Top 10 Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Irrespective of the type of gun you are using, it will, from time to time, require some sort of fixing and cleaning. In that case, having the best Gunsmith screwdrivers will help make the whole process effortless.

Best Choice
Wheeler Engineering 72-Piece Screwdriver Set with 2 Screwdriver Handles, Bits, and Storage Case for...
Good Choice
WEAVER Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit, 88-Piece Professional Grade Gunsmithing Kit,Black
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Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set, Tools & Accessories for Gunsmithing & Woodworking, 8...
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Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit Includes Hex Torx Flathead Phillips and Specialty Bits
Wheeler Engineering 72-Piece Screwdriver Set with 2 Screwdriver Handles, Bits, and Storage Case for...
WEAVER Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit, 88-Piece Professional Grade Gunsmithing Kit,Black
Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set, Tools & Accessories for Gunsmithing & Woodworking, 8...
Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit Includes Hex Torx Flathead Phillips and Specialty Bits
Best Choice
Wheeler Engineering 72-Piece Screwdriver Set with 2 Screwdriver Handles, Bits, and Storage Case for...
Wheeler Engineering 72-Piece Screwdriver Set with 2 Screwdriver Handles, Bits, and Storage Case for...
Good Choice
WEAVER Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit, 88-Piece Professional Grade Gunsmithing Kit,Black
WEAVER Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit, 88-Piece Professional Grade Gunsmithing Kit,Black
Don't Miss
Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set, Tools & Accessories for Gunsmithing & Woodworking, 8...
Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set, Tools & Accessories for Gunsmithing & Woodworking, 8...
Also Consider
Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit Includes Hex Torx Flathead Phillips and Specialty Bits
Lyman Master Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit Includes Hex Torx Flathead Phillips and Specialty Bits

So, whatever the reason might be why you have a gun, be it for sport, defense, hunting, having a gunsmith screwdriver is vital. However, buying any product can be quite confusing, and a gunsmith screwdriver is no exception.

Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Grace USA
Chapman MFG
Grace USA
Forster Products
Real Avid

When getting a gunsmith screwdriver, there are several features to look out for in a possibly ideal gunsmith screwdriver. Factors like the types and number of screwdrivers you will find inside, the durability of the screwdriver itself, and versatility all come into play.

The Top 10 Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers Reviews 2023

In this review, we would introduce you to the top ten gunsmith screwdrivers on the market, what to expect from them along with their pros and cons.

01. Wheeler Overmolded Plastic Handles Gunsmith Screwdriver Set With Durable Construction

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Wheeler’s gunsmith screwdrivers have a well-thought-out design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of guns. Engineers at Wheeler took their time to measure the hundreds of modern and antique firearms to make sure you get a bit suitable for every situation.


With over 72 pieces of bits, you can fit into any of the two non-slip over-molded handles. Out of the 72-pieces, 54 are hollow ground flat bits.

Wheeler gunsmith screwdriver offers you the convenience to dismantle and reassemble your gun with ease, be it at Colt Single Action, Remington 700, Browning. In the box is a complete selection of Philips, Torx, and Allen bits to cover scope rings, recoil pads, and bases.

Durable Construction

Among the list of standout features of this 72 piece Wheeler gunsmith screwdriver, durability remains its benchmark. Made from S2 tools steel and hardened to 56 – 58 Rockwell “C,” you can be sure of the screwdrivers’ longevity.

Hollow Ground Construction

Get a perfect fit when you use the Wheeler screwdriver, thanks to its hollow ground construction. Unlike other screwdrivers that come with a standard shape ground construction, but form a poor fit and could burr, burst-up, or bugger your screw head, the Wheeler screwdrivers will not.

Portable Storage Case

In the storage case of this Wheeler screwdriver, are grooves in which you can place the screwdriver set. At the lid of this hinged storage case are holes that, when closed, keeps each screwdriver in place.

