Top 10 Best UV Light for HVAC System 2023 – Review & Guide

UV light for an HVAC plan helps to kill organic growth (germs), and in turn, offers you a cleaner atmosphere. However, getting the best UV light for HVAC systems can be daunting since there are so many manufacturers in the market. Photo: Julia Bickerstaff

Best Choice
REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House Uv uvc Light in Duct for HVAC Ac (Air Conditioning)...
Good Choice
HQUA-OWS-12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter for Whole House 12GPM 110V 40W Model...
Also Consider
Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter with magnet for HVAC Ac air...
REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House Uv uvc Light in Duct for HVAC Ac (Air Conditioning)...
HQUA-OWS-12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter for Whole House 12GPM 110V 40W Model...
Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter with magnet for HVAC Ac air...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House Uv uvc Light in Duct for HVAC Ac (Air Conditioning)...
REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House Uv uvc Light in Duct for HVAC Ac (Air Conditioning)...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
HQUA-OWS-12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter for Whole House 12GPM 110V 40W Model...
HQUA-OWS-12 Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter for Whole House 12GPM 110V 40W Model...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter with magnet for HVAC Ac air...
Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system with Activated Carbon filter with magnet for HVAC Ac air...
Amazon Prime

In this review, we would make buying one a lot easier. So, why should you use a UV light in your HVAC system? Most HVAC schemes, particularly the evaporator coil, gets humid most of the time.

Best HVAC UV Light for Home Use

Pure UV

As such, you can use a UV light to help prevent the growth of molds, bacteria, algae and so much more. In this review, we would introduce you to ten of the top UV lights worth considering for your HVAC property.

Come to think of it, having molds and bacteria multiplying in your HVAC system can cause severe threats to your health.

People often think using UV light in an HVAC system is ineffective, but according to the US CDC, vaporous hydrogen peroxide or moist heat is the most promising decontamination method.

The 10 Best UV Light for HVAC System Review 2023

Let’s look into the technology of the top picked UV lights you can get for your HVAC mechanisms;

01. REKO Lighting R2000 120v Plug and 9ft Power Cord UVv Light

Best UV Light for HVAC System


REKO R2000 is a proudly designed UV light in the US. If you are searching for a quality and reliable UV light that is fast and efficient, then you can trust the REKO always to deliver.

Destroy germs, mold, and odor in a cost-effective way when you get the R2000 for your HVAC system.


Overall, the design of the R2000 is unique and straightforward. At the side of this unit is a blue indication bulb, which tells if the device is working.

Moreover, the R2000 UV-C lighting design is such that you are to install in on your HVAC duct.


Concerning power, you can power the REKO R2000 with as low as a 120 volts AC. Also, the R2000 has a frequency of 50/60 Hz, similar to most of our regular appliances.

And with the 10 ft. long power cord, you have one less thing to worry about.

Dual Lamp

Amazingly, the R2000 comes with two dual lamps. So, when it comes to getting enough UV lights in your HVAC, this R2000 got you covered. Combining the two dual lamps can produce a powerful 253.7 NM.

And if you like, you can decide to use only one of its double lamps, depending on the size of your HVAC system.

Easy to Install

Installing a UV light in your HVAC plan can be a bit of a hassle. But with the REKO R2000, it would only take you less than 15 minutes, and you’re done. For optimum performance, you should install this R2000 in the duct of your HVAC scheme.

To install, simply cut two 1.75 inches holes in your duct for the dual bulbs to fit in, screw it up, and you’re done.

  • Easy to install
  • Powerful dual bulbs
  • Long power cable
  • Manufacturer’s quality control could be better


02. HQUA OWS-12 Safety and Reliable Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter UV Tube Light


Whoever said purifying the water for the whole house is expensive, or a long and lengthy process sure hasn’t heard of the HQUA OWS-12. With this sterilizer filter, you can now have cleaner water in your home germ-free.

Say no to chemicals to treat water, opt-in to OWS-12 from HQUA, which uses ultraviolet light to treat your water.


The exquisite design of this unit, measuring 37.5 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter, surely stands out. Attached to the quartz sleeve are silicone O-rings to create a perfect seal, so there is no leakage.

Moreover, the 304 stainless steel finishing is food grade, safe and helps make this sterilizing tube durable.

UV Reactor Chamber

All the action goes on in the reactor chamber of the HQUA OWS-12. At the reactor chamber, the OWS-12 uses UV light to degrade the DNA of microbes causing diseases, by making them unable to function.

