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Top 10 Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt Review 2021 [Buying Guideline]

To get the best drill bit for hardened steel bolt is quite a challenging task because most of the time the drill bits you get along with your drilling machine don’t do the task efficiently and make messy and imperfect holes in hard surfaces like steel.

As a result, you eventually end up damaging your material. So, it is an important thing to note that you cannot use the same drill bit for every material.

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt

Different materials need to be drilled with the drill bits designed for them which are also available in the market. 

2021’s Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt Review

01. DEWALT Heavy-duty Multipurpose Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Coated with titanium, DeWalt’s DW1354 drill bits give you mess-free and neat holes while drilling in steel. However, they are not only confined to drilling in steel; they also can be used for drilling in wood or plastic.

Eventually, they are the perfect solution for drilling applications at home or outside.

Titanium Pilot Point

As already mentioned, these drill bits are made up of titanium instead of black oxide which makes it lasts longer and smooth to use on tough metal surfaces.

Starts on Contact

As soon as the drill bits come in contact with the surface it starts drilling, enabling you to punch neat looking holes. It saves time and energy to put pressure on the bits separately.

No Spin Shanks

Shank is an upper part of the bit that fits into the drill machine. Non-spinning shank prevents the drill bits from slipping, giving a forceful impact to drilling holes quickly.

Flat or hex spin shanks can be used alternatively to avoid slipping.

Tapered Web

To help increase the durability and efficiency of the drill bits, sharpened or tapered web makes it strong and reduces the chances of breakage.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Prevents walking or slipping of drill bits
  • Carry case available


  • Show poor performance when heated

02. DEWALT Pilot Point 21-Pieces Titanium Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


DeWalt brings another option for people who want to use titanium coated drill bits and need a persistent solution for handling their day to day drilling needs.

Designed to be robust and durable, this 21-piece drill bit set has almost every type of drill bit you’ll ever need.

What’s the Difference?

Manufactured with almost the same features as the Dewalt-DW1354 drill bit set. Thus, the only difference being the number of drill bits that comes with it.

It’s a 21-piece drill bit set having an extended usage because of varying diameter holes that can be bored with it.

Titanium Pilot Point

Same as DW1354, these drill bits are made up of titanium instead of black oxide which not only extends its lifespan but also is smooth to use on tough metal surfaces. 

Starts on Contact

Produced by the same manufacturer, as soon as the drill bits come in contact with the surface it starts drilling, enabling you to punch neat looking, mess-free holes. It saves time and energy to put pressure on the bits separately.

No Spin Shanks

Featuring round and hex shanks, it prevents the drill bits from slipping, giving a forceful impact to drilling holes quickly. Bits that come with flat shanks can be used alternatively to avoid slipping.

Tapered Web

When used with non-ferrous metals it gives the best performance. To help increase the durability and efficiency of the drill bits, sharpened or tapered web makes it strong and reduces the chances of breakage.


  • 1 redundant bit for each size of diameter


  • Not all bits given in the set perform equally well

03. IRWIN Super Powerful Screw Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Need professional and efficient dill bits that you can rely on any time, anywhere? IRWIN HANSON brings you Spiral Extractors and Drill Bits having winding flutes.

Therefore, that implant themselves more profound into metal as they drill provided you put the drill in reverse mode before turning it on. This forceful plan expands grasp as friction increases to create a powerful impact on the surface.

The set contains 5 drill bits and 5 extractors.

Spiral Design

Promoting ease of use, it is designed to give you a soft and comfortable gripping power with its left-hand, spiral and twisted design. You can use these drill bits with any drill machine.


Eases your trouble of removing the broken bolts, studs or socket screws with its ergonomic design. It is a common headache for people who use the drill machines frequently and they just need to get their job done fast.

So, introducing this feature they got your headache go away.

Spiral Flutes for Easy Handling

Having talked about It earlier, the spiral flutes of these drill bits help you to tighten your grip over the machine as the friction mountsOtherwise, the increasing torque can cause you to miss the point or lose focus.

Which results in either misplacing the hole or dropping the drill machine especially if a woman is using it.


  • The drill bits penetrate harder materials easily
  • Sizes of the bits are mentioned for convenience 


  • Quality of drill bits is satisfactory 

04. Hymnorq Cobalt Steel Heat Resistant Drill Bits

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Are you tired of using brittle and delicate bits that just get broken easily on applying pressure? Then Hymnorq’s strong and heat-resistant drill bits made up of steel alloy(M35).

Additionally, cobalt have you rescued and is a long-term investment that won’t prove a disappointment. It contains 13peice drill bits with a fractional increment of hole sizes.

Cobalt Steel Making it Heat-resistant

Most of the drilling applications require a tool that would not get heated up quickly and works efficiently withstanding the pressure and heat. But being a machine, you must remember to apply cool water or some lubricant oil after regular intervals.