  • Easy to use 
  • Durable quality 
  • A complete professional set with an included 15 ingenious specialty bits 
  • Customer care services could be better 


02. Weaver 849719 Highest Quality Materials Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Set

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Be unstoppable with the tasks you can accomplish when you get the Weaver 849719 Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver. Suitable for a wide variety of functions from separating a stock from a receiver to mounting an accessory, or punching out pins to replace a trigger, amongst others.

88-Piece Kit

Included in this kit are 88 pieces, of which many are screwdriver tips attachable to an ergonomic handle. In this set are 54 flat bits, three Philip bits, four Torx, eight hex bits, three specialty bits, nine punches, bench block and a double-faced wooden hammer.

The hammer features a plastic on one side and brass on the other side for precision adjustment.

Rubber Handle

Though this screwdriver is an 88-piece set, the ergonomic handle is what makes it possible to use the versatility of this screwdriver to the fullest.

Over-molded rubber grip on this screwdriver handle increases the grip and makes it comfortable to use when tightening or loosening screws.

High-Quality Steel

Weaver 849719 deluxe is a gunsmith screwdriver that offers a professional-grade stainless steel construction. Made with the highest quality of materials, the punches and bits of this screwdriver are steel.

While, on the other hand, the hammer features plastic and brass faces for precision adjustment.

Nice Casing

A case like the Weaver 849719 deluxe, designed to serve as a miniature fortress, will keep all 88 pieces well-protected and secured. At the front, the casing has clips you can apply to lock the lid when you want to move it around.

  • Beautiful casing and punch set 
  • Hammer included 
  • High-quality busy
  • Too much redundancy with the screwdriver bits 


03. Wheeler Space Saver Comparable Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set With Includes Phillips

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Here is another gunsmith screwdriver set from Wheeler, but this set only takes very little space. Honestly, for an average firearm owner, this set is just what you need. However, it still comes with a standard range of durable bits for general firearm maintenance.


A great accessory to have as it comes with up to 26 bits chosen to meet most gunsmith needs. Each bit has been carefully measured and crafted for a perfect fit in every instance.

Included in this set is the standard 2 inches long Phillips bit suitable for recoil pad installation, which is one of the most frequent maintenance you would be doing on a firearm. Other bits in this set include the Torx, star drive bits, flathead, and hex bits.

High-Quality Bits

Crafted from high-quality steel, each bit in this Wheeler gunsmith screwdriver set will surely last you years. Don’t let the portable size of this Wheeler set fool you, as you will still get the same high-quality bits found in professional gunsmith sets, and at an affordable price.

Portable Casing

Amongst so many things to love about this screwdriver set, its portable casing stands out the most. Built tough and rugged, the durable casing of this Wheeler set allows you to carry a variety of bits with ease.

Ergonomic Magnetic Handle

Included in this set is one magnetic handle made of comfortable over-molded plastic. Ergonomically shaped and perfectly sized for secure handling. And the ¼ inches square drive socket on its handle makes it possible to use it with all the attachment bits. 

  • Portable and easy to transport 
  • Affordable gunsmith set
  • Loose case and bits may fall if tossed in a bag 


04. DAC Winchester 363158 High Quality 51 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


DAC Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of firearm cleaning kits and safety devices, amongst others. And amongst their wide variety of lineup comes this Winchester Gunsmith Screwdriver set ideal for firearm enthusiasts.

51 Pieces Screwdriver Set

You get a bunch of 51-piece and one socket adapter in this gunsmith set. DAC did excellently in providing you with all the essential bits you would need in every instance. In the case are the regular Philips, star, hex, and flathead bits, amongst others.

High-Quality Steel

Like so many gunsmith screwdrivers on the market, the DAC Winchester 363158 comes with high-quality steel construction. Each bit crafted from hardened brass steel puts this screwdriver in a class of durable gunsmith screwdrivers.

Furthermore, the heat-treated black oxide finishing makes this screwdriver corrosive and rust-resistant.

