Different Types of Screwdrivers: Ready, Set and Go!

A screwdriver among tools is the greatest invention. In a tool shop, you can find different types of screwdrivers. Invented in the 15th century it became every toolbox compulsory tool by the 21st century.

The screwdrivers now come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. A screwdriver depends on the screw head shape that allows applying torque.

Literately, a screwdriver drives a screw anticlockwise or in a clockwise direction.

What are the Hand Tools

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Humans use tools to complete useful and different tasks. Right from knife and spoon to a computer or car keys, various tools are used.

Different tools are performing versatile functions. To be happy in using hand tools, understand their construction and how to sharpen them.

Lack of negligence in using tools may cause injury. Precision is important in using hand tools, then the speed. Knowing the right tool is a must.

If not efficiency and quality will suffer. Hand tools are classified as:

  • Twisting or fastening tools: Screwdrivers, wrenches, and spanners.
  • Impact or striking tools: Hammers, mallets, and sleds.
  • Metal cutting tools: Punches, Reamers, Taps, Drills, and Files.
  • Woodworking tools: Wood saws, wood chisels, and panels.
  • Laying out tools: Measuring and marking tools.
  • Holding tools: Clams, pliers, and visors.

Apart from these it includes grinding and sharpening tools, finishing tools and abrasives.

How to Use a Screwdriver

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A screwdriver is a widely owned tool and most useful tool for homeowners, hobbyists, mechanics, woodworkers, and plenty out there. There are different types of screwdrivers, but the steps to using a screwdriver are the same. Using a screwdriver is in three simple steps:

  • Create a pilot hole: The first step is to drill a pilot hole. Without pilot holes, you cannot screw anything and it will go crooked. To ensure you drive straight, pilot holes are a must for the screwdriver to go directly.

Small pilot holes may be done using a punch hole, but for large screws, drilling a pilot hole using a boring tool is a must.

  • Start the screw: Place on the driver tip, the screw and hold both tip and screw together by one hand. Apply on the screwdriver little pressure as you turn in clockwise, the screw will get engaged with the surface.
  • Keep driving: The thread of the screw engages faster as your fingers holding the screwdriver moves it into the shank. Hold directly the scree tip and apply pressure on the screwdriver to get into the slot.


Different Types of Screwdrivers: Identify the Compatibility

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Basic Screwdrivers

Basic screwdrivers may be required for some old or junk drawer. The sizing and head shapes are universal. The basic model is good as an introduction to the tool, screwdriver.

Flathead Screwdrivers

This is a single-bladed head with a handle and shank at the end. It is also very close to the basic model that offers a basic fit. Ensure the size is right.

Phillips Head Screwdrivers

Suitable for power tools and are rightly used on electronics as standard. It features an X-shape blade that offers the required traction as the head cavity gives a secure fitting. It is also called as the crosshead screwdriver.

Allen Screwdrivers

Mostly it is referred to as Allen wrenches, though they are screwdrivers. IKEA increased the popularity of Allen screwdrivers with furniture kits and now it is found with bicycles, as well.

It features thick drivers and broad holes that maximizing the pressure amount to apply is possible with little elbow grease.

Jewelry Screwdrivers

Appropriate as miniature-head screwdrivers. The Jewelry screwdrivers is highly functional that it is suitable for an array of applications. Right from repairing glasses to simple electronics, and highly popular to repair watches.

Multipurpose Screwdrivers

Multipurpose screwdrivers offer the best versatility. It does not take much room space. Besides, it is useful for various purposes that most homeowners have it in their toolset for regular purposes.

This multipurpose screwdriver can suit one or different drivers as it has double-sided bit. At the end there is a stem and a hexagon shape hole that mounts as equipped.

Ratchet Screwdrivers

Ratchets are associated with nut drivers mostly, but they work with screws. Merging ratcheting within the rod is possible using the multi-use screwdrivers.

The heads of the ratchet drivers firmly hold the screw bits and are useful.

Power-Tool Drivers

These are not screwdrivers but are widely used. It provides fast power, helping in driving the screws inside without tiring wrists.

These help in tightening the bolt and nut set. It also works with drywall and wood screws.

Corded Power Screwdrivers

These are powerful screwdrivers, mainly for the projects to drive the screws in. It requires muscle power. They deliver torque within limited ranges, and with extension cords, the torque diminishes.

Cordless Power Screwdrivers

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The basic and most popular tools are the cordless power driver. This screwdriver has attachments in multitude such that the screwdriver features various drill bits.

They are easy on wrists and now models feature lithium-ion long-lasting batteries.

Impact Screwdrivers

It is appropriate to bore into hardwood such as deck screws. These are time-consuming to get into the depth of the wood.

Though, impact drivers now available are highly adaptable that even the simple screwdriver can get into.

Cordless Screwdrivers

The advantage of cordless screwdriver is that they are equipped with charging plugs, making them handy to use anywhere. It is suitable for Phillips and hexagonal heads.

Much power is not required while you wish to secure it tight. At the same time, it is unfavorable for heavy works.

Screwdrivers for Electronics

For modern electronics, a basic screwdriver jewelry kit is enough. With an inclusion of additional bits, it is practically functional on all sorts of delicate gears and cell phones.

There are different types of screwdrivers, and this requires additional bits. There are varying bit types that are found in exotic laptops and cell phones.


These are six-pointed stars found in cell phones and laptops, bicycles and cars. The cars and bikes have bigger ones.


