10 Best Aftermarket Car Antenna 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Are you always on the wheels? Look for the best aftermarket car antenna, or else you will miss your radio station and have to get going with some boring music on your drive. Nowadays, the number of gadgets available are many, besides your phones.

Best Choice
CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Compatible with Ford F-150 2009-2024 | 3.2 Inches | Short Antenna...
Good Choice
RYDONAIR Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara Gladiator 2007-2024 | 13...
Don't Miss
Ronin Factory 50 Cal Bullet Antenna for Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty Ford Raptor Ford Bronco Truck...
Also Consider
Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna White
CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Compatible with Ford F-150 2009-2024 | 3.2 Inches | Short Antenna...
RYDONAIR Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara Gladiator 2007-2024 | 13...
Ronin Factory 50 Cal Bullet Antenna for Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty Ford Raptor Ford Bronco Truck...
Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna White
Best Choice
CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Compatible with Ford F-150 2009-2024 | 3.2 Inches | Short Antenna...
CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna Compatible with Ford F-150 2009-2024 | 3.2 Inches | Short Antenna...
Good Choice
RYDONAIR Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara Gladiator 2007-2024 | 13...
RYDONAIR Antenna Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JKU JL JLU Rubicon Sahara Gladiator 2007-2024 | 13...
Don't Miss
Ronin Factory 50 Cal Bullet Antenna for Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty Ford Raptor Ford Bronco Truck...
Ronin Factory 50 Cal Bullet Antenna for Ford F150 F250 F350 Super Duty Ford Raptor Ford Bronco Truck...
Also Consider
Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna White
Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna White

Yet, nothing can beat listening to the radio. However, in signals when you have to stop, you have to bear with the noise interruptions. Therefore, the radio stations are the favorite of many people. 

Apart from enjoying music, you can stay aware of the things going around through the news, get entertained through the aired talk shows.

Best AM FM Car Antenna

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RONIN Factory
Dual Electronics

10 Best Aftermarket Car Antenna Reviews

Nice pick up cannot be expected from the traditional radio. If you are a regular and keen listener, it is time you look for a consistent car antenna.

01. CravenSpeed 3.2 Inches Stubby Antenna Compatible With Ford 2009-2021

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Stay tuned at all times listening to FM stations, your all-time favorites and do not forget your car aesthetics. It is time to go replace the factory antenna. There are many antenna models available outside.

Though one of the best models is CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna, an aftermarket replacement model. Suitable for any truck Ford F-150 of 2009-2019 models.

Easy Fit

CravenSpeed antenna offers an easy fit. It is simple to get fitted taking hardly a few seconds. The biggest advantage of this antenna installation is that no tools are required. Manual setting is enough, it can be referred to as a breeze work, though there are no manual instructions.

Durable Powder Coating

The coating of the antenna is durable as it is machined and powder coated. It comes with quality metal construction assuring no breaking, paint chipping or fading. As it has stainless hardware, it does not corrode. 

Designed to a Perfect Match

The design of the CravenSpeed Stubby antenna makes it the best aftermarket car antenna. This is because it is the same size that you need not bother about the antenna getting whipped away in a car wash or crashing of the antenna to your garage gate.

Excellent Presentation

You are assured to enjoy ruling out any sort of concerns with this antenna set up. The presentation is the best that you get to pick up all your choice of radio stations, regardless of your timing and location. 

  • Reliable performance
  • Quality product
  • Robust antenna
  • Lacks rubber washer


02. Rydonair 13 inches Flexible Rubber Antenna 2007-2023 Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK JL

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Are you considering an upgrade for your antenna? Rydonair Antenna is a compatible choice. It suits all the Jeep Wrangler models from 2007 to date. However, this antenna is 13 inches and presents a stunning look.

Also, it can be replaced without any inconvenience. Whatever may be the reason to consider replacing the factory set antenna, you will be pleased on choosing Rydonair.

Effortless Setup

The housing of the Rydonair antenna offers an effortless setup. It is fixed swiftly. Within the antenna, the material is flexible that it springs to its normal shape immediately even if you bent it. Basically, its shape memory is highly receptive.


There is a premium rubber coating on the outer surface that it commands durability. It is weatherproof is the added benefit. Indeed, the construction featuring hard-anodized assures a durable finish.

Genuinely, car antenna has 100% Billet Aluminum and is CNC machined. The premium rubber allows it to keep going on even under extreme conditions.