Resin Case

All bits of this DAC Winchester gunsmith screwdrivers are in a small, compact, and convenient double injected resin hard fitting casing. The hard resin case of the DAC Winchester Screwdriver securely holds your bits in place and is portable enough for easy transport.

Ergonomic Magnetic Handle

Equipped with an ergonomic rubber grip handle ensuring this DAC Winchester gunsmith screwdriver has the right comfort. Moreover, the handle is magnetic, which makes picking up and holding onto the bits easier.

  • Small, compact and portable 
  • Perfect fit bits that will not bugger your screw head 
  • High-quality steel bits 
  • The magnetic pull isn’t strong enough 
  • Case latch closing isn’t secure


05. Grace USA HG8 Wood Handle 8-Piece Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set With Tools & Accessories

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Originally in their design, Grace USA has been a proud producer of precision tools since 1941. Rigid in their quality and gentility, the HG8 is a gunsmith screwdriver you can trust.

8-piece Screwdriver

Premium manufactured gunsmith screwdriver set with up to eight custom hollow ground fit and square shank screwdrivers.

Care for your firearm, as each custom hollow ground fits perfectly into sight screws, floor plate, guard screws, scope screws, and other screws in your gun with a tolerance of +0.002.

High-Quality Bits

One thing you can be sure about in this screwdriver is its durability as its high-quality USA 8650 chromium-vanadium steel alloy construction, hardened to R/C 52 to 56, will surely stand the test of time.

And with the black oxide finishing, deteriorations like corrosion and rusting wouldn’t be a problem.

Wooden Handle

Handles of a gunsmith screwdriver set like the Grace USA HG8 is a vital component. Crafted from Maine hardwood, this ergonomically designed handle offers a robust and non-slippery grip even with oily hands.

And the Maine wood excellent stained finishing along with the nickel-plated steel ferrule is key to the overall quality of this screwdriver set.

  • Ground parallel tips 
  • Non-slippery hardwood handle 
  • Responsive and receptive customer support 
  • Tip quality could be better 


06. Chapman MFG 5589 10 Standard Allen Hex Ultimate Gunsmith Screwdriver Set With Ratchet Bit Hand Tools

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Chapman MFG another renowned manufacturer of precision tools like this gunsmith screwdriver set. Unlike most screwdriver bits, the engineering of the Chapman MFG 5589 is so precise that the bits bend or break before damaging the screw they fit.

32-Piece Screwdriver

Great screwdriver for weapons, compound bows, and sewing machine, with up to 32 pieces making it versatile. Included in this set are grip screw bits and star bits, which fits the Torx screw. Also, there are Philips bit, SAE Hex, Standard Allen Hex, and straight-sided slotted bits.

Tough Bits

This Chapman screwdriver is a durable bit engineered from USA steel, which is durable enough to get you through most gun maintenance sessions.

Heat-treated steel with black oxide to further facilitate the durability of the bits by giving it a rust-resistant finishing. In addition to that, these bits are precise enough to handle tight tolerance with a sharp corner, flat edges, and no burrs for snug screw fit.

Each bit also has a ring or ear stops with a ball dent for a snug fit. And the knurled ends of the bits make it easy for finger tightening.

Ratchet Leverage

Included in the box is a 3.75 inches long stainless steel heat treated with a black oxide finish midget ratchet, which gives you four times more leverage than a large screwdriver.

Thanks to the famous Midget ratchet in this kit, you can have access to screws in tight spaces. Additionally, you get an ergonomic 3 5/8 inches extension and a rubber grip handle.

  • Snug fit 
  • Included in this kit is the famous Midget ratchet 
  • Portable storage casing for easy transport  
  • Nonmagnetic, though it makes it great for use on electronic devices 


07. Lyman Master Phillips Screws Hex Torx Flathead Gunsmith Multi Tool Kit Includes a Weaver scope ring bit

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Lyman is another innovative gunsmith screwdriver manufacturer established in 1878. Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kits offer you all the bits you would need to work on your firearms.

If you are ever looking to tinker with your gun for maintenance or improvement, this Lyman Master Gunsmith is a purpose-built tool for the task.  

