Top 10 Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best electric fuel pump for carb has to offer the exact functions needed by your engine type. When it’s time to replace your vehicle’s electric fuel pump, a wrong one shall cost you.

Best Choice
Universal Electric Fuel Pump Kit 12v 3-6 PSI Low Pressure with Fuel Filter 6.56 FT 5/16" ID Fuel...
Good Choice
Bravex Inline Electric Fuel Pump Universal DC 12V Low Pressure 4-7 PSI Petrol Diesel (EP12S)
Don't Miss
Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump, Cadmium Gold
Also Consider
MegaFlint Universal 12V Low Pressure Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump HEP-02A (2.5-4 PSI)
Universal Electric Fuel Pump Kit 12v 3-6 PSI Low Pressure with Fuel Filter 6.56 FT 5/16" ID Fuel...
Bravex Inline Electric Fuel Pump Universal DC 12V Low Pressure 4-7 PSI Petrol Diesel (EP12S)
Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump, Cadmium Gold
MegaFlint Universal 12V Low Pressure Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump HEP-02A (2.5-4 PSI)
Best Choice
Universal Electric Fuel Pump Kit 12v 3-6 PSI Low Pressure with Fuel Filter 6.56 FT 5/16" ID Fuel...
Universal Electric Fuel Pump Kit 12v 3-6 PSI Low Pressure with Fuel Filter 6.56 FT 5/16" ID Fuel...
Good Choice
Bravex Inline Electric Fuel Pump Universal DC 12V Low Pressure 4-7 PSI Petrol Diesel (EP12S)
Bravex Inline Electric Fuel Pump Universal DC 12V Low Pressure 4-7 PSI Petrol Diesel (EP12S)
Don't Miss
Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump, Cadmium Gold
Airtex E8016S Universal Electric Fuel Pump, Cadmium Gold
Also Consider
MegaFlint Universal 12V Low Pressure Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump HEP-02A (2.5-4 PSI)
MegaFlint Universal 12V Low Pressure Gas Diesel Inline Electric Fuel Pump HEP-02A (2.5-4 PSI)

This is because a replacement electric fuel pump needs to have the same volume and operating pressure of fuel as the old one. Below are the top models that shall last and function with the efficiency your engine deserves.

Best Fuel Pump: Electric Carburetor Fuel Pump

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Top 10 Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb 2023 Review

01. JDMSPEED 12V Heavy Duty Universal Gasoline or Diesel Engine Electric Fuel Pump

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb



High Compatibility

Be it a gasoline or diesel-powered engine you need a universal electric fuel pump for your engine JDMSPEED could serve you best in this light as it is designed to be comprehensive in the sense that it can serve both a gasoline and diesel engine.

Great Power Range

The device is rated at 12 V and 1.8 A with a general pressure remittance rate of 3-6 PSI, which means a relatively high fuel volume pressure, which means it is efficient.

Easy Installation

It maps out a 2.638-inch installation hole that fits a wide range of car engines with easy installation, not forgetting the 0.315-inch tubing interface that also works out on a wide variety of car engines.

Accurate Flow Rate

Talking of the flow rate, it is important to note that a jet of file through this device could deliver a jet of up to 70 L/H, which is a pressure of 0.032- 0.045 MPA, a commendable fuel transmission speed that wouldn’t easily choke off your engine.

  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel 
  • High fuel volume 
  • Powered at 12 V and 1.8 A
  • Multifunction


02. Bravex High Quality Inline 12V Low Pressure Electric Fuel Pump

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb



When you think of an electric fuel pump that can be multi-function, in that it can be used as a fuel lift, a fully none flush pump installation, or a standby unit, the BRAVEX BOMBA could be a right choice for you.

Suitable for Gasoline & Diesel Engine

It has Additional modifications specifically for this specifically to make it serve the three purposes efficiently. It is a powerful machine that could help both gasoline and diesel engines with the least troubles.

High Power

This fuel pump model operates on a voltage of 12 volts, which means it is practically for any 12 V carb, another feature that makes it a universal fuel pump. 

