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How to Humidify a Room: DIY Room Humidifier!

Dry air in any season can create different skin issues and uncomfortable irritation. To maintain a comfortable environment in your home or rooms, you need to know how to humidify a room. There are some natural and artificial ways to humidify a room naturally.

If you are feeling itchy eyes and chapped lips in your room, it is more probably caused due to dry air, and you need to think of solutions. Dry air can create bothersome situations where it is critical to know how to humidify a room. 

Buying two or three with filter or filterless humidifiers may not be an affordable deal for everyone. Avoiding these additional costs of humidifiers is easy when you need to know how to humidify a room naturally without using the humidifier.

You can create a comfortable environment by following the same methods which don’t involve a lot of effort and investments. Let’s have a look at the detailed process of how to humidify a room.

How to Humidify a Room

The annoying static on your outfit is the worst thing that we all hate about winter. Low humidity is a common issue in most houses. So, this guide may be helpful to maintain the humidity level in your home.

Get Houseplants

Transpiration is the natural process where moisture is evaporated from the plant leaves that create moisture in the surroundings. It is a fact that the humidity level is always higher in the areas with more plants.

Adding a few plants to your home environment is not a bad idea. There are several houseplants available in the markets that are meant to add more moisture to the air. Taking care of the plants may require you to put in some extra efforts but having plants in your room is worth it.

Boil Water

Boiling water in the room is the fastest way to increase the humidity level in any closed space. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to humidify a room as you don’t need to spend any money on the additional tool. We all have a stove and water cattle in our home.

Just pour some water in the cattle and let the water boil and close the room for some time. The moisture level will start increasing due to steam in the room. If you want to enjoy more benefits, adding some essential oils to the water is a great idea.

Essential oils are also easily available, and you don’t even need to leave your room. Everything is safe and has positive effects on human health. There are some essential oils that can cure cough, dry throat and fight germs in the room.

Hang Washed Clothes Inside the Room

Use of dryers is common in winters as it may be challenging to dry clothes outdoors due to lack of sunshine. This method may be against the aesthetic values but hanging your wet clothes inside the room will increase the moisture level in the home.

As well as, you don’t even need to do anything else. It will take some time to dry the clothes, and you will have maintained the level of moisture in your room at the end of the day. If wires and hangers hanging on the doors and windows are bothering you.

Moreover, there are indoor hanging racks available. Buying these racks will not only help you to maintain the humidity level, but these racks look beautiful too.

Put Bowl of Water Near the Heat Source

You probably have a heater or any other heat source installed in your home to control the temperature. Put some water in the bowl and place the bowl near the heat source.

When the water is exposed to heat, water will start producing steam due to evaporation, and there will be a visible increase in the humidity level of the room. Even if the water bowl is not directly in contact with the heat source, the same principle applies.

Cook on the Stovetop

This method of humidifying the room requires some extra effort, but it’s better and quicker than any other method. You just need to shift your stovetop in the room or drawing room to benefit from the moisture released during the cooking process.

If you don’t have a portable cooking arrangement, this method of humidifying your room may not work for you. Even if you don’t want to follow the long process of cooking, you can specifically boil water in the room.

Use Stove Steamer

Do you want to humidify the room with some creative ideas? Wood burning stoves are pretty common in houses, but there are some decorative products available in the market made of iron and other materials.

A stove steamer is specifically designed to serve as a humidifier and add instant moisture to the room. The process of using stove steamer is pretty easy as when you place the steamer on the heat source, it will start releasing instant moisture in the room.

Apply Spray Bottle

We all have simple spray bottles in the home, so how about using this simple product to increase the humidity in a room. Put clean water in the spray bottle and spray the water in the room, and it will take away the dryness in the room atmosphere.

This is not a long terms solution, so you will have to repeat the process whenever you notice the moisture drop in the room atmosphere. Finer mist means that you won’t end up wetting the furniture other items in the room.

Hire Professionals to Humidify the Room

If you think that all of these methods are overwhelming, and you want to make the process smooth, consider hiring the services of professionals. You can easily find professional companies in your locality that offer humidifying services for commercial and residential buildings.

Unlike the typical methods, the solutions provided by these professional companies last for longer times. A professional humidifying services provider also ensures that your room atmosphere is safe and clean from other germs and infectious pollutants.

Make sure to do the research to find the right service as per your requirements. Having an experienced service provider on your side is a good idea when you know the importance of your health and comfort. Investing a little in these services is worth it.

How Long Does it Take to Humidify a Room

The time required to humidify a room may vary depending upon the room size and the method used to humidify the room. Using typical humidifiers will require you to fill in the humidifiers once a day. In other methods, the time is dependent on room size.

If you hire a professional company to humidify the room, the room will be ready with a balanced moisture level within a few hours. Professionals use advanced equipment and tools to humidify the room, so the process yields instant results.

However, their services can humidify a complete building or office on the same day. The time may be high if you go for methods like hanging wet clothes in the room. The use of spray bottles yields instant results, but it takes more effort.

If we consider placing plants in the room, the process is slow but requires not hard work. So, the exact time required to humidify a room totally depends upon the method used. You can get a free quote and time estimation from a local service provider.


Keeping the humidity at an optimal level is critical for a comfortable environment and safe health conditions. You can achieve the desired level of humidity even without the humidifier.

Now, you have all the details on how to humidify a room with these proven methods. All of these methods are safe for human health and don’t require any investment. While hiring a professional company to humidify a room, always ensure that no harmful chemicals or methods are used by them.

Using chemicals may offer instant results, but it can be harmful to human health in the long term. With these methods, you no longer need to worry about how to humidify a room.