For maximum disinfection, it is best to replace the UV lamp annually or biannually.

UV Lamp

Sterilize the water you use for appliances, drinking, and bathing with this 40 Watt powerful UV light. Quartz glass UV tube is not only food grade, but also resistant to different pH, temperature, and pressure of up to 12GPM.

Go environmentally friendly today, treat your water chemical-free with no changes in color, taste, pH, or odor.

Easy to Install

You do not need any plumbing experience to install this OWS-12 sterilizer in your HVAC system. All you need to note is that you are to install this unit horizontally. After installation, connect the UV lamp with the 3 ft.

long cable to its electronic ballast and then from the ballast with a 3.2 ft. long cable to a 120 V, 60 Hz power outlet. On the ballast are two bulbs, a green light that indicates the system is working, and a red light that indicates a fault.

  • Effective sterilizer
  • No chemicals needed
  • 40 watts UV lamp
  • Water in the chamber can get very hot when there is no flow, which can cause skin burns


03. HQUA OWS-6 Easy Installation and Ultraviolet Water Purifier Sterilizer Filter 25W UV Tube Light

Best UV Light for HVAC System


Here is another water sterilizer tube from HQUA, but this model is a smaller version of the OWS-12 reviewed above. Protect your whole house water safety by installing this sterilizer after pre-treating your water.

Go green today with the HQUA OWS-6, and effectively sterilize 99.99% of bacteria in your water.


The HQUA OWS-6 has a tube design, made with the durable 304 stainless steel, which is also food grade and safe. On the tubes are two MNPT valves, an inlet valve, and an outlet valve, measuring ½ inch each.

Overall, the unit itself measures 22.5 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. At the ends of the tube are silicone O-rings, which help to create a perfect seal to prevent leakage.

UV Reactor Chamber

In the UV reactor, there you would find the UV lamp. On letting in pre-treated water into the tube, the water flows through the tube, where the UV light mutilates and degrades the DNA of the microbes causing diseases.

OWS-6 can handle a flow pressure of up to 6 GPM. So, as long as the water keeps flowing through this unit within the flow rate range, you can be sure of achieving up to 30 mJ/cm3.

UV Lamp

Although the OWS-6 is a smaller model water purifier from HQUA compared to the OWS-12, it also comes with a large 25 watt UV lamp. In this unit, you also get an extra UV tube on purchase.

Easy to Install

Installing the OWS-6 is easy and straightforward, as it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to have it all set-up. Install this unit horizontally and then connect it to its 120 volts, 60 Hz electronic ballast.

Additionally, you will get a total of 6.2 ft. of cable to connect the UV lamp to an electric outlet.

  • Easy to install
  • Long connecting cables
  • Powerful 25 watt UV lamp
  • You might need to spend extra to buy a timer for switching this unit off when there is no flow


04. Silver Onyx High Quality Air Purifier Powerful Small to Large Room UV Light

Best UV Light for HVAC System


Silver Onyx is another excellent HVAC purifier worth considering. So, why should you choose the Silver Onyx air purifier? Unlike other air purifiers, it comes with five stages of filtration, it also has a lightweight design, and it is affordable.

Get rid of harmful bacteria, germs, and mold growing in your house the easy way with this air purifier.


You will get a full 360 degrees of purification with this Silver Onyx air purifier model thanks to its cylindrical design. At the top of the purifier is the control panel where you can easily access to regulate the purifier.

In addition to that, its design is so simple that it allows you to access the filter by turning it counter-clockwise.

Powerful 5 Stage Filtration

Among the list of advantages you can expect to get from this Silver Onyx air purifier, its powerful 5 stage filtration is its most astounding feature. You get a preliminary mesh filter, true H13 HEPA filtration.

UV light sanitizer, negative ion generator, and an activated carbon filter with this Silver Onyx. With the help of the mesh filter, you can trap large particles like hair and fur.

The true H13 HEPA filter will help you filter out up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. And with the activated charcoal filter, you can neutralize odors.

If you have problems with harmful airborne particles, the negative ion generator will help get rid of them. Use the UV light sanitizer to remove germs and mold from the air.

Easy to Use

Silver Onyx is one of the easiest to use air purifiers with all the features you would expect and so much more. You can even set the purifier on a timer and forget it.