White zine fuel pump boasts a 5/16 inch hose that serves a great deal of pressure for your engine, not forgetting that it can deliver a fuel volume pressure of up to 30 GPH.

Well Featured & Efficient

Across these functions, this model proves a robust model that can serve its features most efficiently. With its 12V operation, the device features a two-wire design that makes it compatible with a wide range of designs to fit in.

Durable & Lightweight

It is also an average weight design of 1.15 pounds and a width of up to 3.7 inches, which is also a fit for a wide range of carbs. It is a durable model that boasts a high quality under strict quality control measures to make sure it serves longe.

  • Multifunction model 
  • Two-wire output 
  • Durable 
  • Small problems noted with fuel delivery


03. Autobest F4027 Externally Mounted Universal Electric Fuel Pump Includes Installation Hardware

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Externally Mounted

You might have to consider a fuel pump that is externally mounted depending on your carb engine’s nature.AUTOBEST comes in handy to satisfy this need.

Easy Installation

This is one that is usually easy to install and works out for an array of carb engines. This universal electric fuel pump operates on 12V output.

Suites Gasoline Engine

It works on gasoline engines, and given that it has to be mounted externally, it comes with a full package that includes fittings and proper instructions to help you get the most carefree time mounting it on the specified part of the engine.

High Tolerance Compatibility

This type of fuel pump boasts a 5/16 inch hose bead type outlet and 5/16 inch strainer type inlet, not forgetting that it has a high tolerance for ethanol that is a challenge to the compatibility of some pumps to the modern fuel systems.

Budget Friendly

It is a cheaper pump compared to others in the market, but it is a powerful device and can work well on any gasoline-powered carb engine.


It is a durable device that can serve you just longer than you expect it to. It is one that could have excellent features that practically overweight its the price.

  • Easy installation with fittings and instructions
  • Cheaper option
  • Durable
  • Works on gasoline only


04. Carter P4070 In-Line Fuel Systems Universal Fit Rotary Vane Electric Fuel Pump

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Free Flow Fuel Delivery

CARTER brings us another unique feature of free-flow fuel delivery. This means that it has no shaft seals to leak or points to burn out; hence such problems are not considered with this model.

Universal Fittings

This model is designed for most carbureted and diesel applications, but it is an excellent fit for most applications of its nature.  It is a universal fit rotary vane style pump; hence it is fully internally regulated to offer the free-flow fuel delivery.

Like all the other models, it works on a 12v output and delivers up to 4-5 psi and 72gph free flow, which is a sound output for any conventional diesel system.

Necessary Features

It features a 1/4 inch NPT inlet and outlet, which is once again a fit for many diesel systems. It is also an easy one to install since it comes with a full guide on the installation process and the specific installation points to give you a hassle-free, comfortable time for installation.

Hassle-free Installation

It comes with two terminal plugs, which are an addition to the ease of installation, not forgetting that it is also a durable model that is gonna serve you for a long time before you think of any problem with your fuel system.

However, this is a specific model for diesel and carbureted engine systems.

  • Free flow fuel delivery
  • Terminal plugs for easy installation
  • Rotary vane style hence continuous delivery
  • Limited to carbureted and diesel systems


05. Airtex E8016S Advanced Polymers Universal Electric Fuel Pump Wimultiple Fuel Blendsth

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Quiet Operation

If you are of the quoted sort, this is your perfect match. It is a model designed to draw lower amperage rates and therefore performs without much noise. It is a universal pump and works out on so large an array of fuel blends without much trouble attached.

This is a unique model that comes in a coating of its kind, gold cadmium coating to keep it off corrosion, meaning it could serve you for long in its perfect situation.

Simple & Compact Design

It is important to note that this model comes with leading-edge design to give you a fantastic level of efficiency, not forgetting the long-lasting attribute attached to this kind of design.


This AIRTEX model is self-sufficient without many attachments and fittings. It boasts a system designed to work with a series of commutators and brushes that are an efficient design that satisfies most fuel formulations.

