Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000 2023 – Reviews with Face to Face Comparison

Electric pressure washers are some of the great and powerful everyday use tools that can be used on diverse cleaning projects. Our thoroughly researched and factual Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000 review post is rich in valuable info about these two models of pressure washers

You only need to take a couple of minutes to read through this review post to get a better understanding of these two models of pressure cleaners. By doing that, you will make a better decision on which is best for you.

Regular sprinklers and tap pipes can be a waste of time and effort when combating and effectively removing dirt stains. By acquiring one of these models of pressure cleaners, you are armed with great and versatile machines to clean diverse surfaces conveniently.

Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000: Face to Face Best Comparison

Since both have different features and usability’s, it’s important to further look at them in detail. We have done all dirty work to ensure we provide this unique and thorough researched Sun Joe SPX4000 VS SPX3000 review post to provide products affiliated to these two models.

Here are important features and insights concerning the Sun Joe SPX3000 VS Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure cleaners’ products:

03 Best Sun Joe SPX3000 Review: Top 03 Models

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The users acquainted with this great to have machine have a powerful tool that surpasses the industry standards. Also, it has robust power which is effective in ensuring you have better cleaning results on surfaces applicable.

Here are features about this product.

Great Pressure Power

Designers of this must-have pressure tool had the best user interests when making it, and they enhanced the machine with great power to clean thoroughly applicable surfaces.

You can comfortably use this machine for cleaning dirty surfaces since it’s anchored with a powerful engine that ensures you get a reliable cleaning experience all through.

Robust Engine Power

A 14.5 amp pressure cleaner machine whose motor generates robust power for cleaning dirty surfaces with perfect and unrivaled results being achieved. Also, this high powered machine ensures you get robust cleaning power while the inlet water is warmed to the ideal temperature.

High Pressures

High machine pressure ensures that you get better cleaning results on applicable surfaces without having to manually scrap dirty specs. If you get lucky to purchase this machine, you get top-notch cleaning experience that leaves surfaces sparkling new.

Higher Flow

A higher flow of detergents ensures that you save time since cleaning applicable surfaces will take a couple of minutes. Also, a high flow of water is good for rinsing and also ensuring that all dirty specs are removed effectively from surfaces.

High Versatility

A highly versatile machine is suitable for cleaning multiple tasks with top-notch results being realized.

Multipurpose Usability

Suitable for tackling cleaning works that include; trucks, homes, boats, buildings, and many others. As such, this machine is capable of tackling the most cumbersome tasks with convenience.

Simultaneous Usability

With two nice removable tanks that can hold 0.9 l of detergents, you can store two detergents conveniently. As such, you can simultaneously clean two works with reliable results being assured.

Total Stop System

A great feature is incorporated on this pressure cleaner is the TSS that ensures you get the best and reliable results.

Saves Energy

By design, this pressure cleaner automatically stops the pump when the trigger is not put on, and this ensures that you save energy greatly.

Extended Pump Life

When not in use, the pump is set off to prolong its life which ensures you can use this unit for long without calling for a replacement anytime soon.

Great Portability

When in search of a suitable pressure cleaner, you need to have one that is convenient to move from one place to another conveniently. By acquiring this awesome cleaner, you get a portable machine that gives your freedom to articulate daily cleaning needs.

Easy Maneuverability

A durable unit wheel ensures that you can move the machine with ease without having to carry or lift it. By this, you get to move the whole machine from one location to the other conveniently which is a great feature incorporated in this unit.

02. SPX3000-SJB 1800-Watt Motor Generates and Dual Detergent Tanks Electric Pressure Washer


One of the main reasons why this pressure cleaner is one of the most sought out by car owners is its ability to remove the toughest stains. In fact, this Sun Joe product simplifies your usual cleaning work while at the same time saves time taken to clean diverse surfaces.

By design, this machine eases the overall cleaning process since you don’t have to scrub surfaces manually. An easy to operate and use machine that is cost-effective and thus suitable for your cleaning works.

Also, it simplifies the overall cleaning process as it’s designed to articulate fuss-free operations.

Robust Performance

A powerful machine that ensures dirty sticky stains are removed from applicable surfaces with ease and convenience. Here are some of its powerful aspects.

Surpasses Industry Standards

One great thing that has convinced most users of this machine is its powerful engine which meets/surpasses the industry standards set for pressure cleaners.

