Klein MM700 Review 2023: Expert’s Recommendation

Klein MM700 digital electric multimeter is one of the most functional and multipurpose electric tester. On that purpose we are here again with a complete Klein MM700 review. We are gonna narrow down every single details.

In this review, we have focused it’s mechanisms’ compatibility, manufacturing elements, price as well as it’s smart design. A digital electric multimeter is a portable electrical powered instrument that directly measures active electrical quantities.

Such as currents and potentials (voltages), or passive, such as resistors, capacities, and others. The best budget multimeter is not only one of the most essential tools for electricians but also it helps for troubleshooting.

Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter, Electrical Tester is Auto Ranging, for AC/DC, LoZ, Temp, Capacitance,...
  • Multimeter with automatic ranging true root mean square (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy
  • Tester measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40MOhms resistance plus temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle, test diodes...
  • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-foot (2m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site
  • Low Impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages

Using a multimeter, measurements can be made for direct or alternating current and in various measurement ranges.

Most Popular and Functional Klein MM700 Review

Klein MM700 Review


If you are in search of the best multimeter, we recommend buying Klein MM700 as it is designed with many great features.

The TRMS technology of the MM700 multimeter ensures enhanced accuracy in an automatic range setting.Here in the following, we present you a complete and honest review for you.

Klein Tools MM700 Electrical Multimeter Features

Upgrade technologies and user friendly features make the device handy and effective. Here we have described every features that obviously are belonging to the Klein MM700. Let’s have a look:

Measurement Capacity

The Klein MM700 can measure AC/DC and voltage. This multimeter can measure up to 1000V and 10A. This product also supports microamp, milliamp, and millivolt measurements that are not possible on other devices.

You can also measure, diode testing, frequency measurements, capacitance, continuity, and resistance with Klein MM700. Also, it supports temperature measurement from 0 to 1500 Fahrenheit (-18 to 816 Celcius).


The display in the Klein MM700 goes up to 4000 counts. However, the digit numbers of the display are not published but the meter features a bright and clean display backlight.

Safety and Durability

The Klein MM700 is the rate of IP42 against water and dust ingress. This multimeter also has a CAT IV 600V safety rating. Also, to make sure its durability, it is drop-tested to 2 meters.

Fold-out Stand

There is a fold-out stand on the back of the device to position the multimeter at an angle. This makes the display easier to read and the function keys easier to use.


An integrated back-light in the display makes it easier to read the measurement results even in poor visibility conditions such as in dark rooms or at dusk.

Flashlights Function

An LED is built into the Klein MM700 multimeter, which can be used as a flashlight replacement.

User Protection and Safety Settings Mode

Klein Tools

Safety first! Therefore, do not buy cheap products from the supermarket! The manufacturers of cheap devices mostly rely on cheap and poor-quality fuses, often only a small simple glass tube fuse is installed in the device.

This can be life-threatening when measuring electricity. Good multimeters like Klein MM700, on the other hand, are usually equipped with two large fuses.

The connections and measuring ranges labeled so that they are legible. If the settings are incorrect, the device should emit an acoustic warning.

Pay attention to quality and security seals. The CE mark is only an administrative symbol and not a test symbol.

Including Accessories

Klein MM700 is equipped with additional convenience functions that simplify working with the device and make it as pleasant as possible. Which of them makes sense for you has to be decided individually.

This multimeter is included with Replacement Thermocouple, Attractive carrying case, Magnetic hanger rare earth, 10×38 10 A Fuse 1000V, Right angle, Replacement test set, Digital Multimeter, Auto-range 1000V.

Processing, Robustness, and Quality

Klein MM700 is equipped with a solid rubber casing that protects the device from falls and impacts. Solid processing of the components prevents dirt or dust from entering the interior of the housing.

Especially when the multimeter is in daily use, it should withstand wear. If necessary, it should also be suitable for outdoor use. The battery life is also longer for qualitative devices.

Several Special Features

The Klein MM700 includes a Low Impedance (LoZ) mode to identify and eliminate stray or ghost voltages. However, this multimeter does not have a non-contact voltage detect function.

Also, this meter features bar graph, min/max, data hold, and auto range.

Pros and Cons: The Most Awaiting Part

Every electric and electronic devices come with some great pros and along with some cons. When you decide to purchase something with great features, you need to keep in the weak points of it.

Here we break it down to pieces only for you-our valuable readers.

Features: We Like Most

  • Durable multimeter
  • Micro-amps and temperature input which is ideal for HVAC work
  • Value for money product
  • Alligator clips included in the package
  • Minimum and Maximum ranging mode
  • The manual ranging mode is also incorporated
  • Back-lit screen

Could Be Improved

  • Moderately slow on ranging/continuity.

Our Verdict: Why you should buy this multi-meter?

A. Klein MM700 is a True Root Mean Square (TRMS) automatic range digital multimeter. The Klein Tools line for testing and measurement was exclusively designed from the start by electricians.

Years of research in the field combined with extensive input from electricians across the United States inspired the development of electric meters and testers that offer innovative, time-saving features.

There are many benefits to buying this Klein MM700 as it offers great features. If you are still not sure, why you should buy this multimeter, then we will mention the most outstanding ones.

  • Offers you measurements of different units, voltage, temperature, current, among others.
  • Light and compact so you can easily carry them around.
  • Can be used by both professionals and amateurs from home.
  • They are easy to read.

