider a good installation. It can be installed in an hour.

There is no need for modification required as it replaces the factory fitted speakers directly.

Coaxial Speakers

The TMS6SG are coaxial speakers designed in a full range to fit easily and perfectly the locations of the fairing speaker in the Street Glide Motorcycles of Harley-Davidson.

New Grille Assemblies

Besides now there are new grille assemblies and speaker connectors. These speakers resist the elements of the weather. It means they can resist grime, dust, and other contaminants.

Handles Road Roughness

TMS6SG is vibration and corrosion resistant that it eliminates the botheration even if you are driving in the rain. It can withstand all types of road roughness.

The resistance of vibration allows staying connected properly, while it offers excellent performance, eliminating the road noises.

  • Convenient to install
  • High-quality, clear sound
  • New grille assemblies 
  • Water and weather-resistant
  • Nothing specific


06. Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG- Clear Highs

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG is the fairing speaker typically for Harley-Davison model the Road Glide motorcycle. It is a coaxial speaker available in full range designed to fit the location of the fairing speaker. 

Santoprene Isolation

It features a Neodymium motor structure in polypropylene cone having Santoprene surround. The Santoprene isolation in the front links the cone assembling and the tweeter housing.

The speaker mounts new grille assemblies and for right fitting use the chart of compatibility.

Maximum Output

The speaker replaces directly the factory existing speakers. This is in addition to the factory speaker connectors and mounting hardware. It ensures you receive maximum output and frequency response in the low and mid-frequency range.

It is ultra-efficient with a proprietary film tweeter. 

Weather and Water-resistant

There is a dome tweeter of 25mm featuring phase plug and is weather or water-resistant. The design is water and weather resistant. The phase plug integrated ensures clear highs at any cruising highway speeds.

High-performance Audio

It offers high-performance audio and suits the motorcycles of Harley Davidson from1998 to 2013. The digital receiver offers complete control over music, AUX and USB inputs, wireless Bluetooth streaming, AM/FM digital tuner, with Pandora.

  • Weather/ water resistant
  • Santoprene connection with cone and tweeter housing
  • No modification required
  • New grille assemblies
  • Need amp to sound better

07. J& M Corporation Unisex-Adult Rokker Xx Fairing Speaker Grills – Quality on Par

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


J&M Corporation Rokker Xx fairing speaker grills feature high-output tweeter as built-in and there are the midrange drivers to directly plug into the crossover network. 

Sold in Pairs

These grills fit Harley Road Glide of the 1998 to 2013 models fairing style and are sold in the kit in a pair.

Powerful Audio System

J&M fairing speakers are impressive offering a max power of 300w. It is exciting and the powerful audio system application, providing clarity, on-highway volume, and overall performance that riders dream about.

Sustains all Weather Conditions

The fairing speakers of J & M for Harley are the best motorcycle speakers. These speakers present a sound balance and the anticipated durability. They are durable and regardless of the weather conditions, can hold up.

This assures you that it will go through good storms and you can sustain in severe cold or hot conditions.

Amazing Durability

Concerning sound quality, it offers decent performance, but next to Rockford Fosgate. There are no doubts about its durability and the speaker set is amazing. You can rely on J & M fairing speakers to be on par.

The price can be a real bargain for the offered speaker’s quality.

  • Midrange drivers directly plug
  • Built-in high output tweeter
  • Available as a pair
  • Fitts 1998 to 2013 models 
  • No installation information

08. Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass Fairing– A Classic Style

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Hoppe Quadzilla Fiberglass’s fairing speakers are attractive in a classic style. The speakers are in fiberglass and are given a gloss black paint coat that you can customize as per your color choice. 

Easy to Connect

The speakers are in 5-inches and come wired. It can be easy to connect. There is the advantage that the installation is very easy. The installation directions are concise, clear, and simple to follow.

Clean Look

The radio antenna is concealed within the fairing. It is done to provide a clean, sophisticated look. It keeps you from whipping in the wind. There is a clear windshield with the fairing and is well built.