45 Pieces

Lyman Master is a complete set of gunsmith screwdriver that comes with 45 pieces. A multi tool kit has the standard flat head Philip bits, Torx, Hex, 6-lobe screws, and specialty bits.

High-Quality Steel

Durable construction, crafted from high-quality steel and heat-treated with black oxide finishing to prevent rust or corrosion. Hollow design with a ground parallel tip on each bit helps to create a perfect fit for screws.

Attachable Ratchet, Extension, and Handle

Like most screwdriver kits, this Lyman kit comes with an ergonomic rubber grip handle you can attach the bits to quickly. And if you ever access screws at tight spaces, the ratchet and extension arm attachable to the bit comes in handy.

Compact Storage Case

The compact storage case of the Lyman Master Gunsmith makes it easy to transport. Conveniently store every piece of this screwdriver kit in one plastic case with clips.

  • Nice black oxide finishing 
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Quality could be better 


08. Grace USA GCT-17 Includes 8 Slotted Screwdrivers 17 Piece – Gunsmith Tools & Accessories

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


As you already know, Grace USA is one of the leading manufacturers of quality and precision tools for decades. And among their lineup is this gunsmith screwdriver set the GCT-17.

Having a precision screwdriver with so much variety to open up your firearm is essential when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your gun.

17 Pieces Set

Although it is a 17 piece set, their premium quality speaks louder than the number of pieces. Included in this set are hollow ground eight slotted screwdrivers of various sizes and thicknesses.

Each screwdriver has a square shanked blade hardened to an R/C rating of 52 to 56 and heat treated with black oxide to give it an elegant finish. You can also find a solid 8 oz. brass harmer to expand the versatility of this set. 

Wooden Handle

Amongst other things you can find in a perfect screwdriver set, an ergonomic handle always stands out. In this GCT-17 set, the solid hardwood handles with solid brass pin punches with a shape that creates a comfortable fit in your hands.

Moreover, wooden handles create an excellent grip even when your hands are oily.

Vinyl Pouch

Easily store all 17 pieces of this GCT-17 in a vinyl pouch. The pouch features a soft elastic loop which individually holds the tools neatly and a zipper closure.

  • Ergonomic wooden handles 
  • Hollow ground slotted screwdrivers of different sizes and shape improve versatility 
  • Easy storage vinyl bag
  • Fixed head and handle 


09. Forster 8- Piece Hollow Ground Slotted Tips Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


As a gunsmith, using the right screwdriver for the job is essential, and it saves you a lot of time. The Forster 8-pieces screwdriver is another perfect gunsmith working tool worthy of your time. So, when it comes to sturdiness and durability, think Forster screwdriver.  

8-Pieces Set

An 8-piece set, which quite frankly a lot of people would think might not be suitable for a lot of tasks. But Forster, a renowned manufacturer of precision tools, crafted each piece of screwdrivers in such a way that it works excellently in most firearms.

And with the hollow ground slotted tips, these screwdrivers form a perfect fit on your screws. The screwdriver sizes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, and 16.

Quality Screwdriver

When it comes to quality, this Forster screwdriver set will not disappoint you with their design. Crafted with high-quality steel, and heat-treated with black oxide to give it an elegant finishing.

Not only is this screwdriver durable and sturdy enough to stand the test of time, but they would not chip or rust easily.

Vinyl Pouch

Bundle up the 8-pieces of this Forster screwdriver in its vinyl pouch. The pouch features a soft elastic loop which individually holds the tools neatly and a zipper closure.

  • Hollow ground screwdriver tip 
  • High-quality steel 
  • Ergonomic handles 
  • Fixed head and handles 


10. Real-Avid Smart Drive Proprietary Force Assist Technology 90 Pieces Advanced Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers


Smart drive 90 from Real Avid is a complete set of gunsmith drivers that includes all you need to carry out customization, repairs, and maintenance on your antique, modern and collectible firearms.