If you know to work using a Tri-point, keep it silent. Especially, do not mention it to people that you know about a Tri-point screwdriver.

This is because it will make your warranty invalid unless you are a person to repair with a license. You can find these in various electronic units.

Electrical Screwdrivers

It safeguards users from any sort of nasty shock, and this is possible due to the extra cover insulation. This extra protection is helpful and it comes for a price.

Working around live circuits is the same as buying life insurance as an additional layer.

Torque Screwdriver

Torque is known for its car application. It requires pressure to be added. These screwdrivers perform perfectly with specialized applications.

It involves a lot of things, ranging from military repair to the aircraft.

Specialty Screwdrivers

An ideal choice for particular work to meet convincingly the designed work, though basic screwdrivers meet the other work purposes.

Hexagonal Screwdriver

This screwdriver is the opposite of the Allen driver. It features hexagonal heads and it protrudes above the screw.

Fastening metals is possible in association with metal bolts and nuts, but it also has a few wood screws that have the same heads.

Triangle Driver

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Normally, most people do not know about the triangle head driver. It is because these are found in household items such as camping stoves, vacuum cleaners, and golf clubs.

This is used for specialized products such as when you need these, there is a need you buy one. It is handy and best to own one always.

Gunsmith Drivers

The Gunsmith drivers are designed especially for a small turning surface. The advantage is it allows to apply maximum torque.

These screwdrivers allow you to maximize the turning power as they have very hard materials in their construction. The turning power is perfect without the need to face stripped screw heads.

Stubby Screwdriver

In everything, there is a hard-to-reach place. The stubby screwdriver is one such that allows you to reach the hard-to-reach place. Its design ensures this screwdriver is used for all types of head sizes and shapes.

It does not require you to apply more power. Even with limited utility, it is possible to consider screwing things in.

What is a hex screwdriver?

Hex screwdriver has six sides and it acquires the name, hexagon drive. The hex drive fasteners are bolts than screws. There are screwdrivers available.

The hex fasteners are commonly used in the furniture assembly. In higher torque applications, a narrow-handled screwdriver is useful.

What is a Philips Screwdriver?

The Philips screwdriver is a flat head screw with ‘X” design in the self-center. Thus, it gives extra firmness to the slotted screw in the center. A Phillips screwdriver features pointed edges, head with a cross shape on the top.

It is available in five sizes. It ranges from zero to four and the largest in the four. You need a Philips screwdriver if you wish to build something. A Philips screwdriver is an important asset in your toolset.

It comes handy. Philips screw heads offer a tighter fit than most handymen and factories use them. These screws are relatively small and lightweight that it is easily removed by Philips screwdriver.

What is a slotted screwdriver?

The slotted screwdriver is the first screwdriver but now is on the decline as the screws with the slotted drive are not in much use. The screwdriver slips away from the slot and to tighten them down heavy torque needs to be applied.

But on doing so, these screw types loosen. Thus, the usage of slotted screws is declined.

What is a triangle screwdriver called?

It is known as Tas. The triangle screwdrivers were used in electronics, toys, and appliances industry to provide increased security. The TA screws can be handled by hex screwdrivers and so many kits do not have triangle screwdrivers.

What is a screwdriver used for?

Referring to convenience, nothing can beat a screwdriver for its accessibility, regardless of whether it is powered or not. It serves the practical purpose of screwing and unscrewing screws.

The screwdriver tip gets fixed to the head of the screw and turning clockwise or anticlockwise the handle, the work is done. Mostly tough steel is used for the shaft to resist twisting or bending.

Here is a list of different types of screwdrivers and what it is used for:

  • Phillips- Used commonly for manufacturing electronics, furniture, carpentry, and jewelry.
  • Slotted- Used earlier in most applications, but is rarely used now.
  • Pozi-drive- Used in European market products. Uncommon in the USA.
  • Square Recess- Used in the furniture manufacture due to driving efficiency.
  • Torx- Used in the motorized and integrated circuit technology or computer electonics industries.
  • Hex- Used in furniture manufacturing.
  • Tri-wing- Used by a few electronics manufacturers to prevent users from product tampering.
  • Spanner- Used typically with elevators, restroom doors, and electronics.

Screwdriver Safety

  1. Keep the screwdriver handle clean so that it offers the expected solid grip.
  2. Keep the tip sharp and clean of the screwdriver so that it offers a solid grip to the screw tip.
  3. Do not use a screwdriver as a block, drive, or as a meddle.
  4. Never hold the piece in your hand on that you are working.

Price Variations

There are many screwdrivers and here are a few:

Models of Recent Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers Price in USD

Stanley-6 Piece Screwdriver Set- Diamond Tip $23.74

Craftsman 17-piece Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set $44.99

Stanley 10-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set $22.00

Stanley Stubby Ratcheting MultiBit Screwdriver $9.87

Magnetic Screwdriver Phillips Slotted Bits– Torx -Square $17.99

Stanley 210-piece Mixed Tool Set $ 99.99

Stanley 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Set $ 09.05


Screwdrivers are the most useful tools. Yet buying screwdrivers must be done carefully. There are cheap screwdrivers available, from unknown brands.

Cheap screwdrivers are made using soft material that with increased torque it cracks. The screw point gets damaged and removing the screw involves damaging the work surface.

Thus, shopping for screwdrivers implies buying credible brands. Never indulge in buying screwdrivers that do not match the screws you wish to use.

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