Fits as Original

The advantage of these fairing mounts is that it fits similarly as the mounting points of the original equipment. There is no need to worry about the motorcycle as there are no modifications required to calculate or adjust. 

No Handlebar Interference

This installation is like remove the old and place the new on with ease. While installing, consider using the speaker connectors and mounting hardware already installed, so that it does not interfere with handlebars.

Extra Features

The fairing includes AM/FM/USB/CD a Jensen Radio with 160 watts. The advantage is that it also features a USB connection, a removable faceplate, a three-band EQ, and an auxiliary input.

  • The stunning style in fiberglass
  • Simple installation
  • Customizing color options
  • The USB connection and EQ three-band
  • Place to hold phone securely will be preferred


09. Hoppe Industries-Stereo Fairing Rd – A Valuable Addition

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


Hoppe Industries Stereo Fairing is a compact and sleeker version. It is shorter by 4” and narrower by 5”, but the sound quality is maintained.

Fiberglass Construction

It has hand-laid fiberglass construction and is of the best quality featuring gel-coating glossy black color.  

Attractive Additions

It features Sirius XM USB/CD/FM/AM and iPod. The Hoppe Industries fairing speakers are incredible products to have it as an addition for your motorcycle. You can control volume using the handlebar controls and also use the mode options or tuning.

Improves Riding Experience

Having Hoppe Industries fairing speakers for your motorcycle is the right inclusion as it integrates the sound systems and offers a new makeover that your driveway is pulled out smoothly. It ensures a new riding experience. 

Classically Styled

Harley Davidson is a stylish motorcycle and adding Hoppe Industries fairing ensures the riders are safe from debris and wind, and a new style is added to the bike front.

The Hoppe Industries fairing is classically styled. The windshields also offer the protection of quality riding.

Marine-grade Sound System

The biggest plus point is the marine-grade sound system in the motorcycle that is underneath and it sets them from others. The antenna is integrated delivering audio that is clear that anyone can enjoy smartphones, FM.AM radio, satellite radio, mp3 players and Bluetooth wireless. 

  • Marine-grade assembled stereo 
  • Pre-wired speakers
  • Top-quality fiberglass construction
  • Internal antenna offering a clean look
  • Nothing right now

10. Hoppe Industries-Mediazilla Fairing – Weather-Ready Design

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers


The fairing of Hoppe Industries is a premium line of motorcycle accessories in fiberglass. It raises the motorcycle audio standard. It brings a higher level of comfort and sound. 

Elevated Feel

Hoppe’s Mediazilla fairing takes your bike to an elevated step that the owners of Harley Davidson will have no reason to give a second thought.

Rich Features

Highly rich features such as the weather-ready design, fiberglass construction, and opulent audio console, make it elevated. 

Ride Comfort

The Mediazilla offers the comfort of the ride and the deserved experience. The Hoppe fairings feature windshield styles in multiple ranges. There are mounting brackets and it may vary depending on the model. 

Easy Installation

The installation is easy and it effortlessly integrates with the OEM windshield. Within 5 minutes you can take your bike on using a power cord featuring quick-detach power.

  • High-level sound 
  • Waterproof drawer 
  • Coaxial marine speakers 
  • OEM windshield stampings
  • A bit expensive


What is the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers?

The fairing in a motorcycle refers to a shell that is placed over the frame of motorcycles. This is commonly found on sport bikes and racing motorcycles that mainly reduce air drag.

Motorcycle owners consider ways to enhance ride quality and driving experience. The fairing speakers in a motorcycle are great accessories to provide tune blasts.

You can use these fairing speakers and make your trips interesting. Bear in mind to investing in high-quality fairing speakers.

Facts Must be Noted while Buying the Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

Motorcycle Fairing Speakers

Installing the best motorcycle fairing speakers is the wish of everyone. However, before buying one you should know it is not the same as upgrading some home or car audio system. 