Fantastic Upgrade

Rydonair antenna now is one of the best upgrades offering relief from the factory staple plastic housing cover that is of low-quality. The satellite service or navigation also works perfectly with this Antenna.


A great choice at an affordable price is the Rydonair antenna. This antenna of 13” replaces the 31” factory fit antenna. Aesthetically also this new antenna looks perfect on the Jeep body.

It fits perfectly and the reception is superb with all the stations.

  • Cool looks
  • Picks up many stations
  • Works great
  • Lacks anti-theft option


03. CravenSpeed 3.2 inches Stubby Antenna Replacement Fits Dodge Ram 2009-2021

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


If you want an AM/FM antenna for your car, you should go with CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna. You will never feel disappointed as it is the best.

There is a need for the AM/FM radio antenna as an alternative to factory fittings and this is because the alternatives come with extendable antennas. It assures optimal reception.

Perfectly Functional

The CravenSpeed stubby antenna features a new concept design that is perfectly functional. The antenna works wonderfully on Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, or On-Star. It is suitable for Dodge Ram models from 2009-2019.


CravenSpeed antenna is made of strong and durable ABS material. The conductive internals is in copper and the signal boosting chip is in-built. This antenna looks stylish and allows replacing the antenna of the factory.

Reliable Performance

CravenSpeed antenna is durable and ensures reliable performance for a long lifespan. The reception is the best, featuring a strong signal, and the AM/FM signal is robust leaving no room for complaints with its 4.2 inches antenna length.

Simple Installation

Installing the CravenSpeed antenna does not demand even a minute. Manually you can set up this antenna. It requires you to unscrew the original antenna and ensure to screw the new one in its place.

It is a straightforward process. there is no cutting, drilling or other modifications required to be done during installation.

  • Looks stunning
  • Worth the purchase
  • Fits perfectly
  • Lacks reception capability


04. RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna Short Replacement for Dodge RAM & Ford

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


If you are looking for a simple and a good option in antennas, Bullet Antenna from the Ronin factory is the right choice. It is suitable for the Dodge Ram and Ford F models.

This antenna is suitable to all using Bluetooth or even Auxiliary audio inputs.

Suitable Installation

Bullet Antenna takes only a few minutes to install. Just unscrewing the existing original factory antenna is enough for you to replace it with this alternative aftermarket car antenna.

It offers the convenience of installation as it is of the same size and shape as the original factory fit. It fits Dodge Ram truck models from 1994-2018 and Ford F-series from 1997 to 2018.

Handy Accessories

Bullet antenna comes with essential accessories such as the Allen wrenches. This makes the setup easy as it has the required hardware. As fast installation is possible, you do not have to spend much time or experience any delay. 

No Reception Loss

The antenna is in stainless hardware that you never experience any reception or signal loss. You can listen to as you wish without any hindrance to the FM channels. The signal strength shows no difference and this positive approach is dictating.


Bullet antenna features stainless hardware. The finish is in Hard Anodize black that does not fade or chip. The device cannot be stolen as it features anti-theft adhesive.

  • Looks cool
  • Quick to install
  • Classic body style 
  • Anti-theft adhesive unsatisfactory


05. AntennaMastRus The Original 6 3/4 Inch Heavy-duty Stubby Antenna For Ford 2009-2021

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Are you planning to replace your factory fit original antenna; you must try MastRus antenna, the aftermarket car antenna that will allow you to stay always tuned in.

It is suitable for Dodge Ram models for 2009 to 2019. However, the performance is found to be satisfactory even on other vehicles.

Superior Quality

MastRus antenna assures quality superiority as it features stainless steel threading. It is sure to offer the value for money by lasting for a longer time. 

The rubber construction assures its strength and has formulated flexible rubber to handle varying temperatures.

Nice Performance

The antenna of MastRus is short in length, but the performance it offers is the best. The signal quality assures nice performance at all times.

Installing this antenna is a simple job and you can be on your go enjoying the radio station performances.

Well-built Features

MastRus antenna features copper internals offering improved reception. This FM/AM antenna is German engineered and this is apparent in the healthier reception of the antenna.

It has a base width of 0.5 inches. As the coil is in copper it is highly conducive to pick up most stations.


MastRus antenna exhibits flexibility by staying stiff even at a good speed. This is because it has durable stiff rubber in construction. The rubber compound presents a textured look and is a perfect alternative specifically for F-150.