To prevent the machine from accumulating the heat produced by friction, you must need to follow this trick.

135-degree Split Point

Contrary to 90- or 118-degrees split points, 135 degrees enables you to apply less force while drilling into metals. You can directly drill holes of the size needed due to its self-centering split point.

Flexible Design

Twisted drill bits dig deeper into the surface without breaking or getting stuck while drilling holes.

Straight Shank

As opposed to spin shanks, straight or flat shanks prevent the drill bits from slipping while drilling providing a concentrated and fast drilling experience.


  • The user guide can be downloaded to prevent any accident caused by misuse; an RPM chart is given to use the bits optimally for best results
  • It can be used with cast iron and cobalt
  • Extremely heat-resistant, but it would be good to apply a cool liquid (like water) or oil for a good experience


  • Not suitable for hardened steel and high carbon steel

05. Neiko Super Strong Titanium Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Neiko’s 10038A drill bits set is manufactured with M2 HSS and titanium nitrate coating to making them last longer. They are designed to be left-handed which means they are suitable for taking out broken bits or screws.

Its 135-degree split point penetrates 75% more than 180 or 90 degrees. 

Designed to be Handy and Flexible

Twisted body and 135-degree split point drill bits enable to punch holes in harder surfaces with increasing speed and self-centering mechanism. The left-hand design allows you to remove or unscrew the bolts that get stuck while drilling.

Reverse Drill Option

You have the option of either using it in reverse or forward mode to take out the studs or bolts easily.


  • Reverse mode available
  • Easy clearance of broken bits 
  • Useful for small home applications


  • The quality of Drill bits is poor

06. COMOWARE Titanium Coated Sturdy Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Looking for something to be used in and out of the house that performs equally good at both places? then this Comoware compact drill set made with high-speed steel, dual cutting blades and titanium coated pointed bits is your everyday partner.

Titanium Coated Countersink Drill Bits

Made to be durable and sharp, it reduces friction as a result of which the machine doesn’t get heated fast and you can work for longer hours without having to worry about the motor.

Flexible to Use

Made with an intent to drill holes of different diameters, it is suitable for all kinds of use be it a DIY project or any other drilling application. Drill holder is also included to secure them after use.

118 Degrees Split Point Bits

118-degree split point and dual flute to avoid slipping or walking of the bits for smooth and mess-free drilling having an increased penetration power. This kind of split point makes the bits abrasion-resistant.


  • Sizes engraved with laser on the bits
  • The case contains 4 most commonly used sizes
  • Comes with a carry case and drill bits holder


  • Cannot work on high speeds/ not suitable for construction applications

07. EFFICERE Shank Silver 8-Piece Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Efficere Silver and Deming drill bits are useful for the applications that need drilling holes of larger diameter (more than half inches) in. All almost all kinds of materials which pretty much expands its area of application.

To incorporate durability in these bits, premium cobalt high-speed steel is used that gives them strength producing a powerful impact on the material.

Compliant Structure

Supporting its ergonomic design, 135-degree split point bits and self-centering quality helps you get your job done fast and aptly.

Metallic Body

Coated with gold titanium and double black nitride, they not only absorb the lubricant for a longer time resulting in smooth and fatigue-free drilling but also is proved to be more resistant to rust and corrosion.

Supporting Features

Shank with tri-flatted end locks the chuck to prevent slipping or walking during drilling.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Stays Lubricated for a longer time
  • Drill bigger holes than most bits


  • Bits are softer when used

08. HYCLAT High-Speed Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Step drill bits are more convenient and space-friendly because you do not have to buy a lot of bits for each type of use, instead; in this case, only 5 bits will cater up to 50 diameter sizes.

Build with high-speed titanium coated steel giving strength to the bits. Suitable for use on plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

Material Used

Designed for multiple uses, these twisted bits support up to 50 different sizes. Having already talked about the build material, it is proven to be your ultimate drilling partner.

Double Cutting Blades

Ensuring faster and smoother drilling, its double cutting blades and X-type opening action with 3-sided shank averts the danger of slipping.

Enhanced Application Area

Can bore and enlarge variable-sized holes into the application surface


  • No need to change bits every time
  • It comes with a carry case for traveling and securing purposes
  • Easy removal of waste with X-type opening 
  • Affordable 


  • Shiny appearance vanishes after some time

09. Drill America Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Drill America features a set of 29 cobalt drill bits finished with gold oxide to prevent rusting. It also has a self-centering 135-degree split point that penetrates through tough materials.

It provides a wide range of precision with several different inch sizes e.g. 1/16” and 1/2”. 

Dependability of Cobalt

Devised to be temperature friendly and can be relied on for tough use because of its ability to tolerate high temperatures and pressure.

Finishing Properties

Covered with an anti-wear layer of gold oxide, it makes a good lubricant for the bits and protects it from extreme uses. For easy identification, the drills are kept in labeled portions.