A motorcycle parts such as the speakers and its other accessories get exposed to natural elements most time and do not have the storage facilities. There is also the noise handling challenge while riding a motorcycle. 

Adding a good motorcycle fairing system doubles the excitement of driving. Choosing the right fairing speakers for your motorcycle means you should know to address a few common challenges to your audio system and ensure buying the best quality fairing speakers.  


As you plan to buy a sound system with the speakers, it is best to look for factory connections so that it is in place. Buying a speaker system connecting to the pre-installed manufacturer connections is helpful.

Thus, the manufacturer warranty does not go void and the bike sound system is safe. If you need to make alterations or changes to your bike or the connectors, it implies you are likely to void the warranty.

Water Proof

Considering buying fairing speakers means you want no dust, but weather-resistant, and waterproof features. Installing these motorcycle speakers means to assure they can be taken or used even during rough weather and the speakers suffer no damage.

Vibration Resistant

Your speakers can be vibration resistant. It should be smooth on the road is the attraction. But, as none of the roads are smooth, there may be vibrations.

Ensure while buying that the vibrations do not make your system lose or the sound should not give distorted music owing to the shaking speaker.

Hardware Included

A speaker system features all the hardware required to connect the system. For extra hardware of your choice, you will have to look for the right size connectors and bolts.

Speaker Size and Wattage

Speaker Size and Wattage

The speakers size comes with the system and so while buying concentrate on the size. Mostly it comes in 4” to 6.5”. It is best to get a suitable size of speakers.

While buying speakers, it is a must to understand the wattage of your motorcycle.

This has to be concentrated in case you are on a noisy path. The rule is to have lower wattage speakers so that it is less powerful. Having a low wattage speaker and loud motorcycle means you will not be able to hear the music while driving.

Addressing an issue is possible if you decide to buy a motorcycle type and its area where you will be driving most times. If the area is quieter and your motorcycle is also quiet, it means you can enjoy driving with buying a simple or average fairing system.

However, if your bike makes a big noise, driving in the noisy areas and highways, means you should look for higher wattage speakers.

Consider Compatibility

Buying an audio system for a four-wheeler means considering compatibility is a must and the same is for motorcycle fairing speaker system. Nevertheless, think about the right speaker’s size and the place to be mounted.

For an average bike, buy speakers not huge for your motorcycle.

Quality Matters

Motorcycle fairing speakers will be exposed to elements most of the time and so investing in a quality system is a must. Go through the materials used, and invest in the best brand so that you enjoy what you pay for.

There should be no compromise on the sound quality or other accessories. 

Other things Worth Considering

As you are ready to upgrade your motorcycle, Harley Davidson, it is best to consider a few points before deciding the best motorcycle speakers.

Adhering to these details mentioned above will ensure you get the right product. Yet, you may look into these facts:

  1. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Are the reviews from genuine sources who have bough and are using the fairing speakers.
  2. Manufacturer: Are they the authentic manufactures of fairing speakers’ prominent brands?
  3. Test reports: Are they supported with informative test reports?
  4. Test results: Do the motorcycle fairing speaker handle all weather as mentioned?
  5. Price: Is it under your budget and meets all the requirements?

Best Motorcycle Fairing Speakers FAQ’s

Q: What are the best motorcycle speakers in the market?

A: The number of manufacturers producing the best motorcycle stereo, are many. They produce ATV reliable speakers, and they are not interchangeable. The model and brand are the features you should concentrate on.

It should have a weatherproof design, a multi-channel amplifier, and powerful speakers. Another important point is the compatibility feature. Getting the best motorcycle speakers alone is not enough.

You must ensure it fits particularly. Ensure there are specific features that you want to understand its compatibility. Only then your needs for fairing speakers 

Q. Is wiring of motorcycle speakers easy?

A: If you have zero ideas about wiring and have the motorcycle speakers ready, there is nothing to panic. It is simple. Read the manual instructions and see the harness connectors, hardware, and installation steps.

