How to Maintain Your Trenchless Sewer Line to Avoid Future Repairs

Plumbing is one of the most hated tasks, and if done without caution, it can easily turn into a disaster. It goes without saying that this is not the task that everyone prefers to do on their own. And it can become even more tedious if it involves the repairing and fixing of the sewage lines. Thankfully, over the last few years, newer techniques have been devised to make this a simple, and effective process. The invention of trenchless sewer line repairs have become unequivocally important, and on the path of being the new normal.

As the name suggests, this method of repairing and replacing old and worn-out pipes does not require excavating your entire lawn. Rather, it is innovative and minimally invasive, and does not make trenches in your beautiful scenery. There are many trenchless sewer line repair people and firms available in the market, both offline and online. You can visit sites like to get the best deals and expert advice about the same.

There are many things that one must remember and make sure to follow at every step whilst getting a trenchless repair done. This would not only make the process systematic, but also would help you keep it running for longer periods of time. The following article would deal with some of the ways to maintain your sewer line, so that you can avoid repairs in the near future:

Get The Professionals First

One of the major reasons why pipes keep leaking or bursting is that many people tend to think that they could do the repair work themselves. This not only causes them a great deal of trouble initially,  but also poses additional threat to the future usage of the same as well. If you have pipes and fittings that need repairing, then it is always a better idea to contact the officials for the inspection first. These are well-trained professionals, who have years of experience and expertise in the field, and know what is best for you and your house.

Upon inspection, if needed, they can ask you to continue the work yourself, or can do the same for you, in exchange for a nominal fee. Getting pipes professionally repaired also means that you do not have to worry about the hassle and chaos of choosing the right materials for your fixtures, as every detail is taken care of by them.

Constant Repairs?

If your pipes require constant repairs, and are damaged on a regular basis, this simply means that you need to take out the pipe and replace it. Luckily, this can be done by the trenchless sewer line repair method, in which a smaller pipe with a slightly reduced diameter is slid and fitted into the old existing pipe, without unearthing anything. This way the pipe is not only repaired and replaced, but the new one also gets an added protection from the pre-existing pipe.

Making sure that you get the best quality pipes is essential, as this small reason would make the impact. Strong and good quality pipes would not only last long, but also would save you from draining a hole in your pocket.

Using High Quality Epoxy Resin


Epoxy resin is one of the main substances used to repair any minor holes and leaks in the existing pipes, and also to join newer sections to the older ones. This is a highly durable and withstanding material, which can last for at least a good five years without getting worn-out or damaged.

Keeping the Pipes Clean

One of the simplest, yet the most underrated and undone trick to maintain your trenchless sewage line is to keep your pipes clean. This means that you must ensure that no household waste or other substances enter the pipes, which can cause choking and blocking of the pipes. Moreover, if you have pets or kids over, it is always a good idea to keep in check what they carry around these pipes, and to the bathrooms. Kids have a tendency to play around, and sometimes, they can drop things which would eventually block your entire sewage unit. This should be avoided.

Covering your local drainage areas, rather than keeping them open, is also instructed. This would not only block the entry if any unwanted substance into the drained, but also check the growth of pests, such as mosquitoes.

Check for Roots and Other Obstructions


Many times, especially in the older homes which were built in the previous century, it is observed that the roots of nearby trees have caused disruption to these trenches and sewage pipes. This is one of the main reasons why the pipes keep on leaking. With the growing tree roots, they push the pipes, putting enough strain on them, causing them to break apart. Additionally, these also move around the rocks from one place to another, making an unleveled area for the pipes. This upheaval also causes these pipes to leak, causing trouble for everyone.

A simple cast iron pipe, or a protector would be enough if you do not want to move the trees and the roots. However, if you are okay with it, then you can use the variety of chemicals available in the market to keep these roots at bay, preventing them from entering into your pipes, and causing problems.

Maintenance Is the Key

If you want your trenchless sewage line to be functioning properly for many years to come, then you must keep an eye out on the slightest changes. These small changes and problems turn into bigger issues if not taken care of at an early stage.



Trenchless sewer lines have become quite popular in recent years. These are cheaper, better for the environment and do the task just as seamlessly as its traditional counterpart. It needs some maintenance for its best functioning.