High Performance & Durability

Which might be the feature that makes this the best electric fuel pump for your carb. As mentioned earlier, this is a unique model of an electric fuel pump that has an additional feature of the upgraded system of inlet-outlet polymers that once again adds value to the performance and durability of your fuel system.

Dual Zone Filtration

Additionally, there is also a provision of gradient density dual-zone filtration fuel filters that make sure you have minimal problems with fuel contamination, which is an addition to the efficiency of your pump.

  • Operates quietly
  • A dual-zone filtration system
  • Gold-cadmium coating
  • A small problem noticed with the fuel filter system


06. YONEDA Inline 12v Electric Transfer Fuel Pump With Compatible Low Pressure Gas Diesel

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Valved Against Fuel Backflow

With the same uniqueness, YONEDA brings you yet another model crafted with another feature of 8mm valving that is there basically to make sure there basically is no trouble with the backflow of fuel in the process of transmission.


With an ordinary 12v supply, it can yield 2.5-4psi of pressure output that fully satisfies the requirement of your engine. It is also important to consider that this pump has a strong suction that provides a stable supply of fuel into the engine.

This feature is necessary for the advanced, efficient functionality of the engine.

Two-Wire Power Input

This YONEDA model is a reasonable consideration for the diesel-powered engines, and that is the primary reason it features a mechanism of constant fuel supply system( strong suction).

Simple Design

It is also designed to have a two-wire power input that is absolutely easy to install on your diesel engine. To add to the strong suction, the model is designed to use a plunger type fuel supply system that enhances free-flow fuel delivery.

Super Efficient

It is important to note that this model can be attached to a regulator to improve the efficiency of the free flow fuel supply. It is easy to install, a model that is hassle-free during installation.


This model is made of brass(100%) with no aluminum, meaning that it is an influential model, resistant to corrosion and durable. It is a powerful device compatible with a wide range of diesel machines.

  • Valved against fuel backflow 
  • Stable fuel supply
  • Compatible with many diesel systems
  • Limited to engine carb systems only


07. CarBole 42S 5/16 iIch High Quality Inlet Electric Gasoline Fuel Pump

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Ideal Fuel Transfer Pump

If you wanna be specific to your 4, 6, or 8 cylinders carbureted machine, you can think of this CARBOLE model. It can work out well both as a fuel transfer pump and a fuel booster, which makes its ideal position of installation near the fuel tank.

Perfect for Gasoline Engine

It is more specific to gasoline engines but works out for a wide variety of those. An output of 12v can deliver 2-3.5psi and 28gph of fuel pressure, which is a good one for any gasoline model.

Ease Install & Use

The best electric fuel pump for your carb engine may be one that prevents vapor lock and flooding. This model is ideal in that light and could just let you install and use it. It comes with a few attachments and fittings that are easy to handle during installation.

Designed With Fuel Filter and Water Separator

This little device comes with fuel filter and water separator, which is actually a good design to let you have minimal trouble with fuel contamination during use.

Low Pressure Device & Secure

It is a low-pressure device, but on the other hand, it perfectly delivers gasoline for many if the gasoline engines. This is one of the easiest electric fuel pumps to use, keeping in mind that the wires are clearly marked, and installation is secure, and so is any latter fixing process.

Smooth Power Delivery

This model could work with 1 Amp amperage draw at a time with proper delivery, not forgetting that it operates quietly. You might have noticed that the device has slightly lower pressure output, but it is a perfect match for many engines with fuel systems compatible with its design.

  • Easy to install
  • Low power input required
  • Slightly limited to low fuel pressure consumers


08. MEGAFLINT+ E8012S 12V Universal Optimal Performance Electric Fuel Pump With Gas Diesel Inline

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Universal Multi-function Pump

Here is another multifunction model from MEGAFLINT. This electric universal fuel pump can be used as a standby supply unit or as an independent fuel system on any carb engine.

Self Priming

It is self-priming and designed to be compatible with most carburetor equipped cars, and it works out most amazingly with proper installation. It is a powerful device that can deliver 5-9 psi of pressure with 30 GPH.