You just have to attach to the housing the cone inserts and let the fairing mount on the cone. The speakers directly can be mounted on the handlebars. Bear in mind to sue the nuts, bolts, and fasteners.

Mount the amplifier, ensure to connect the corresponding negative and positive sockets to the wires as specified in the manual diagram.

Q. What is the working of motorcycle speakers?

A: The speakers in the motorcycle work similarly to other speakers. They translate the music into sounds that you listen to. This is an electromagnetic coil that transforms the magnetic field direction as the electric current flows.

There is a fixed magnet attracting or repelling the coil relying on the magnetic field orientation. This electromagnetic coil is in a paper, plastic, or other material. It is attached to the cone of the speakers.

As there is the vibration of the coil, the vibrations amplify and translate into sounds varying in pitch levels and volumes, based on the frequency and amplitude.

Q: How to waterproof motorcycle speakers?

A: Buying marine-grade speakers for your motorcycle is recommended for beginners. This is because having water-proof speakers will keep their speakers safe, even if it means shelling out some extra money.

You can also build a waterproofing system. A simpler way of keeping your speakers safe to face other elements is by installing a front fairing and a windshield. Use thermoplastic or materials that ensure waterproofing to create a case.

Buy quality sealants or use high-gloss paint or polymer spray to coat the speakers.

Q: Is it right to wear motorcycle helmet speakers?

A: This is an awesome idea to add helmet speakers to enjoy the expected results. Enjoy the audio system when our cruiser is at low speeds by wearing half or open-face helmet. 

There is a possibility that you may not hear clearly. If anything, is heard from the helmet as well with the wind powerful noise that gets created at high speed, you should cancel the speaker’s sounds.

Getting helmet speakers ensures better the idea of driving. It allows you to enjoy your tunes and ride anytime and everywhere, regardless of how fast you ride. You can consider buying freestanding speakers to mount into a sturdy helmet such that it features integrated speakers.

It can work through Bluetooth and audio system. The helmets with speakers get attached to the helmet velcro. Do not miss to check the state’s laws you wish to travel on a motorcycle, so that helmet speakers are not an offense. 

Q: Is it possible to hear through motorcycle speakers while riding?

Ans: Hearing while riding through motorcycle speakers is based on many factors. The speaker’s power, the helmet type, a full-face model, top speed riding, etc. determine to hear from the speakers. It may be less at times or also clear.

Get one featuring Bluetooth to pair with a Bluetooth helmet while riding. They are immensely useful as you cruise at low speeds or if you are camping. Brighten your mood, with a powerful jump starter and revive your battery as a jump starter.

Q: What is the expectation of the motorcycle speakers and the environment?

Ans: Getting good fairing speakers for your motorcycle is a fabulous idea. You get to go anytime enjoying music in its quality sound. However, consider the speaker configuration.

The motorcycle speakers take more beating in comparison to other accessories. There is a difference between the home speakers as they are not moved, but the speakers on your motorcycle are continuously on movement, while the car speakers stay safe always.

The issue with motorcycle speakers is that it is exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Thus, get a speaker system that allows easy mounting or the one that gets incorporated within a fairing, thus the protection enjoyed is perfect.

Adding a windshield is a beautiful option to protect the speakers from rain and frontal winds. Either buy weatherproof speakers so that it is safe even after the exposure to rainy weather or humid environments.

The vibrations in the motorcycle also affect the speakers. Moreover, the speakers are handlebars mounted that they vibrate a lot. To reduce vibrations, get cone inserts such that it will dampen the fairings vibration and your speaker’s sound quality does not get affected.

How to Install Aftermarket Fairing Speakers on a Honda

Final Words

Upgrading the sound system allows hearing music clearly while riding. Simply turning the sound high and low while driving is not easy. It distorts the sound and there will be a need to turn the sound off each time you need to stop.

A must is that your speakers should deliver sounds clearly that it is heard without blasting of tunes. Ride happily after upgrading your system with the best motorcycle fairing speakers, and you will realize you have the best of both, your bike and musical world.

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