Top 7 Best Dewalt String Trimmer 2023 [Buying Guides & FAQs]

Getting a great and easy to operate grass and weed trimmer machine can be a cumbersome task and that’s why we have made this 6 best Dewalt string trimmer review for you.

Best Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery, 13-Inch (DCST920P1)
Good Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 14-Inch, Tool Only (DCST922B)
Don't Miss
DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1)
Also Consider
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo
DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery, 13-Inch (DCST920P1)
DEWALT 20V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 14-Inch, Tool Only (DCST922B)
DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1)
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo
Best Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery, 13-Inch (DCST920P1)
DEWALT 20V MAX* String Trimmer, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery, 13-Inch (DCST920P1)
Good Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 14-Inch, Tool Only (DCST922B)
DEWALT 20V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 14-Inch, Tool Only (DCST922B)
Don't Miss
DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1)
DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1)
Also Consider
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo

As a homeowner, it is paramount to have a suitable and high-performance tool to cut overgrown grass and unwanted weeds around the homestead.

Our review post is current and thoroughly researched to give you an easy time to search for the best weed whacker tool ideal for you.

Best Dewalt 20V/40V/60V String Trimmer Review

You can rely on the info availed in this post 100% and all you need is to look for an affordable, high-performing, and durable lawn cutter.

Best Dewalt String Trimmer Review 2023

A grass trimmer helps to keep your compound tidy with great comfort and faster clearing of unwanted vegetative growth. Continue reading this review post to get a suitable Dewalt string trimmer product.

01. DEWALT Variable Trigger With Speed Control Brushless Trimmer and 13-Inch Cutting Swath

Dewalt String Trimmer Review


One thing certain, this product is not your regular grass and weed string trimmer product. Achieve great usability with the utmost cut performance that is suited for cutting all types of outdoor grass and weeds.

With improved ease of use, this product is suited for beginners and professional users. Responds well to different projects with robust enhanced balance when cutting outdoor project works.

Trimming a vertical position on your home or project pathway is second to none which makes this product a great addition. A priceless yet durable long grass and weed trimming tool that is affordable and doesn’t ask for a replacement any time soon.

Lightweight for Great Portability

A great and valuable benefit realized by users acquainted with this device is great portability. By being lightweight, this product allows you to use it conveniently and especially when working on sloppy projects.

Also, transporting this device is easy and you can move it from one location to another with max comfort and convenience. User fatigue is a thing of the past for users acquainted with the Dewalt brushless string trimmer device.

All in all, this Dewalt affiliated product is a great fit that allows you to have robust maneuverability suited for cumbersome projects articulation.

Long Durability

With proper usage and maintenance practices, this Dewalt affiliated grass and weed trimmer can serve you for many years. Getting a replacement is not a thing needed anytime soon for users who own this high-quality product.

Affordable Price Tag

Most importantly, you want to be associated with a Dewalt string trimmer product that is high performing and does not break the bank. Comparing the purchase price and work ethic, this tool is cost-effective and thus keeps your wallet sound.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Enhanced power control
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Easy runtime management
  • Requires great maintenance practices


02. DEWALT High-Efficiency Brushless Motor Maximizes Run Time and Flexvolt MAX Cordless String-Trimmer


A cordless long grass and weed string trimmer tool that is high-performance by functionality to tackle any outdoor project. Can be used every day with top-notch results being realized due to its heavy-duty nature.

One beneficial thing realized by users acquainted with this product is the availability of a brushless battery-powered motor that maximizes the overall motor runtime. Control this tool with the utmost convenience that is made possible by its lightweight feature.

Can Handle Tough Projects

By functionality, this tool is designed to handle any tough grass and weed cuts. Also, it’s suited for everyday use and thus a great product to seek today. Remarkably, this gadget is suitable for use on sloppy terrains with minimum stress being realized when using it.

Great Control

A lightweight and ergonomic design gives users the utmost adjustable control suited for all-around grass and weed cutting. Moving this tool from one location to another is easy as it’s light in weight and thus does not tire.


You mostly want a grass and weed cutting tool that can serve you for many years without the need to get a replacement. With proper use and maintenance, this Dewalt string trimmer can serve you for over 10 years with optimum performance levels.

Doesn’t Break the Bank

A cost-effective grass trimmer tool that comes at an affordable price tag that doesn’t exhaust your wallet. Achieve top-notch multiple usabilities for articulating different project trimming works with a gadget that is cost-effective by functionality.

Save up your money for other purposes by getting an affordable yet durable and high-efficiency Dewalt string trimmer product suitable for everyday use.

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Portable for enhanced control
  • Maximum runtime management
  • Heavy-duty for daily usage
  • Strong rival products competition


03. Dewalt Folding Hinge to Fit into Small Storage Spaces String-Trimmer

Dewalt String Trimmer Review


A cordless grass and weed string trimmer gadget is convenient to control and comes with an adjustable speed trigger, giving users overall usability.

Achieve enhanced torque that is geared to maintaining ideal cut speed suited for your project cut needs. A foldable hinge mechanism gives this tool robust storage and easy movement suited for great project articulation.

Great Portability

An easy to manipulate Dewalt string trimmer affiliated product that gives users great comfort while articulating different grass and weed cut projects. By being lightweight, this tool is convenient to use on cumbersome projects with maximum ease.

One thing true is that users acquainted with this tool have enhanced control geared to lessening stress and fatigue. A great to use the Dewalt string trimmer tool that is suitable for beginners and professional outdoor grass and weed cutters.

Extensive Cutting Area

An extensive cut base for this device makes it a great addition suited for handling long projects. Users acquainted with this tool have a fast project accomplishment that ensures you save your precious time to do other important works.