90 Pieces Set

With as much as 90 pieces in this set, you can be sure of finding what you need to fix your firearm. Amongst the numerous bits in this set are different sizes and thicknesses of hex screwdrivers, Philips, flathead screwdrivers, and so on.

You can also find the scope turret tool in this set, which is suitable for adjusting popular and specialty optics. What is even more important in this set is the incredible hollow ground tip design that fits perfectly into screws.

Durability is not an issue with this set, as each bit is black oxide coated, and S2 steel crafted.

Force Assist Handle With LED Light

This set has a large main driver handle, which comes with LED 360 degrees illumination that helps you see dark screws. Also, the handle is rubberized, offering you a non-slip grip.

Furthermore, there is a small driver that you can attach to the main driver to precisely tighten screws and loosen stuck screws.

Portable Case

Store all 90 pieces of this screwdriver set in a convenient portable case. The rugged case with clear lid is easy to access and has a handle that allows you to hang it on a pegboard. The tray also features a magnetic parts tray, which ensures you never lose any small part.

  • Black oxide finishing 
  • Durable and versatile 
  • Hollow ground tip 
  • Quality too but bad light


Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set – User Buying Guide

Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Number of Pieces

First and foremost, when you want to get an ideal gunsmith screwdriver, the first thing to consider is the number of pieces. Although having many bits in a set might seem reasonable, some gunsmith screwdrivers have too many unnecessary parts.

Apart from the number of bits, you need to check out what type of screwdrivers are in the set. Ensure the gunsmith set you are purchasing has all the essentials tips you think you would need and more. Simple bits to look out for are the Philips, flatheads, hex, Torx, and Allen key, amongst others.

Construction Material

The next thing to check when getting a gunsmith screwdriver is the construction material. Some screwdrivers are made with pure iron, while others are of alloys like brass or steel. Whatever the case may be, to ensure the screwdriver you are getting is of premium quality construction material.

One of the common problems people have with gunsmith screwdrivers is that they chip too quickly. Some screwdrivers crack easily because the manufacturers made them with a kind of alloy that when you apply a certain amount of force to it, the screwdrivers chip rather than damage the screw.

Furthermore, not as though it is a deal-breaker, but if you can get a screwdriver heat treated with black oxide finishing, it would go a long way

Hollow Ground Tips

The shape of the tip of your screwdriver has a considerable impact on how perfectly it fits your screw head. Having a perfect fit matter a lot, so the force is evenly distributed on both sides of the screw, that way the screwdriver you are using wouldn’t damage your screw.

Unlike most standard screwdriver tips at an angle, it is recommendable to go for screwdrivers with hollow ground tips. Hollow ground tip screwdrivers fit perfectly into your screws, leaving little or no gap whatsoever.

Magnetic Tips

In addition to having a screwdriver with a hollow ground shaped tip, having a magnetic one also comes in handy. A magnetic screwdriver makes it easy to pick up bits as well as hold screws. You will find this magnetic feature very handy when handing screws deep in a groove of your firearm.

In cases where you struggle to place the screws in hard to reach locations, a magnetic tip screwdriver will make the work much easier when they stick the screw. A magnetic tip screwdriver is even more useful when the screws are tiny.

Ergonomic Handle

Depending on the manufacturer, but the type of handle you’d find in a screwdriver set varies. In some cases, the handles are such that they feature removable bits, allowing you to use so many bits with one handle. In other cases, the handles are such that they are not removable.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing to note is that the handle is ergonomic and comfortable. Most handles are either made with plastic, metal over-molded with rubberized grips or wood.

Portable Casing

Lastly, inspect the casing. Ensure the case is hard and has features that keep all your screwdrivers in place. Portability is also a key to keep in mind, as an instance might warrant you to move around with the screwdriver set.

FAQs – Best Gunsmith Screwdrivers

Q: What are the best gunsmith screwdriver set?