Perfect Shaped Hose

It features a 5/16 inch hose, which is a fit for many engines. Like all the other pumps, it operates on a 12 v supply. Its package features a prefilter that is useful during the clearing off any dirt particles that might go in with the fuel through the inlet.

This high-quality pump can also be used to relay fuel from an auxiliary tank to the main tank through a fuel filter.

Highest Fuel Suction Power

It is essential to mention that the fuel pump can lift fuel up to 30 inches from its location, making it possible to place it anywhere on the carb engine. It still works perfectly.

Complete Package

It comes in a complete package, which is, of course, easy to install and satisfies all the fuel requirements properly for as long as it is linked to the correct input voltage.

Looking at its fuel suction power, it boasts the highest of about 12 inches high, making it a powerful little device and, of course, one that saves you the hassle of having a specific point to install for proper functionality.

  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • High suction power
  • A universal model
  • A small problem was noted with the filter


09. MEGAFLINT Compatible Electronic Devices Universal 12V Low Pressure Inline Electric Fuel Pump

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb


Small, Lightweight Device

You might have considered having another model from MEGAFLINT but of lower fuel pressure remittance. It is right here with us. Let’s see what it brings forth. Is it your best electric fuel pump for carb? Let’s find out. This model comes at a lower rating than its predecessor. It is rated at 2.5-4 psi of fuel pressure.

Least Expansive & Functional

It works well with a constant 12 v supply and works best with any carb with the provision of the carburettor. The model could be simply described as a simple cheap and functional model that definitely satisfies the needs of your engine.


The model is a small and lightweight one with 14.3 ounces and an inlet-outlet diameter of 8 mm.

No Need of a Regulator

With this kind of pump, you are bound to forget the hassle of extra piping and having to install an additional fuel regulator since it is already designed to for 2.5-4 a little amount that could not damage your fuel system.

This is why it has to be a little device that works perfectly with any engine that it is compatible with. The device can be used dually to transfer fuel from the main tank to the auxiliary tank before it is channeled to combustion.

Great Construction & Careful Installation

Considering the fact that this fuel pump is of lower GPH rating, you might need to place it close to the fuel tank, unlike the others. If you select this pump, you ought to be a little careful during installation.

Note that this one works with a system that has a negative ground terminal meaning that one with a positive ground could refuse to work or work with too much trouble.

  • Lightweight and small
  • Channels regulated amounts of fuel
  • Easy to install
  • Specific to the negative ground terminal 


10. STEINBRUCKE E8012S High Quality Universal Electric Fuel Pump With Low Pressure Installation Kit

Best Electric Fuel Pump For Carb

 Complete Installation Kit

Let’s look at this one from BRAVEX. It is such a good thing to have an easy time installing your electric fuel pump. This model makes it easy for you as the package is delivered with a full installation kit that helps you fix it within a few minutes.


It operates on the standard 12 v output like all the others but delivers 5-9 psi and 30 GPH. It is a useful model for any carburetor-equipped carb and works with minimal trouble, considering that it is developed to be durable.

With its 5/16 inch hose, it can handle large fuel volume and relay fuel to the engine at the proper fuel volume pressure.

White Zine Material

If material matters to you, this one comes in the white zine. It might be your best. It serves the highest sunction of 12 inch not forgetting that it features a two-wire design, which makes it possible for the pump to be mounted anywhere on your carb engine.


It is another multifunction fuel pump that can serve the purpose of a standby fuel supply or a complete fuel pump system. A 15 amp fuse could serve you best through the 12 v supply.

High Performance

It is a suitable device that is easy to fix and use. The model registers high performance with minor flaws over a more extended period than you expect. It is the right choice for either gasoline or diesel systems.  

  • Multifunctional device
  • Full package for installation
  • Easy to strip out


Factors You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Best Fuel Pump

Electric Fuel Pump For Carb

Buying an electric fuel pump should be done carefully. This is because you need to select a pump that suits your engine fuel pressure and volume needs.

A wrong electric fuel pump shall end up causing engine problems. Consider the following to choose the best. 