Notable Points of Klein MM700

  • Measures AC / DC, AC / DC voltage and resistance
  • Measures temperature, capacity, frequency, and duty cycle
  • Testing diodes
  • Detection and elimination of stray voltage (LoZ)
  • Acoustic continuity test
  • Data storage
  • Displayed in a bar chart
  • Automatic range setting
  • Robustly built, withstands a 2m drop test
  • Protection rating: CAT III 1000V
  • The MM700 TRMS multimeter is ideal for measurements in simple and controlled electromagnetic environments such as residential buildings, business/office buildings, and small businesses

All Technical Specifications

  • AC / DC voltage: 1000 V
  • AC / DC current: 10 A.
  • IP code (dust and water resistance): IP42
  • Resistance: 10 mΩ
  • Diode test: approx.1.5 mA, open circuit voltage 3.0 V DC
  • Continuity test: acoustic signal <50 Ω, max. Test current 0.35 mA
  • Temperature: -18 ° C to 538 ° C
  • Test frequency: 3 measurements / sec
  • Capacity: 4000µF
  • Frequency: 1Hz – 500KHz
  • Protection rating: CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • Fall protection: 2 m
  • Calibration: precise for 1 year
  • Degree of contamination: 2
  • Weight: 414 g
  • Dimensions: 178.3 x 89.9 x 53.3 mm


Frequently Asked Questions About Klein MM700 Review

Q. Which is the useful measuring range – manual or auto-range?

A. With inexpensive devices, the measuring range must be set manually before use. There are usually several areas for each measurement type, which sometimes makes the labeling of the central selection controller on the multimeter very confusing.

Good multimeters from the test offer the user a so-called “auto-range” function. That means you will be able to select only the measurement type. A manual setting is usually still possible on request. The auto-range function is particularly practical if you cannot estimate the measuring range to be expected.

In this case, with a cheap multimeter, you have to slowly grope your way. With a good multimeter, you can simply start measuring.

Q. What should a multimeter do?

A. A multimeter is used to determine a wide variety of measurement variables. The functionality of the measuring devices from the Klein MM700 review goes far beyond the basic functions for measuring voltage, current, and resistance (all three sizes of Ohm’s law).

Here is an overview of which functions are most important:

Basic Functions

    • Perfectly measures electrical voltage in volts Determines the voltage of an energy source (e.g. battery).
    • Measure electrical current in amperes Determine the current in a circuit.
    • Easy measure resistance in ohms Determines the resistance of a component or device.

Advanced Functions

    • Continuity tester Check whether current flows through a line or component.
    • Diode tester Check whether diodes are working properly.
    • Measure capacitance Check capacitance of a capacitor.

Additional functions

    • Measure exact temperature in degrees Celsius (° C)
    • Easily measure frequency in the heart (Hz)
    • Measure brightness in lux (lx)
    • Perfect for measure volume in decibels (dB)
    • Measure moisture in percent (%)

Q. What measuring accuracy should the device have?

A. The possible deviation from the actual measurement result is given in some models for individual measuring ranges in the form of a percentage. Depending on the area, the value is usually between 0.5% and 1%. Higher quality multimeters have higher measurement accuracy.

There is no absolute measurement accuracy of 100% in any model since the measurement result is always influenced by various factors.

Q. What is the resolution or multimeter counts all about?

A. The multimeter counts indicate the accuracy of the display resolution, i.e. how many different values ​​can be shown on the display. The higher the value of the counts, the more digits are displayed. With a high number of counts, the device can show even the smallest changes in the measured value for the user on the display.

This makes the measurement result more precise. A device with 2000 counts can, therefore, output measured values ​​in a range from 0 to 1999. The decimal point can be anywhere. A good multimeter generally has a higher resolution than a cheap multimeter.

Q. Which measurement category should the device belong to?

A. The required measurement category is determined by the application. You should always base yourself on the highest category in which the device is to be used. Category III devices are sufficient for most applications. Professional users, on the other hand, use CAT IV multimeters.

Q. Is the True RMS function required?

A. Multimeters with True RMS (True Root Mean Square) function can measure the effective value of AC voltages regardless of the curve shape when measuring non-sinusoidal signals and are therefore designed with more complex circuits and are therefore more expensive to purchase.

True RMS multimeters are therefore mainly used in professional applications. This function is not too relevant for hobbyists. Only the professional devices from our test support this measurement method.

Q. What is the evaluation of the computer data?

A. As a rule, the measured value is read directly from the display. Some models can also save the data in the device itself. If you want to carry out an exact evaluation of your measurement results, you cannot avoid transferring the data to your PC.

Some multimeters are equipped with a special PC interface for this. This has an optocoupler with LED sensors on the multimeter and a USB connection on the PC. The corresponding software is included.

Q. Any special designs of multimeters?

A. The most common models for every application are the simple handheld multimeters.

  • Table multimeters are available for professional use in industry and research.
  • Special small and compact devices are called mini multimeters. Models with an integrated current clamp are referred to as current clamp multimeters.
  • Pen design multimeters are known as pen multimeters.
  • The term automotive multimeter can be used for use in the field of car electronics.
  • If a connection to the computer is possible, individual models are also called USB multimeters.

Simple devices are particularly suitable for quickly checking basic electrical sizes. If you want to deal more intensively with the subject of electrics and electronics, you cannot avoid a good device for professional applications.

But a multimeter should be in every well-stocked toolbox.


All in all, in our Klein MM700 review, we must conclude that this multimeter is one of the best multimeters in the market with great build quality and durability. Also, it is easy to use for both professional and amateur electricians.

It is necessary to mention that some of the most common electrical parameters are voltage, intensity, resistance, and continuity which this device measures accurately. Also, you can use the device to measure temperature, capacitance, continuity, frequency, and operating cycle and test diodes.

One of the best things about Klein MM700 is that it comes with a powerful battery which is very easy to change. Also, its display is crisp and bright. According to our suggestion, you should not think twice to buy this great product which is built to last for many years.

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