  • No quality loss
  • Improved reception
  • No wind noise
  • Less sturdy


06. RONIN Factory Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler JK & JL 2007+ Anti-Theft Replacement

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Are you looking for an antenna that can be installed quickly and easily in your Jeep Wrangler; then you can be assured you have found it. Ronin factory Bullet antenna is easy to setup.

Unscrewing the antenna existing and replacing by screwing the new Bullet antenna means you have installed the antenna.

Anti-theft Pattern

Bullet antenna from Ronin factory is the best aftermarket car antennathat features a tough locking compound on the threads. This keeps your jeep wrangler antenna completely secure.

The anti-theft pattern is a matchless design. This feature keeps your Wrangler above all other Jeeps.

No Tools Required

A common fact is that easy to set up features are always preferred. Bullet antenna fulfills this feature by offering to unscrew and screw feature that can be done without tools.

Manually setting up the antenna is possible.

Save Time

Bullet antenna does not need one to spend their precious time in setting up. Thus, it means the installation process saves time. 

One-piece Design

This antenna features a one-piece design made of 6061 Billet Aluminum. Moreover, it has a hard-anodized black finish that there is no risk of chipping or fading.

It also is appropriate for people using Bluetooth or Auxiliary audio inputs.

  • Highly responsive
  • Well-made, and heavy
  • Sirius sounds great
  • “Anti-theft thread locking” is sticky 


Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Antenna AM/FM Radio Antenna White

07. Dual Electronics Flexible Mast Long Range Marine Radio Antenna

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


If your choice is a functional external antenna, Dual Electronics MAR16W Mast Long Range Marine Antenna is the right choice at a matchless price. It offers a quality sound that anyone would love to have this installed in their car, home or boat.

Unique Design

The specialty of this marine antenna is its design uniqueness. It allows different mounting options such that it has a cable of 54-inch and a swivel base of 180-degree. This ensures any location mounting with ease.


The antenna is highly durable providing the best sound quality. The valuable point proving its durability is that even with bracing winds it does not deter from its responsive quality. 


This marine antenna offers up to 10 miles range that you can enjoy your radio in the open ocean. It syncs with the band frequencies. The flexible mast offers exceptional performance.


The marine antenna flexible mast has an exterior of sealed rubber that it proves to be weather resistant. It means you can enjoy hassle-free as the antenna ensures longevity and good reception at all times.

It does not get affected by the spray and salt.

  • Screws do not freeze
  • The antenna is more static
  • Picks almost all the stations
  • A bit deformed rubber mast 


AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet (5.5-inch) Ammo Antenna for Ford F150

08. AntennaX Bullet (5.5-inch) Ammo Antenna for Ford

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Time and again are you trying to change your Ford F 150 antenna? Does it have problems in receiving the radio stations?

Ammo Antenna is one of the best car antennas that is a perfect alternative to the original factory fitted Ford F150 antenna.

Robust Make

The Ammo antenna presents a low profile. But its features are robust. It is carved out of Billet T-6061 aluminum that has anodized hard-black finish such that it does not fade, scratch, or chip. 

Plug-in Antenna

The installation is a breeze and this is because this antenna is plug-in. The screws need to be removed off the mounted antenna, taking a minute or so. A time-saving aspect of the antenna.

Fascinating Gift Idea

Presenting Ammo antenna as a gift to anyone in the Police department, Military and Outdoorsman are fascinating. This antenna functions perfectly that your gift will always be cherished.

Aesthetic and Satisfaction

Ammo antenna enhances the aesthetic purposes. It also offers satisfying results regarding signal reception. Most of the FM and AM stations are received without any hindrance.

The functions are perfect and need 5 minutes installing time that everything appears to be of satisfaction.

  • Looks good
  • Quality design
  • Neat package
  • Poor reception outside the town 


The Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

09. Votex Original 6 3/4 Inch Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


The EPDM rubber antenna has the specialty of being car wash proof. It picks up most radio stations clearly and there is no need to worry about the garage door.

The peace of mind is assured as it proves to be car wash proof and does not fly off at any time, especially during car wash.


The EPDM Rubber antenna features stainless steel 304 threading. This secures the antenna comfortably. The rubber construction is durable.

The flexible rubber is formulated especially for the antenna application and it handles even extreme temperatures.

Incomparable Reception

The choice of materials is of high quality as it includes an internal copper coil. It is a German Engineered antenna.

The short antennas are in steel or aluminum and as there is a copper coil inside 85% conductive ranges pulls the stations with ease that most short antennas can never imagine.