And with the PM2.5 sensor, this air filter will automatically adjust its airflow to ensure maximum air quality. On this Silver Onyx is the indicator that alerts you when it’s time to change the filter.

  • Five powerful filtration stages
  • Easy to use
  • PM2.5 sensor automatically adjusts airflow to ensure maximum air quality
  • Not suitable for rooms larger than 500 square feet


05. VAVA Air Purifier Energy Saving Timer and Air Filter System With UV-C Light

Best UV Light for HVAC System


VAVA is another top-selling air purifier with a UV light you can use with your HVAC system. VAVA is a proudly designed air filter from California. Both the American Lung Association and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorses VAVA air purifiers for better air quality.

So health-wise, you can trust VAVA to take care of you with their products.


Design-wise, this VAVA air purifier is simplistic, lightweight, and compact. VAVA air purifier measures about 13 inches in breadth, 16.3 inches in height, and 6.8 inches in width. Also, this air purifier can conveniently cover up to 270 square feet of space.

Moreover, this unit needs 60 watts, 120 volts, and 50 Hz of AC to function in terms of power requirement.

3 Stage Filtration

On this VAVA air filter are three stages of filtration after the initial pre-filtration. Air has to pass through the activated carbon fiber, true HEPA filter, and then through the UV-C light before being dispersed into the atmosphere.

Activated carbon is an effective filter for removing large dust particles. And the HEPA filter in this unit will help eliminate pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns.

On the other hand, the UV-C light with a wavelength of 254 nm helps kill 99.99% of allergens and germs.

Smart Air Purifier

Smart is the new modern, and this VAVA air purifier smart technology features that make it stand out. One of the smart technologies of this air purifier is its 3-speed fan level.

You can also enjoy the luxury of 3 timer options where you can set the air purifier to function for 2, 4, and 8 hours or set it at auto. VAVA air purifier also comes with a memory function where it remembers your preferences even after turning it off.

Additionally, there is also an indication that reminds you of when to change the filter to ensure you always get fresh air.

  • Energy-saving features
  • Silent operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable for rooms larger than 270 square feet


06. Honeywell UV100A1059 High Quality Surface Treatment System Light

Best UV Light for HVAC System


Improve the quality of air in your home with this energy-efficient Honeywell UV100A1059 air purifier. Honeywell is a subsidiary of the Resideo group of companies, known for its history of creating innovative and reliable technology that delivers comfort to your home.

Use this Honeywell UV100A1059 to reduce contaminants like surface mold and airborne bacteria in your home.


Concerning the overall design of this Honeywell air purifier, it has a simple-looking design. Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary when considering the design of this Honeywell UV100A1059 air purifier.

At the front of this air purifier is a knob you can use to regulate the UV-C lights. While at the back of this air purifier are two UV lamps.

And unlike other UV light air purifiers, the UV lamps of this Honeywell air purifier are easily replaceable with a vast range of other third party UV lights.


Performance-wise, this air purifier is pretty efficient. In fact, with the Honeywell UV100A1059, you don’t have to worry about too much power consumption, as it is also energy efficient.

You can power this air purifier with as low as 36 watts and 120 volts of AC. This air purifier uses a SmartLamp control to help provide you with optimal usage of the UV lamp.

This Honeywell air purifier also comes with the SnapLamp technology that optimizes the lamp’s run time and reduces the need to replace the UV lamp. Bulb replacement is way easier now than its LED notification that will display when there is a need to replace the UV lamp.

Generally, with this UV treatment system, it helps to promote efficient airflow, which will help you save money by not needing to replace the HVAC system coil too often.

Easy to Install

Installation of this air purifier is straightforward, such that anyone with no special HVAC training can perform. At the front of the air purifier are two slots that you can use to screw down this unit to your HVAC scheme.

For optimal performance, install this unit in the duct of your HVAC system.

  • Energy efficient
  • SmartLamp technology to reduce lamp run time
  • Easy to install
  • Poor customer service


07. CAI-CARRIER UVLXXRPL1020 Best Performance Genuine OEM UV Replacement Bulb

Best UV Light for HVAC System


Cai-Carrier is a great replacement UV bulb that offers you a considerable value for your money. You can now easily protect your home’s heating or cooling system from molds and bacteria, thanks to this Cai-Carrier UV light.

Easy to Install

Save with the Cai-Carrier as it is easy to install. Why spend hundreds of dollars on installation feels when you can install this UV light in your HVAC scheme yourself.