At the 2030 psi pressure range, this high-powerful pressure cleaner has robust power that surpasses that of regular pressure cleaners.

Handles Tough Dirty Stains

By falling at the 2030 psi range, this pressure washer is suited for handling tough dirty stains with great ease.

Also, it can handle more cumbersome cleaning works around homes and in fact, it’s more powerful than regular pressure cleaners.

Multipurpose Usability

Can tackle the toughest cleaning works around your home, cars, boats, driveways, and other applicable works. As such, it can be used to tackle different cleaning tasks with ease and great reliability.

Safety Enhanced

A safety-enhanced pressure cleaner allows you to have great reliability knowing that it’s protected from prevalent power flaws.

Designers of this great pressure cleaner ensured that its safety protected by availing these features:

Incorporation of TSS

Incorporation of this sophisticated technology ensures that the pressure gun stops automatically when the tool trigger is not set on. Total Stop System thus instills safety for people around since the unit won’t release powerful jets when you not ready to start working.

Inclusion of GFCI Plug

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, which ensures that this machine is ideal and safe to use in wet climatic conditions.

By design, this system shuts off power to prevent damage caused by shocks. Since you will always work around a wet environment, this feature is a must-have for sound cleaning experience.

Great Ease of Use

Users acquainted with this magnificent and high versatile pressure leaner will attest it’s one of the best and easiest washers. To achieve this, the machine has these beneficial features which ease users overall usability.

Highly Portable

By being portable, this machine is easy to move from one place to another without tiring. With durable wheels and a great grip handle, this machine enables its users to use it conveniently on the ground and other cumbersome places that regular washers fail.

Simple to Operate

A very simple to operate pressure cleaner that requires you to harness the knob dial and engage the tool trigger. As such, you avoid unnecessary complications when starting to clean which is a great feature incorporated on this tool.

03. Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX 2800 Maximum Cleaning Power and High Performance Brushless Induction Pressure Cleaner


If you take a lot of time and effort cleaning your home and other tough stained surfaces, you need to get acquainted with this pressure cleaner. A great washer machine that surpasses industry standards to give you top-notch cleaning results with convenience.

When making this unit, the designers ensured its high power to tackle the toughest cleaning works. With great features that are rare to find in regular cleaners, it is a must-have machine.

Also, it’s empowered to tackle with ease diverse works and most importantly, can be used indoors. Let’s look at some of its features which make it great and suitable for your use.

Great Performance

Achieve a positive cleaning experience with a powerful cleaner that handles different cleaning tasks with ease and inconvenience. By meeting/surpassing the industry standards set for pressure cleaners, this machine is a great option for you.

Powerful Motor

A powerful 14.5 amperes motor provides maximum water speed which is great for cleaning tough stains with ease. You don’t have to manually scrub dirty specs since it reaches max cleaning power ideal for removing tough dirt stains.

Multipurpose Usability

Since this cleaner is powerful to remove tough dirt stains, you can use it to clean diverse surfaces with convenience. You can use it for indoors cleaning tasks, cars, trucks, driveways, and other applicable cleaning works.

Meets/Surpasses Industry Standards

All SPX300 cleaners are factory tested and before releasing them to the public, they are verified to ensure they meet/surpass industry standards. As such, by buying this cleaner you get a powerful tool that handles tasks meant for it.

Safety Enhanced

Purchasing this pressure cleaner gives you a great machine that is safe protected and thus reliable for your use. As such, you can use this machine for diverse cleaning tasks without worrying about power flaws that can damage its engine.

TSS Technology-Enhanced

Total Stop System is a sophisticated safety tech incorporated in this machine. When not in operation, TSS automatically stops the power and consequently the pump when the trigger is not engaged.

By doing so, you save a great amount of power and also extend the life of the pump.

Robust Ease of Use

One great thing about this cleaner is its great ease of use which ensures that you save time when cleaning diverse surfaces and also have easy cleaning experience.

Great Portability

A portable cleaner machine that allows you to have top-notch cleaning experience without struggling. By having two movable wheels and a great grip handle, this cleaner allows you to move with ease from one location to another without tiring.

Long Pressure Hose

An extensive hose pipe allows you to have great maneuverability that is ideal for cleaning cumbersome angled surfaces with ease. Also, you don’t have to move the unit when cleaning as its long hose pipe extends to reach far distances.

