How to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line: Improve Edging Application Visibility

Do you have a Dewalt string trimmer, the chances are that you may struggle at times to install the line? It may be fiddly rarely, but on knowing how to install Dewalt trimmer line, this job becomes easy.

Time taken to fit a trimmer line is relatively simple, and you get running back in a short time. Also, there is a need for important equipment, the string trimmer to keep the garden and lawn areas neat.

Super Strong
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
Budget Friendly
More Powerful
DeWalt DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225' x 0.080" (Pack of 3)
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
DeWalt DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225' x 0.080" (Pack of 3)
Super Strong
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)
Budget Friendly
More Powerful
DeWalt DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225' x 0.080" (Pack of 3)
DeWalt DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line, 225' x 0.080" (Pack of 3)

Thus, the trimmers allow easy and fast line replacement. It offers exceptional performance, precise power control, and runtime management with a control switch.

The advantage of having a Dewalt string trimmer line is that the stress is less in operating, and it is easy to maneuver.

What is the String Trimmer Line

String Trimmer Line

A trimmer line, especially the string trimmers are the best garden and lawn tool suitable for cutting weeds and grass. It reaches the place that the mower is unable to reach, and is suitable for edging next to the pavement.

They are the easy and quick ways to tidy garden beds, trim weeds, or grass, creating an exact finish along with the drives and paths. Trimmer line wears down faster with continuous or regular use when you are cutting thick or tough weeds.

As the trimmer line hits against hard surfaces, it breaks or becomes brittle. Therefore, it may break and will need replacement. It is not intimidating to learn how to install a Dewalt trimmer line.

A little know-how and adeptness of the DIY technique are enough to set the trimmer line.

How to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line: Easy & Simple Techniques

Install Dewalt Trimmer Line

A Dewalt trimmer line can counterattack impacts and is flexible. It is ideal for cutting efficiency. Quality and durability of a trimmer line ensure it can be of use for a longer period.

Yet, there is a need to replace the trimmer line, if it is brittle or breaks. The strenuous process in loading the Dewalt trimmer line is when you need to get the head off.

Ascertain to do this in a well-lit location and keep the trimmer in proximity so that you can see everything clearly. There should be no reason to cause injury while pulling the head away from the unit.

In winters, it turns brittle and so checking the trimmer line before the winter season is best. If required, replace before the winter season starts. It ensures no wear down, even when it functions on hard surfaces and thicker weeds.

Here are the steps for how to install a Dewalt trimmer line.

Steps to Install

Step 1: Remove Battery

The foremost point is to remove the battery from the equipment.

Step 2: Identify the Indicator Knob

There is a need to identify the indicator knob that is in white. You should turn it clockwise and push it down so that it unlocks. Also, there is a need to keep it in unlock position, and so the indicator knob should be away from the spool window.

Step 3: Remove the Spool Cap Out

To pull the spool cap out, ensure it is in unlock position, and you can remove it straightly.

Step 4: Remove & Clean the Old Trimmer Line

If your trimmer existing line exists, remove it, and clean it. However, if it does not have a trimmer line, you may install a new one.

Step 5: Cut Trimmer Line

Check the new trimmer line and cut 20 feet so that it is enough for a trimmer.

Step 6: Insert Trimmer Line

On cutting the trimmer line, ensure the cut piece is placed into the jamming hole. Once inside begin winding as per the direction on the spool. Check the winding direction and do it accordingly on the cover.

Step 7: Wind Neatly

Wind in the said direction neatly so that you stay in line, and there is no overlapping of lines. Ensure you stop winding the line when it is 40 inches from the end. Push the remaining into the spool holding spot on one side.

Step 8: Repeat Process

Consider the same and repeat the process to another side so that it is a spool in the dual-sided in the Dewalt trimmer. Pass the trimmer line through the spool holes on each side into spool housing.

Step 9: Push the Cap

As the feeding lines are on each side, push the cap down. Pull the trimmer sides such that the spool cap fits in place. The white indicator should lock in its place as before. Now, the trimmer head is ready and loaded that operation becomes effortless.

After following all the installation steps for the trimmer line, turn the trimmer on to ensure it runs smoothly. On noticing any snag, you must stop using it, as it means you got it wrong.

If so, remove the spool again and repeat the entire installation of the trimmer line process. Rewind the line all over again. Once the unwinding and rewinding process is complete, you are sure to get it right.

Required Tools

It is a frustrating experience to have a trimmer line replacement. However, like all other things, there is a simpler way. Instead of struggling with tangled spools, there are short lengths to lock into the replacement head.

To know how to install a Dewalt trimmer line, you need these tools

  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Trimmer line

Having essential tools helps in saving frustration and time in handling this as a DIY project.


Before installing a trimmer line on a gas model, remember to unplug from the outlet the electric models and remove from the spark plug, the spark plug wire.


Without fail, Clean the spool using a soft-bristled brush or cloth each time as you replace the trimmer line.

Cautions of Installing the Dewalt Trimmer

How to Install Dewalt Trimmer Line: Improve Edging Application Visibility

While in Operation

  • Wear stout shoes and eye protection at all times, during machine operation.
  • In bad weather, avoid using the machine, especially if there is a lightning risk.
  • Use a machine when the daylight is good, or the artificial light is the same as daylight.
  • Do not operate the machine if the shields or guards are damaged.
  • Switch the motor on when your feet and hands are at a safe distance from the cutting means.
  • Remove the plug to disconnect the machine and there is no power supply. Remove the battery or disable the device, if the machine is unattended, before cleaning, checking, or working on the machine, before blockage clearing, when machine vibrates abnormally, after it hits an object, ensure the opening of the ventilation is free from debris.
  • Keep your feet and hands safe from causing any injury.

Maintenance and Storage

  • From the power supply, disconnect the machine. It means to remove from the mains the plug, disable the device or remove the battery before cleaning work or before maintenance work.
  • Use replacement accessories and parts as per the recommendation of the manufacturer.
  • Maintain and inspect the machine regularly. Get it repaired by a skilled repairer.
  • Store the machine if it is not in use, and if there are children at home, it must be out of their reach.

Safety Tips

Safety is an important consideration while using garden power tools. It is because it involves inherent risks. Line trimmers pose a fair range of safety risks. The petrol machine engine is closer and makes high noise levels in comparison to other power equipment.

As you are buying a new line trimmer, you can use this as an opportunity so that you replace or add the gear in your safety kit. Select the manufacturer recommended standards approved safety equipment. At least as a minimum use:

  • Medium-duty gloves.
  • Work boots or some heavy-weight leather footwear featuring a closed-toe.
  • Hearing protection – earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Eye protection – Goggles or safety glasses.


Installing a Dewalt trimmer line is possible by following a few steps. However, go through the model number, and read the manual to understand the type of model and the wire required for your trimmer line. Ensure you buy a compatible trimmer line.

Learning how to install Dewalt trimmer line, and installing the trimmer line does not end the process. Therefore, it is important to take care of the equipment and maintenance.

The right option is to consider changing or replacing the trimmer line before the season starts. There are trimmers in the market in varying styles and sizes.

You can choose a Dewalt trimmer, it will be the best choice to meet your needs and is well-known for its durability and quality. Keep examining the trimmer line, keep it neat, and you will face no issues. Enjoy using it throughout the year.