Compatibility with Your Engine 

The most important part is to check whether that pump you’re buying is compatible with the type of your engine. Ensure that the pressure that such a pump produces meets that needed by your engine injectors.

Too high pressure shall make your engine use unnecessary fuel leading to wastage and pollution of the environment. On the other hand, too low pressure shall supply your engine with insufficient fuel making it stall or misfire.     

The Type of Fuel Pump: Based On Engine Speed

Low-speed Fuel Pumps 

Low-speed fuel pumps are those that run at a speed of less than 50 lpm. This works best for smaller vehicles with smaller engines that require less pressure to run.

Medium-speed Electric Pumps     

These pumps can produce up to 70 lpm. Such pressure can serve pumps that requite medium pressure fuel injection to the engines. They primarily work best for truck engines since it cannot overfill the engine chamber. 

High-speed Fuel Pumps  

These are capable of producing up to 90 lpm. With such a high speed, they work best for big manufacturing machines. Therefore, for electric fuel pumps for vehicles, we stop at the medium level.

The Type of Fuel Pump: Based On Engine Fuel

Most furl pump models are multipurpose and can work for a variety of fuel types. However, some of them are specific. You shall hence have to consider the furl type that your vehicle’s engine runs on and ensure the pump you are buying supports that fuel type.

Consider the Price  

You should be careful not to land on excited products at high prices. The above-reviewed products can help you out. However, keep in mind that you should check for reviews and qualities of a fuel pump before making a purchase decision. 

As much as the price can be hyped, some highly-priced electric pumps are quality. Never go for a cheap pump just because of an economical budget. It shall cause you trouble in the future and cost more in terms of repair and even might fail to call for a replacement. 

Hassle-free Installation

The installation procedures of models differ. Choose a product that allows for an easy installation procedure to take you as little time as possible. You can hire a professional service to get it installed if you’re not that fan of technical stuff.  

Go through Our Selected Pumps

We did our best to gather all the required information as well as we picked the top rated electric fuel pumps. To get a good picture of how a certain model works, go through the our each single pump reviews.

Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump For Carburetor: Common Q&A

Q: How does a low fuel level affect my electric fuel pump?

A: Electric fuel pumps are designed to be placed inside the tank. This positioning enables the running motor of the fuel pump to cool down. A low fuel level in your tank shall deny your pump fuel when taking sharp corners and when driving on a terrain that tilts your vehicle’s fuel pump.

This shall affect both your engine and the electric fuel pump.  

Q: How do you know when your best fuel pump fails?

A: A car fuel pump stops without warning. To detect a failure in your fuel pump, you can do the following: When igniting your vehicle, listen to the pumping sound produced by your pump, a missing sound means a failure in your fuel pump.

If there is no fuel fume from your tailpipe, then it means that fuel is not reaching your engine, the possible problem will be your electric fuel pump.

Q: How much does an electric fuel pump cost?

A: Replacement electric fuel pumps are an expensive investment. Depending on your replacement needs, a fuel pump alone can cost you slightly above or below $100, while the whole unit can go up to $300 and above.   

Q: Are all electric fuel pumps similar?

A: Electric pump models and types differ a lot. The amount of fuel volume and pressure they can deliver varies a lot. Be sure to choose a pump that is compatible with your engine type, as previously guided in our buying guide.

Q: Is it advisable that I hire a professional to help me with the installation process?

A: This shall depend on your preference. If you are handy with minor technical repairs of your vehicle, the best thing to do is roll up your sleeves and save that extra service buck.

However, if you are not that interested in getting things done by yourself, there are a number of professional services that you can hire to fix your fuel pump.


When your fuel pump fails and needs replacement, you have to be for the best electric fuel pump for carb. To help you pick the best, we researched and reviewed the top products that shall work for you.

Ensure you select a fuel pump that fits your engine and shall last long to minimize similar pump issues in the future. Remember to keep your tank with above 1/4 fuel to make your pump last longer.

When shopping for the best fuel pump, remember to go through previous customer reviews, they give a lot of insight into the weaknesses of certain products. For the ten reviewed models above, we did all the research for you, be assured of their quality.