Storage Tanks

With two onboard storage tanks, you can use two different detergents. Also, the tanks have a great detergent dial that allows you to control the mix. Five quick spray tips offer great cleaning experience suited for tough dirty cleaning works.

03 Best Sun Joe SPX4000 Review: Top 03 Models

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04. SPX4000-PRO 2030 Max High Quality Powerful 14.5-Amp Motor Generates Electric Pressure Washer


Tackle the toughest automobile, home, and outdoor cleaning tasks with great convenience and reliability of the SPX4000-PRO 2030 Max pressure cleaner! With robust power to remove completely extreme dirty specs on diverse surfaces, this product is a great necessity to have.

Save time and conserve power by acquiring this unique and factory tested pressure washer that doesn’t break the bank. With great features that make it easy for you to clean cumbersome projects, this product is suitable for you.

From common dirt, grease, and grime, you can rely on it with top-notch cleaning results being realized.

A Powerful Pressure Cleaner

One thing great about this machine is its powerful 14.5 amperes motor which provides robust and maximum power for tackling diverse cleaning projects. By being powerful, this product meets/surpasses industry standards for electric pressure cleaners.

Maximum Cleaning Power

Articulate the toughest cleaning projects by relying on this unique yet exceptional pressure cleaner which generates maximum power to power cleaning detergents at top speed.

With this unit, you can erase any dirty specs with ease. You don’t have to scrap dirty surfaces before using it since it is meant to do this.

Great Ease of Use

By purchasing this SPX4000 affiliated pressure cleaner, you are blessed with an easy to use and control unit that doesn’t tire when operating.

Awesome Portability

With durable glide wheels, you can with ease move from one location to the other with ease. Also, it has a good grip handle that allows you to push the machine from one location to the next.

By design, it’s light in weight which is ideal for pushing it across different surfaces.

Quick-Connect Spray Tips

With up to 5 quick spray tips, you can tackle diverse cleaning tasks with ease. From light, medium to heavy-duty cleaning projects, this machine offers unique adjustability to work on your range of cleaning necessities.

Extensive Hose Pipe

With much longer hose pipe that regular electric pressure cleaners lack, you can clean with great ease and maneuverability since you don’t need to move the whole unit. By this, you can change the direction of cleaning without carrying the tool.

Easy to Maintain

A great to maintain electric pressure cleaner that does not require great maintenance practices. You only need to follow the prescribed maintenance practices to keep it performing at the top level for many years.

Safety Enhanced

Having a safety enhanced pressure cleaner, you get to rely on it since it’s not prone to power flaws that can damage its engine or impact negatively its overall functionality.

Total Stop System

One great thing about this unit is its TSS design which automatically stops the pump when the trigger is not put on. All this ensures that the pump’s life is extended while also conserving power.

GFCI Enhanced

Inclusion of GFCI ensures that all accessories are protected from power flaws like shocks which can consequently affect you in case you are operating the tool in wet environs.

05. SPX4000 2030 Max Psi 1.76 Gpm Maximum Cleaning Power and Pressure Select Technology 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer


A great performance pressure cleaner that you can depend on to clean cumbersome projects fast and with top-notch results being realized. By functionality, it’s strong to cater to diverse cleaning tasks whilst being compact enough to store in your home safely.

Whether you are cleaning your car, driveway, and other applicable projects, this machine is great for you. Also, it includes two pressure options that give you immense control over any job you want to undertake.

From grime, grease as well as tough dirty messes, you can remove them with great effect. To achieve this, designers of this product included these features which make it stand out from regular pressure machines.

Highly Versatile

Once you purchase this powerful cleaner machine, your usual cleaning experience will never be the same. Save time and power by getting this unique pressure cleaner suited for tackling rogue dirty specs and other unwanted substances.

Robust Power

A 14.5 amperes electric motor ensures that water is injected from the hose at maximum speed to remove any sticky unwanted substances from diverse surfaces. By providing maximum cleaning power, you can tackle rogue cleaning projects with ease and convenience.

Multipurpose Usability

Suited for tackling tough cleaning tasks that regular sprinklers fail to. You can conveniently use it to clean cars, trucks, boats and also works well for indoor cleaning tasks.

Power Select Option

You can adjust this pressure cleaner and choose your ideal power range. By being incorporated with power select tech, you either choose the low setting or higher setting concerning the type of cleaning task you want to articulate.