Ans: Unlike the regular screwdriver we often find in the stores, gunsmith screwdrivers are more precise, hollow ground screwdrivers. Gunsmith screwdrivers fit perfectly into the screw thread thanks to its concave shape. When the thread of a screw fits well, the chances of it getting damaged is minimal.

As a result, in other to avoid potentially harming your firearm, it’s best to work with a gunsmith screwdriver. Additionally, gunsmith screwdrivers usually come in a pack of screwdrivers, meaning you get all you need to work on your firearm, from Allen key to Philip, Hex, and Torx, amongst others.

Q: How do regular screwdrivers differ from gunsmith screwdrivers?

Ans: The primary difference you would find between regular screwdrivers and gunsmith screwdrivers is the hollow shape. Regular screwdrivers are not ground-down, so there is a high potential for it not filling the threads of your screw.

Another noticeable difference between regular screwdrivers and gunsmith screwdrivers is the black oxide finishing you can find in gunsmith screwdrivers. This finishing makes the screwdriver look better, but it also helps protect it from corrosion and rust.

Q: Are gunsmith screwdrivers expensive?

Ans: Believe it or not, gunsmith screwdrivers are not as expensive as you may think they are. If we were to compare the price of a regular screwdriver and a gunsmith screwdriver, their price difference isn’t much. So when you are thinking of getting a gunsmith screwdriver, don’t assume you are going to break the bank, because they are not that expensive.

Q: Are gunsmith screwdrivers versatile?

Ans: Yes, gunsmith screwdrivers are versatile. Most gunsmith screwdrivers come with more than one type of screwdriver. So, because you get a set of precision screwdrivers, you can get more things done with one gunsmith set. Moreover, in the gunsmith set, you can find different types of screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes.

Thanks to the versatility of a gunsmith screwdriver, you can use it for so many tasks other than working on your firearm. If you ever need to work on an electronic device, sewing machine, toys, and others, you will surely find a piece of a screwdriver in a gunsmith set that will make the task a lot easier.

Q: Should I get a brass gunsmith screwdriver?

Ans: Brass gunsmith screwdrivers are one of the most durable in the class of gunsmith screwdrivers. Because of their tensile strength, they are strong enough to last you a lifetime. Brass screwdrivers do not chip easily, nor do they bend, making them an ideal construction material for a precision tool like a gunsmith screwdriver.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which are known for their hardness and workability. As a result, manufacturers can use it to make small screwdrivers that would still be so precise and be completely durable.   

Q: Are wooden screwdrivers durable?

Ans: Wooden screwdriver handles are durable, primarily when manufacturers use hardwood. One of the significant reasons why a wooden handle screwdriver is ideal for you is that when working on your firearm, it gives you a good grip. Unlike other types of screwdriver handles, wooden handles would offer you a good grip even when your hands are oily.

Q: Why do some screwdriver chips easily?

Ans: One of two reasons might be why some screwdriver chips easily; either the manufacturer made the screwdriver with inferior material or the material used is brittle. In either case, on applying force with such a screwdriver, a high potential would chip. So, when getting a gunsmith screwdriver, it is vital to scrutinize the construction material.

Final Words

In conclusion, now that you have everything you need to get the best gunsmith screwdrivers, the next step is to make a purchase. No matter what brand of gunsmith screwdriver you decide to get, always keep in mind your needs.

Because there is nothing more annoying than getting a screwdriver with missing pieces that you need, so be sure to write down a list of must-have bits and features you want in a gunsmith screwdriver when heading to the store.

Or any of the gunsmith screwdrivers in this review can also be a great option. A good set of gunsmith screwdrivers is an investment in your firearm collection’s overall function and value. Do not settle for less, because often, cheaper products are inferior products.

But if in any instance, you are looking for something more, or extra other than our top ten gunsmith screwdrivers. Then our buyers guide and FAQs section would help set you on the right path to finding the best one for you. In the end, what matters is getting what works best for you in your budget.

And in all you’re doing, always remember to stay safe in all your gunsmithing adventures.