  • It meets ANSI standards
  • A self-centering mechanism to avoid slipping of bits 
  • You can hang the box with your belt for easy access in tight places


  • Need to be used carefully or else you will break the material

10. IRWIN Premium Quality Sturdy Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt


Are your drill bits stuck into the material while drilling; preventing you to drill smoothly and is creating hindrance in getting the job done?

IRWIN HANSON Bolt-Grip Screw Extractor and Drill Bit Set helps you with this problem and removes obstacles in the way of even drilling.

Left-hand Design and Easy Grip

To cater to convenient grasping, it is styled to be left-handed.

Effortless Drilling

Spiral flutes and multi spline extractors help penetrate the surface, making the operation smooth as you go along with the drilling. Broken studs or bolts can be taken out easily without much effort.

The sizes of the bits are mentioned on them so you don’t end up using the wrong drill bit and damaging your workpiece.


  • Can withstand heat and pressure
  • Prevents rusting
  • No need to apply oil for lubrication



  • No user guide provided with the set

Considerable Facts before Purchasing the Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel Bolt

Buying a drill bit for general use is comparatively an easy task as opposed to buying a specialized drill bit made particularly for drilling in hardened steel bolt.

Hence, choosing the best drill bit for hardened steel bolt needs a little bit of more effort and research for the customers. Following are some of the points that you need to go over while buying or purchasing such type of drill bits:


Our First and foremost consideration before buying a drill bit for hardened steel bolt should be its long-life span. Drill bits manufactured with cobalt steel, a mixed alloy of cobalt or titanium are recognized and proven to be more strong and tough for use.

It is an indication of a powerful tool that you do not have to exert a force to perform the task, it just goes with the flow once started.

Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion-resistant or anti-wear property of drill bits makes them prone to high pressure, rough weather or extreme working conditions. Heat resistant property enables the bits to make their way into the surface of hard metals without damaging the machine.

Some of the bits require them to be oiled or lubricated regularly or cooled with water time after time so that the heat might not get accumulated which creates an obstacle in the way of continuous and powerful impact.

Corrosion Resistant

Being resistant to rusting or corrosion gives the drill bits extra power and strength so that even if your kid puts it in water by mistake or it falls and gets wet, it doesn’t get damaged.

It also means that if you are using your drill outside your house and it suddenly starts to rain, at least the bits won’t get corroded. Bits coated with gold oxide or titanium carbonitride are said to be effectively rustproof.

Ease of Taking Out Broken Studs

Usually and mostly it happens that some of the drill bits or bolts/studs get jammed or stuck into the material you are drilling which gets in the way of smooth working.

To avoid this, the drill bits should be able to remove the stuck drill bits from the material softly without breaking the material with its swift reverse action.

Flutes and No Spin Shanks

Flutes are an important part of drill bits and most of the drill bits are assembled with a winding or spiral flute that tackles the increasing torque by hardening the grip on the body of the drill.

The purpose of the pilot point is to prevent the bits from slipping or walking away during drilling which can be caused due to spin shanks.

An accident can also occur from slipping off the bits either causing the drilling machine to fall or the drill bits to lose focus ending up with messy and uneven holes. Which is why it is a must look feature for first-time buyers.

Material Design

The coating or structure of the bits plays a vital role in determining its age and how well it can tackle the material it is used on. to handle strong and tough surfaces the body of the bits should be designed accordingly.

So that, it can cut through materials like hardened steel and wood or copper. Carbide, cobalt, high-speed steel and titanium are commonly used in its making due to their ability to handle roughness.

Penetration Power

Of course, the bits should serve the purpose that they are bought for in the first place or else they are useless. Penetration power is determined by the type of material they are made up of or the design of the body.

That is if the bits are twisted, they can penetrate the body of metal without much-added effort. Bits made of cobalt or an alloy of cobalt are considered somewhat brittle than titanium or carbide.


To weigh the performance of drill bits for hardened steel bolts, we have to ponder upon a lot of factors that are already mentioned above in the article so that we make the best pick from the market.

Long-lasting, efficient and ease of carrying it around are the prime factors that make the customers happy and satisfied with their product.

Additional Features

Complimentary features like X-type opening blades are a convenience for the users as the waste or leftovers are removed simultaneously while drilling and you can have the space cleaned side by side.

The 135-degree split point with the self-centering mechanism gives the customer more power to use the tool and also makes the product more user-friendly and trustworthy.

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At Conclusion

It is not a universal truth that you always get a valuable thing at a high price. Through proper research and feedback from the users, you can get the best drill bit for hardened steel bolt.

You can enjoy the drilling spree and not find it a burden to get over with if you make the right selection. I have tried to make you informed of some of the major properties a good drill bit should have.

So, do not rush, have a look at the user manual if you are not clear with what’s being told to you and Good luck buying it!

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