All you need to install this unit is to create enough space in your HVAC system, and you are good to go.


On the other hand, power is necessary for any UV light to work, and this UV light from Cai-Carrier works on a 110 volt AC power supply. You also need to supply up to 27 watts for this unit to work efficiently.


Overall, the design of this unit is simple and straightforward to use. This UV bulb is 21 inches long. To replace the UV bulb of your unit with this UV bulb, you need a Dremel tool to unscrew the base of the body so that you can have access to the UV light.


Performance-wise, this Cai-Carrier UV bulb emits enough UV light to get rid of molds and bacteria growing in your HVAC system. And in the end, the Cai-Carrier ensures you get improved air quality.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Long UV lamp
  • Energy efficient
  • Budget-friendly
  • The UV lamp is difficult to replace


08. Pure-UV Air-Conditioning Coil Powerful Combination of Ultraviolet UV-C System Light With Activated Carbon Filter

Best UV Light for HVAC System

Pure UV is another popular manufacturer of UV lights based in the USA. Durability and a sleek design are some of Pure UV’s key features that did not compromise on in their products.

And as such, seeing this UV light model from Pure UV making the list of best UV light for HVAC mechanisms is no surprise.

Easy to Install

Easy installation of a UV light is often where a lot of brands fail. But in the case of this Pure UV light for HVAC systems, you can install this unit within a few minutes. On ordering this UV light, it comes as a full set up and ready to use.

All you have to do is install this unit on your HVAC scheme via a magnet mounting system. Magnet mounting system makes installation plain simple.


Similarly, this Pure UV unit performance is astounding. And with a combination of PCO UV and activated carbon, this Pure UV eradicates any mold or bacteria growing on your HVAC system.

Furthermore, this unit uses 110 volts of AC at 50 Hz to function, and the wattage of the unit is 25 watts.


When you look at the design of this Pure UV light, you can pretty much tell each part’s function. The unit measures 16.75 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and its UV lamp emits just the right amount of UV light to inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds.

After installing this unit, plug the power cable to the side of the lamp, and tell the difference in your air quality.

  • Easy to install
  • Long UV lamp
  • A powerful combination of UV light and activated carbon
  • The bulb gives out too quickl


09. LAMPTOP UV Sterilizer Light for HVAC UVC Light Cleaning Light Sanitizing for Cabinet

LAMPTOP UV Sterilizer Light for HVAC UVC Light Cleaning Light Sanitizing for Cabinet


If you are after something affordable yet dependable to help protect your HVAC system from germs and other air contaminants, you can consider this Deal UV air purifier.

Simple in design, yet powerful enough to handle the task. Deal UV has been in the industry for years now. As such, you can expect nothing less than a top-notch UV lamp that will serve you for years.


Among the list of many things you can expect from the Deal UV air purifier, its germicidal property is why so many people opt-in for it. When you install the Deal UV in your HVAC unit, its powerful UV-C lamp can mutilate the DNA of germs and other microbes.

Long UV Lamp

Also, the Deal UV light for HVAC schemes comes with a long UV lamp measuring up to 14 inches long. A UV lamp this long covers a large surface area in your HVAC system, ensuring you get the optimal performance from this unit.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a single UV lamp, which contributes to this unit’s energy efficiency.


The UV lamp of this unit uses 24 volts of AC power to function. Apart from that, the ballast offers you a long power cable, which makes a total of 11 feet, which gives you the freedom to install this unit without worrying about a power outlet.

Besides, there is also an intelligent voltage protection (IVP) system in place, which protects this unit from electrical overload.

Easy to Install

Installing this Deal UV light on your HVAC system is quite straightforward. At the end of this UV light is a magnetic holder, which helps make installation a lot easier without requiring much screwing and unscrewing.

Moreover, you do not need any HVAC experience to install this unit in your HVAC plan.

  • Energy efficient
  • Intelligent voltage protection system for electric overload protection
  • Easy to install
  • Long power cable
  • One single UV-C light, which might not be suitable for large HVAC systems


10. Bryant/Carrier UVLXXRPL3020 High Quality Replacement 230V UV Duct Lamp

Best UV Light for HVAC System


Lastly, on our review of the best UV light, you can consider getting your HVAC plan this Bryant/Carrier UV light. And like other UV lights for HVAC systems in this review, this OEM Bryant/Carrier UV light has a very simple design.