Easy to Setup

Installation of anything is a dreaded process, but the installation of this antenna takes hardly a minute. You may add the antenna and improve your car’s looks.

Distinguished Feature

Apart from the ease of installation, there is a distinguishing feature. It is the faint logo found in the rubber molding bottom. This feature is to keep this antenna aloof from others so that it can be easily identified.

  • Easy to install
  • Works great
  • Very durable
  • Shorter antenna


10. KEYO1E 4.8 Inch AP-24PC Multi-purpose Short Radio Antenna

Best Aftermarket Car Antenna


Are you hunting for a short-sized jeep antenna offering better quality reception? Keyole antenna is the right option. It is in durable material and features a new design.

At the same time, the performance is matchless. It is designed for GMC Sierra 2007 to 2019 models.

Durable Build

The quality build assures durability and so you can be assured there is no breaking of the antenna during car washes or even in the garage. It means your investment is saved.

Strong Signals

This antenna receives strong signals and with ease the AM/FM signals. There is no hindrance in the reception quality as it has the internal chip and copper coil ensuring amazing performance.

1-minute Installation

Keyole radio antenna does not take much of your valuable time in setting up or installation. All it requires is a 1-minute time to install.

You can set it manually and easily. There is no need for you to know the skills of using tools. Check the manual instructions and install them.

Super-strong Design

Keyole radio antenna is sleek and modern style. The construction is such that it resists corrosion and has no issues encountered. The stainless-steel threading ensures a sturdy build.

It is 4.8 inches in size.

  • Packaged nicely
  • Worth every penny
  • Perfect fit
  • Nothing in particular


Non Negotiable Facts of Best Aftermarket Car Antenna while Purchasing

Are you planning to buy an FM/AM antenna? You cannot afford to ignore a few most important points that are valuable considerations.

Comfort of Installation

  • Paying attention to the installation part is very important. This determines the volume of work you have to do in setting up the antenna. 
  • Is there a need to drill a hole on the outside of the car? OR just plugging it inside is enough to keep the antenna wire running such that you need not make modifications to your car. 
  • Knowing these will determine the installation ease. However, considering the antenna offering installation ease is beneficial, so that you need not depend on others.

Internal or External

Choosing your car antenna means you should consider if you need an external or an internal antenna. The internal antennas are mostly fixed at an unobtrusive location or to the windscreen, such that it remains hidden or invisible.

The external antenna is mostly fixed to your car side or the roof. These fixations take more installation time.


Durability is a key consideration for any product and the same goes for your car antenna, as well. This is more important if the antenna will be placed outside the car. If so, it should be a rugged material featuring good built such that it is weather resistant and does not corrode.

Pay attention to exposed parts. This is essential to be considered because metal parts on the open unprotected are sure to deteriorate soon. Choose an antenna that sustains through car washes.

Having a hard-anodized finish on the antenna ensures it does not fade or break easily. 

Radio Reception

Radio reception is based on the picking up of radio signals. This is very important. Even if the antenna is easy-to-installing, when it fails to give you an enhanced reception, it is of no use.

Thus, the antenna you select should be the one that offers high response and improved performance level. 


The reception quality of your car radio is very important. The range of the antenna determines the quality. It also depends on the place you live in. Are you a person driving frequently or regularly to remote areas or need one for marine use; if so, you need an antenna offering a good range.

Anything in the 10 miles range may be regarded as respectable.

Powered Antenna

Boosting the radio signal is possible using powered antennas. This is essential to get a radio range such that it picks up even if there is a weak signal or you travel in the remote areas. Such powered antennas may be helpful on boats to use the radios.

Aesthetic Appeal

The need for aesthetic appeal cannot be ignored. Buying an antenna should be aesthetic so that your vehicle appears stylish. You can pick up an antenna that matches your car style, features a concept design, fulfills picking up the range, etc.

Remember to avoid funky looking antennas if your vehicle is looking plain. You can consider customizing your car with some modern design to appear cool and enhance the appeal.

Brand Name

It is not a compulsion to look for brand names. Yet reputed companies offering car accessories of higher-grade are sure to be better off in offering the best antennas. You may check with any local hardware or even online.

Check the mechanisms and ensure they have better systems to prove they are from credible brands. This helps as brand names are not earned without credibility features.


Finally, the budget is all yours. Buy a device that is valuable and serves the right purpose. It is useless to spend on a sub-par device. Thus, it is best to do some research and go through car antenna reviews to know about the best value antennas that are worthy to spend.