Safety Enhanced Unit

All accessories included in this unit are safety protected to ensure that you can use the machine for many years without worrying about getting a replacement. Some of the safety enhancements included in this pressure cleaner include:

GFCI Protection

Included in this unit are an extension ward, high-pressure hose, and a power cord. All these accessories are protected with GFCI tech which ensures you can conveniently use this pressure cleaner on wet environments without worrying about power shocks that hurt you.

Total Stop System

Importantly, this product has a functional safety lock switch which is incorporated with TSS to ensure it shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged.Inclusion of TSS tech ensures the life of the pump is extended while also conserves power.

Also, this tech is helpful when you need to stop the machine in case a pet comes close.

Great Ease of Use

Achieve easy cleaning experience by getting this unique pressure cleaner. Users acquainted to it have much faster cleaning experience that is geared to save time and also power.

Portable Unit

By being light in weight, you can move this unit with ease without tiring much. Inclusion of two glide wheels gives you a convenient and easy to move pressure cleaner that can be pushed on any surface.

Also, its handle has a good grip which enhances overall movability.

Long Hose Pipes

An extensive hose pipe is great for cleaning cumbersome projects since it can reach much far distances. You don’t need to move this machine in small distance projects cleaning since its hose pipe can go long.

06. SPX4000-PRO 2030 High Quality Powerful 14.5 amp Motor Generates 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer


Are you tired of using a sprinkler or a hosepipe to clean dirty surfaces? By getting this awesome and highly-versatile cleaner, you save time and get top-notch results after using it.

By design, this pressure cleaner improves your overall cleaning process by letting water flow from the hose pipe at maximum speed.

From indoor cleaning tasks to cleaning cars, trucks, and other applicable works, this pressure cleaner is a great machine you can rely on. From moss to grime, you get the perfect cleaning results within a couple of minutes.

Save your precious time and energy by getting this unique and industry-tested pressure cleaner.

Safety Enhanced

A great feature added in this unit is safety protection which allows you to rely on it for many years without worrying about breakdowns and need to replace it. Also, safety enhancement prevents the machine from getting damaged by prevalent power flaws.

GFCI Protection

By being enhanced with the GFCI feature, you can operate this machine conveniently on wet environments. GFCI ensures that power is shut off preventing prevalent power shocks.

Operating this power pressure cleaner under wet conditions is not a problem to deter you from cleaning surfaces in wet environments.

Durable Unit Accessories

All inboard machine accessories are made of top quality materials that can withstand extreme engine temperatures. As such, you can use this machine for extended hours without having any troubles like cable meltdown.

Robust Ease of Use

A good and suitable pressure cleaner should have great ease of use which gives you the utmost convenience to clean diverse surfaces. To achieve this, the designers of this pressure machine cleaner ensured that it is incorporated with special features that allow great tool usability.

They include:

Great Portability

With two durable glide wheels, this machine gives you the convenience to move from one location to another. You thus can push the machine, which is less tiring than carrying it.

Also, it has a good grip handle which helps you to move it with ease by just pushing it.

Long Hose Pipe

A 20-foot hose pipe gives you great maneuverability that ensures you clean dirty surfaces with ease. Also, by having a long hose pipe you don’t have to carry or move the whole unit when cleaning diverse surfaces.

High Versatility

A powerful 14.4 amperes motor ensures that water is injected at a maximum speed ideal for removing dirty specs with ease.

To achieve this, this product has these features which make it powerful for articulating tough cleaning tasks.

Pressure Select Tech

Users of this pressure cleaner are given two versatile cleaning options. For cleaning dirt and greasy surfaces, you can use the low options while for tacking the toughest cleaning works there are high options.

Any of these options are great for cleaning indoor, car, trucks, and other suitable cleaning projects.

Spray Tips

With up to five quick-connect spray tips, you can with convenience clean light, medium, and extreme cleaning works. All this gives you diverse cleaning options for tackling different dirty works.

Hi-Tech Features: Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Both Sun Joe spx300 and Sun Joe spx4000 have great features that make them suitable for you. To get much about which one is suitable for you, we have made this detailed features comparison section for you.

By this, you can better compare these two models to decide which is better for you. All in all, these two types of electric pressure cleaners are versatile in their ways but it’s robust to check how they compare.

Here is a Comparison of Sun Joe spx3000 VS Sun Joe spx4000 Pressure Cleaners.