Also, this Bryant/Carrier UVLXXRPL3020 serves as a perfect replacement UV bulb for Infinity and Evolution systems.

Easy to Install

The installation of this UV light is pretty straightforward. And since it is a replacement UV bulb, all you need is to understand how to design the HVAC mechanism.

However, note that this unit is not a standalone product, you need a full unit to make this UV light work. So, buying only this bulb is one step to completely eradicating microbes and germs from your HVAC property.

Powerful UV Light

Being a 27-watt lamp, you can expect nothing less than superior power when it comes to performance. Once you install this unit in your HVAC system, plug it into a ballast that uses a 220 volt AC power supply, and you’re ready to go.

Single UV Bulb

Additionally, this unit is a single UV bulb meshing about 16 inches long. The UV bulb fixed to a 3 inches housing makes this unit a total of 19 inches long.

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting UV lamp
  • Works on a wide variety of UV unit as a replacement bulb
  • Not a standalone unit


Before Buying the Best HVAC UV Light Look forward to these Facts

HVAC UV Light disinfection

When buying a UV light you can install in your HVAC system, here are some key things to always put into consideration.

UV Lamp Wattage

The amount of wattage the UV light consumes is an important factor to consider. Although higher wattage UV lamps are very effective in militating germs from your HVAC scheme, they are often more expensive on your electricity bill.

So, going for an average watt UV light is ideal. A UV light within the range of 20-40 watts is more than sufficient to inhibit mold and bacteria growth for a medium-sized HVAC plan.

Furthermore, energy-efficient UV lamps are also very effective and require very little watts to function. Whatever the case may be, note that the wattage of the UV lamp relates to the efficiency of how the lamp reduces microbes and also power consumption.

Size of the UV Lamp

While the size of the UV lamp you’re getting is important, you should avoid extra-long UV lamps. We can relate the size of your UV lamp to the amount of surface area it can cover. Longer UV lamps can conveniently cover larger rooms.

However, after installing a UV lamp, it is best not to have the lamp exposed. Looking at a UV light can cause severe hurt to your eyes. So, it is best to always go for a perfect fit for your HVAC system. Make sure the lamp of the unit you’re buying all fits into your HVAC system.

Number of UV Lamps

Another important thing to consider in respect to how much surface area your UV light can cover is the number of lamps that come with the unit. While most UV light you will find in the market are single UV lamps, there are also dual UV lights in the market.

A dual or triple UV lamp is more effective than a single UV lamp. On the other hand, multiple UV lamps are often more expensive and require more power for optimum function.

Understanding the effects of having more than one UV lamp on your unit will help you make the best choice based on your needs.

Type of Filters

Depending on the design of your unit, some air purifiers come with UV light and other types of filters. Air purifiers with sir filters are best installed in the ventilating unit of your HVAC mode.

The filters will help remove dust and odor from the air, while the UV light will kill the germs to provide you with clean, fresh air always. Filters like activated carbon fiber, HEPA filter, and so on are very effective types of fiber.

Some air purifiers also come with a negative ion generator, which helps to neutralize harmful ions in the air, and it’s ideal for people with allergies.



Inspecting the overall quality of the UV light will give you an insight into the unit’s durability. The lamp especially should be the first thing you look at. If possible, shake the unit a bit to see how sturdy the UV light is with the body.

If the quality of the unit is bad, then you would notice so many wobbling parts. A poorly constructed UV lamp doesn’t last long. And if substandard raw materials are used in producing the unit, it wouldn’t last long, and the lamp will give out faster and easier.

Easy to Maintain

You should also keep an eye out for how easy you will find maintaining your UV lamp. For example, after using your UV lamp for a while, you will need to clean the lamp itself to remove dirt or steam forming around it.

To do so, you need to have easy access to the lamp. Replacing the lamp shouldn’t be so difficult. For some UV lamps, you need to be able to unscrew the body’s bottom to be able to replace the lamp.

Note that when cleaning your UV lamp, use alcohol, and avoid touching it with your bare hand. Staining the UV lamp with oil from your hands can cause the bulb to give out easily.

Installation Cost

Installation cost is another important thing to consider when getting a UV light for your HVAC system. After spending hundreds of dollars purchasing the unit, spending another extra hundreds of dollars installing it makes the whole process a bit heavy in the pocket.

However, there are so many easy to install UV lights you can get that saves you that extra hundreds of dollars you would have spent on installation. Some UV light comes with magnetic mounting braces that simplify the whole process.