There is no harm in spending on a good antenna piece. Remember to check with the antenna size and type so that it suits your car. Going for cheap items may please you right now as you are spending less, but how long it will last is a big question.

There are antennas high-priced and you can also find affordable high-quality antennas. All you need is to browse and choose considering the facts and considerations.


Most Searched Online Queries on Best Stubby Antenna

Q: Boosting the antenna signal, is that possible?

A: Positioning the radio close to the direction of the window helps. Paying attention to the antenna is important, but people fail to consider this fact and mostly it is ignored. Normally, the FM radios that offer improved response is sure to have an external hook-up of the antenna.

There is also a possibility of the antenna being a built-in.

Q: What are the considerations to buy a Car FM Antenna?

A: Buying a car FM antenna is rightly done keeping these considerations. It will enable them to make the right choice.

  • Compatibility: Selecting the antenna must be focused on your car radio compatibility.
  • Cost: Choosing an antenna is prioritized on the cost factor. The expectancy is for the antenna to function well and it should be economical.
  • Length: The antenna length is another important consideration so that it offers the ease of installing and does not affect the response.
  • Convenience: The antenna usage and installation are a must to consider so that it offers the convenience even to a newbie. Any amateur should mount the antenna effortlessly.

Q: Installing an antenna, is it possible to do as DIY?

A: Taking it as a DIY is possible. Replacing the antenna can be done following the instructions. It requires you to ensure the cable runs through the vehicle. If you already have some wiring skills, you may do it easily. If not, sufficient time is required.

Buying a replacement antenna has become a common practice and installing the antenna as per the instructions saves your time.

Q: Is there a need to add antenna booster to get improved reception?

A: The possibilities are there you enjoy good reception already. Adding an antenna booster ensures you enjoy the benefits of some stations. In case the reception overall is poor, the car radio tuner or the antenna may be a problem.  

In case the signals are weak, when the radio is inside the vehicle, it is right to have an antenna extension for the satellite radio, so that you get uninterrupted service and signal.

Q: Can I connect to the new antenna my existing factory stereo?

A: Manufacturers of majority vehicles employ a typical antenna connection as a standard pattern. However, there is a need to include an adapter if you are an owner of any of these vehicles namely, Nissan, Volkswagen, or GM.

Q: What does it mean if I receive from My Radio Receiver messages as ‘Antenna Not Detected?’

A:  As the first step, think if you have installed the antenna of your car radio properly. If yes, and yet the messages are received by your radio receiver, just turn off and on your receiver. This will reset the device and the notifications will stop.

In case, this does not work, check the connections are done properly between the receiver and the antenna. If the issues continue, it is time to ask a car technician to attend to this issue.

Q: Painting antenna, it that okay?

A: Painting and customizing is your choice. Do it as you like. Ensure, the paint has no metal flakes. The particles of metallic paint cause signal transmission disruptions in the antennas.

Q: Is there any particular or popular antenna to be purchased?

A: Manufacturers of superior antennas are many. There is nothing as a popular or particular antenna to be concentrated. Instead, you may choose as per your vehicle type, and other factors relating to your radio response.

Q: What is the range anticipated from any antenna?

A: Literally, the transmission range anticipation relies on the installation, ionosphere status, antennal length, antenna quality, the existing terrain, and many more factors.

Q: How to decide the place to mount the antenna in the car?

A: Mounting antenna in a car is a time-consuming decision and also the toughest. This decision becomes important when you are buying it for the first time. You may go through a guide on mounting considerations and decide on the antenna and mounting selections.

Q: Why antenna tuning is important?

A: Tuning plays a vital role in improved performance and better range in the car antenna. It also ensures safeguarding your radio from any damage, thereby your radios electronic components are safe.

Do Aftermarket Car Antenna Work?

Final Words

Car antennas are a must for every car owner, but choosing wisely is a must. The main aim is to have a stronger signal. The factory-fitted antennas need to be replaced at some time or the other, that you must know about the best aftermarket car antenna.

The truth cannot be denied that the aftermarket car antenna’s performance is much better. Besides, the factory antennas are expensive, and even if it works well, there is a need to consider replacement once it is old.

Eventually, choosing the best car antenna means having upgraded entertainment. This refers to having a stubby antenna within your budget. Considering a shorter antenna is beneficial than the longer ones as it is prone to breakage. A shorter antenna looks stylish and offers enhanced durability.

It is crucial to buy an antenna considering your vehicle type, size, budget, easy to install and other key factors. 

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