Power and Motor

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Both spx3000 and spx4000 pressure cleaners are great for tough cleaning diverse projects. By design, the functionality relies on how much power each one of these machines motor can provide for effective cleaning.

In terms of power, it’s evident that both have 14.5 amperes motors and provide 1800 power voltage. Also, these two models provide approximately 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM which is great since it ensures water is injected at top speed.

Based on this, these two models reduce overall water usage.

In-built Detergent Tank

SPX3000 Pressure Cleaner Model

SPX3000 model comes with two spacious separate liquid tanks, with a capacity to hold 30fl oz. of detergent. By functionality, these two tanks are ideal for pouring detergents of different viscosity suitable for cleaning different works.

A good example of this depending on the dirty task your surface requires, you will not require to remove paint and a concentrated detergent for cleaning diverse surfaces.

SPX4000 Pressure Cleaner Model

By design, this electric pressure cleaner model has one in-built 54.1 fl oz. soap tank. With this model, you have no choice to separate detergents based on purpose and their thickness.

All in all, this not a problem to worry about since if you want to open a car wash business, one tank is sufficient for combining diverse types of detergents.


SPX3000 Pressure Cleaners model

sun joe pressure washer spx3000

In this model, all pressure cleaners are light in weight and thus easy to move from one location to another conveniently. Great portability of this model is harnessed by durable glide wheels which enable you to push the machine conveniently.

After assembling, the SPX3000 pressure cleaners weigh about 30 pounds. Also, the SPX3000 is not convertible into a stationary cleaning tool like the SPX4000 pressure cleaners model.

SPX400 Pressure Cleaners Model

In terms of portability, this model weighs less by falling at 27 pounds when it’s fully assembled for use. With great durable wheels, you can maneuver easily from one location to another without having to carry it.

Besides, the SPX4000 pressure cleaner model usually has a low COG. By having a low COG, this unit cannot fall and thus not prone to unit damage which impacts its overall usability negatively.

5 Quick-Connect Spray Tips

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

In terms of spray nozzles, there is not much to separate these two types of electric pressure cleaner models. Both have 0° spray nozzle geared towards injecting top-speed water ideal for cleaning the toughest dirt stains on surfaces.

A 15° spray nozzle is effective for less concentrated detergents but is efficient for injecting water on broad extensive surfaces. A 25° spray nozzle is ideal for cleaning driveways and sidewalks plus rogue oil spillages.

On the other hand, the 40° spray nozzle injects less concentrated water ideal for windows and other gentle surfaces. Also, a detergent spray nozzle is ideal for injecting bubbles from these pressure cleaner models located in their in-built detergent tanks.

Pressure Select Technology

SPX3000 Pressure Cleaner Model

By functionality, the SPX3000 lacks a variable speed switch, meaning that you have to inject water at high speed that reaches 2030 PSI. A very cumbersome rationale for controlling the tool water pressure is through pulling the trigger at a slight range and in a slow manner.

Fast quick-connect spray nozzles help to spread injected water in wide areas and at low-pressure speeds.

Hose Reel

sun joe pressure washer Hose Reel

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Both these two models don’t provide a highly versatile hose reel. After installing the unit, you are obliged to manually insert the tool reel to the hose to reduce sloppiness and extra floor space.

Happens more so when you are storing the machine in a conducive location.

Safety Lock Switch Feature

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Both of these electric pressure cleaner models have a great safety lock that is located around the trigger. When you are not using the machine, the trigger will not be engaged and this automatically shuts down the whole machine completely.

By doing this, you get to save power and excessive use of water. Also, this helps to extend the life of these highly versatile pressure cleaner machines.

Unit Accessories

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

One of the great things about these two models is the fact that they need hose pipes and attachments of the same dimension.

By functionality, each one of these enhancements can be used on diverse models which ensures there is no confusion on which attachment can be set on a particular pressure cleaner model.

Power Cord Length

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

One fact is that without a portable power generator, a cord affiliated electric pressure is not that stable. Unless you have extensive cords or an outside power source, you will be obliged to utilize the pressure cleaner power cord.

Both of these models have extensive power cords which enable you to have the best cleaning experience since you can move far distance.

Maintenance Practices

SPX3000 VS SPX4000

In terms of maintenance, these two models of pressure cleaners are great to maintain and are meant to last long. You can follow the user manual to get insights about how to maintain these two machine models better.