So, when getting a UV light, also consider how easy you would find installing it.

Must Known FAQs – Best UV Light for HVAC System

UV light for HVAC system faq

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about UV lights and HVAC sschemes

Does HVAC UV light work?

Yes, HVAC UV light works, but they work within a specific range. UV lights are only harmful to microbes at a close range. At a close range, the wavelength of a UV light is very potent.

Additionally, UV lights are effective in killing molds and bacteria growing in your HVAC plan. UV lights are also more effective in humid environments, especially where the evaporator coil gets wet in your HVAC property.

How much does it cost to install UV lights in an HVAC system?

UV lights are a bit expensive to install in your HVAC property. However, it depends on the type of UV light you want to install in your HVAC mode.

But if you decide to go for a fairly decent UV light that is budget-friendly, you should expect it to cost you less than $500, both cost for the unit and installation process. Again note it all depends on the type of UV light you decide to get.

Why should you install a UV light on your HVAC system?

Many people often, as this question, when they consider the price of installing a UV light for their HVAC module. But in reality, when you consider the benefits of a UV light with its cost, they are astronomical.

It’s not a matter of if, but when your HVAC mechanism starts to grow mold and other germs, it will not affect the HVAC system by making it degrade faster, but it would also affect your health.

But when you install a UV light on your HVAC plans, it would help stop such growth, thereby protecting your unit and your health.

What is the disadvantage of using UV light?

There isn’t much not to like about a UV light. Only that the UV light is quite bright, and looking at it directly with bare eyes can cause injuries to your eyes. Also, since UV light is a form of radiation, prolonged exposure to UV light can possibly cause skin burns or cancer.

And for UV light to be effective, it needs to be in close range with the microbe.

Where is the best place to install UV light?

You can install your UV light anywhere you feel most needed or mostly moist in your UV system. However, the best location to install your UV light is above the A-shape of your HVAC coil. Another ideal place to install your UV light is in the duct of your HVAC system.

At these locations, your UV light will shine the most amount of light on your HVAC to kill bacteria and mold spores before they get blown into the system.

Are UV light safe for the HVAC system?

Yes, it is completely safe to use UV lights for the HVAC mode. UV lights are used in hospitals; as such, you can also use them at home. However, note that UV lamps can impact the actual HVAC platform, especially the plastic parts.

Plastics are not resistant to ultraviolet light. So when you install a UV light in your HVAC system, you may need to replace the plastic with a more resistant material.

How long does it take UV light to kill bacteria?

On average, it takes only ten seconds for UV light to kill bacteria. UV light can also serve as a disinfectant. At a distance of 6 inches from the bacterium, it takes a UV light six seconds to kill it. The killing power of UV light decreases as the distance increases from the germ medium.

How quickly does UV light kill molds?

Molds, on the other hand, are more difficult to destroy than bacteria. But the time it will take a UV light to kill molds depends greatly on the type of mold. Some molds can’t survive exposure to UV light for a few seconds.

Similarly, it will take more than 8000 seconds for UV light to kill some variety of mold.

Do UV lights lose their strength?

Unlike regular lighting bulbs, UV lamps do not burn out, but they solarize. With time, UV light solarizing means that the light wave intensity of the UV light reduces to about 60% of what a new UV lamp will provide.

Most UV lamps only reach this point after a year or about 9000 hours of use.

Do UV lights smell?

UV light produces a smell, especially when you install it in an enclosed environment. You can describe what you smell as metallic because it is ozone gas. Moreover, the ozone gas itself is germicidal, so it’s no cause for alarm.

And you’d only perceive the smell of the ozone gas only when the concentration is above 0.01 ppm.

Final Words

In conclusion, having the best UV light for HVAC systems makes all the difference. Why struggle with fresh air because of molds and bacteria growing in your HVAC scheme when you can get rid of them permanently.

Shining UV light militates microbes, thereby keeping your HVAC plan looking clean. Additionally, UV lights also help to protect your HVAC platform, preventing it from requiring regular maintenance checks.

The benefits of installing UV lights in your HVAC mechanisms are countless. Purchase a UV light for the HVAC property today and start enjoying its benefits.

If, for any reason, you can’t find a particular product that best suits your current need about the product reviews above, then our buyer’s guide will guide you when filtering through the enormous list of UV lights in the market. Kindly leave a comment below if you have any questions or contributions.