To maintain them for long, you only need to store them in a convenient location and also use them correctly. By this, you extend their life which ensures you can use them for a long while also saving huge costs that are involved with replacing the machine.

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Pros & Cons of Sun Joe SPX4000 VS SPX3000

Pros & Cons of Sun Joe SPX4000 VS SPX3000

Both the SPX3000 and SPX4000 pressure cleaner models have their pros and cons. By looking at these aspects, you can make a better judgment on which is suitable for your overall usability.

Here are the pros and cons of the SPX3000 and SPX4000 electric pressure cleaners’ models:

Sun Joe SPX3000: Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are vivid pros and cons of this model of pressure cleaners

Most Powerful and Appreciable Points

Quiet Pressure Cleaner

A great thing about this model of pressure cleaners is by the functionality they tend to be much less noisy than regular pressure cleaners. As such, you can use them conveniently in noise-restricted locations and in your home where kids are studying.

A Powerful Machine

With great power to inject water from hose pipes with top speeds that ensure all dirty specs are removed effectively from diverse surfaces. Rely on this awesome model of pressure cleaners since it is versatile in removing tough dirt stains conveniently.

By functionality, it surpasses regular electric pressure cleaners which makes them a great investment to seek.

High Portability

One great thing about this model is its great portability since its light in weight and has durable wheels that ensure you can push the unit conveniently. You can move the machine with ease which is great since you don’t use great energy.

Great Ease of Use

Everything from starting the machine to cleaning tough stains, this machine is made easy for you to articulate all tasks conveniently. You can follow the user manual to get great insights about how to use this device better.

Easy Installation Process

With this unique model of pressure cleaners, you get an easy installation process. Also, the sleek and compact design of this class of pressure cleaners ensures that you can store it conveniently.

Extensive Cords

With long cords, you get great maneuverability to clean cumbersome projects which is a great feature included in this unit.

Safety Enhanced

By purchasing this model of pressure cleaners, you get a safety-protected unit of pressure cleaners that is protected from power flaws.

Importantly, the designers of this SPX3000 ensured it’s enhanced with TSS and GFCI tech safety protection which ensures it doesn’t get impacted negatively by the rogue power outage.

Need to be Improved

Presence of Fake Products

SPX3000 model of pressure cleaners have faced negative reviews from its users which is a major issue affecting it.

Sun Joe SPX4000: Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are the pros and cons of this model of pressure cleaners

Most Powerful and Appreciable Points

Safety Enhanced

With this model of pressure cleaners, you get a machine that is safety enhanced with total stop system tech and GFCI. As such, you can rely on this machine with sound usability being assured.

Easy to Assemble the Unit

By purchasing the SPX4000 model of pressure cleaners, you get an easy installation process that you can conveniently achieve without seeking professional help.

Less Noisy

Unlike regular pressure cleaner machines, the SPX4000 model is less noisy and thus doesn’t disturb your neighbors which is a great feature enhanced on this class of pressure cleaners. As such you can use it conveniently in your home or areas that have noise restrictions.

Cost-Effective Pressure Washer

Comparing the overall price and usability plus reliability, this model of pressure cleaners is cost-effective and thus a good bargain to seek. Also, it has a long life which is great since you don’t need to replace it anytime soon.

Easy to Maintain

By purchasing the SPX4000 model of pressure cleaners, you get a unit that is easy to maintain. You only need to check it once every 3 months and store it in a dry place to maintain it for long.

Also, you can seek for the user manual to get important insights on how to maintain it for long use better.

Need to be Improved

Presence of Fake Models

Sun Joe SPX4000 has faced criticism since there are fake models that negatively impact the true validity of its pressure cleaners. Most purchasers are skeptical about getting the SPX4000 based on this judgment.

Our Verdict

Both the SPX3000 and SPX4000 models of pressure cleaners are effective machines for cleaning tough dirt stains with top-notch results being assured.

One great thing about these two models is their safety protection features and affordability which makes them a suitable buy to seek today.

In this Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000 review post, we have done detailed research to ensure that we provided accurate and up to date info about these machines. You can rely 100% on info presented in this post to make a wise decision on which machine is best for you.

Both these two models of pressure cleaners are cost-effective and most importantly safety enhanced whilst being multi-purpose in usability. Achieve top-notch cleaning results by acquiring one of the machines.

If you come across any info we might have omitted by mistake, include it after reading this review post.