High Performance

A rechargeable battery for this product gives users prudent runtime that is enough to accomplish most home yard grass cut works. If you are going to use it for a large area, it’s better to have an extra charged battery.

By having this 56 voltage Dewalt string trimmer product, you have a great tool that works well on 20 volts lithium-ion battery.

Convenient Storage Means

A foldable hinge gives this device great storage means that make it fit in small spaces. As such, you can store with convenience this gadget on compact spaces. Also, achieve a reduced length of this gadget to make it easy to transport from one location to another.

  • Easy to move around
  • Convenient storage purposes
  • Durable for long usability
  • Extensive cutting area
  • Not highly-versatile


04. DEWALT DCKO975M1 Innovative Axial Fan Design Combo String-Trimmer

Dewalt String Trimmer Review


A great and much power/speed enhanced Dewalt string trimmer that is suited for cutting the toughest overgrown grass and weeds. Users acquainted with this tool get to have great storage and top-notch project articulation that deserves functionality of this tool.

Importantly, this tool is durable and thus can last for many years with proper use. Maintaining it is easy since it’s resilient to common knocks and machine vibrations that affect regular grass cutter products.

Improved Cutting Power

One thing certain, you are on the look-out for a highly versatile Dewalt string trimmer product that is capable of cutting different overgrown vegetation.

A variable power speed trigger anchored on it allows you to control the speed of cutting blade. As such, you can increase and reduce conveniently the power levels to get the ideal speed suited for your project cutting needs.

Meant for Tough Projects

By functionality, this string trimmer tool is suited for cutting all unwanted overgrown grass and weed. As such, you can use it to cut rogue and tough unwanted vegetation around your home. Also, it can be used conveniently for big projects with much improved tough overgrown vegetative cutting.

Great Affordable Price

A priceless yet affordable Dewalt string trimmer product that is sound to purchase and importantly doesn’t break the bank. Achieve great tool power for optimum speed that is suited for cutting different materials and more so the toughest ones.

When comparing this tool’s price and its workability, it’s a great bargain that does not exhaust your wallet.

Availability of User Menu

When purchasing this grass and weed trimmer product, ask for the user manual. A user manual contains valuable insights about how to better use and maintain it for long use and most importantly get it functioning at optimum levels.

  • Maximum and improved run-time
  • Improved motor durability
  • Enhanced clearing of debris
  • Ideal for tough projects
  • Flaws after long usage


05. DEWALT DCST922P1 High Quality Easy Transportation Black & Decker Lawn String Trimmer

Dewalt String Trimmer Review


A great lawn trimmer product that is suited to cut tough and overgrown grass that surrounds your home pathways. Importantly, it is convenient to store when not in use and fits in compact locations well.

Here are some of its important features.

High Durability

Strongly built to cut the toughest grass and weed overgrown vegetation. By design, it’s made to withstand the rogue work environment with high-versatility to serve you for many years.

With the right use and maintenance, this product is meant to serve you until you get tired of it. Getting a replacement is not an option and importantly it gives you great convenience knowing that it can run for many years at optimum levels.

Portable to Fit in Compact Areas

You can with ease fold this tool and hinge it to fit in compact locations you deem fit. As such, when not in use of this tool, you have great product that is ideal to secure in small and compact spaces.

Another great thing about this product is its lightweight feature. By being less weighty, you can maneuver it as you like for your work set-up. Moving it from one location to another is super easy and it does not tire like common tools.

Enhanced High/Low-Speed Control

Depending on the type of lawn cutting needs you to desire, this tool is great and importantly suited for multi-purpose usability. You can control the power level to your ideal range to get the best out of this original Dewalt string trimmer product.

Cuts a Wide Area

Finish your home or project grass and weed cutting needs with a great yet extensive string trimmer tool that can handle all your needs. An extensive cut area allows you to cut grass in a wide area and thus finish your project earlier than projected.

  • Fits in compact spaces
  • Easy to move around
  • A long-lasting tool
  • An extensive cut area
  • Not available yet


06. Dewalt DCKO97M1 High Quality MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer


A great Dewalt affiliated string trimmer product that is power enhanced to tackle all outdoor projects with great effect and efficiency. One of the benefits realized by users acquainted with this product is the availability of a blower and an extra battery pack.

One thing certain about this unique grass trimming product is improved power control due to the presence of an adjustable speed trigger. You can manage the run time conveniently with a high/low-speed switch that controls this gadget’s performance.

Great Price

A great bargain that comes at an affordable price tag that does not break the bank. Compared to its work application and price, it’s a cost-effective Dewalt string trimmer product to seek.

As such you can preserve the remaining money sum to do other important tasks that make you home and project lawn better.

Adjustable Power Options

Users are afforded a customizable tool that comes with high/low power option levels. As such, you can adjust the power range of this tool to make it ideal for your project and home grass cutting needs.


Ideal for cutting different vegetative growth that affects your home compound set-up. One thing, it’s high performance with top-notch blade RPM that makes it cut all tough unwanted vegetation around your home compound.  

High-Speed Wind Blower

You mostly want a Dewalt string trimmer product that maintains a perfect cut line to get your overall cutting grass and weed cut experience top-notch. Users acquainted with this high versatile tool are provided with a high-speed wind blower component that gives a clear visible cut line.

  • Optimum enhanced tool performance
  • Different work adjustability
  • Top-notch wind speed
  • Doesn’t break the bank
  • Negative user reviews


Dewalt String 20V/40V/60V Trimmer

Dewalt string trimmers are highly-versatile machines designed to cut overgrown grass and weeds that infest your home compound.

By functionality, these products use a string rather than a blade to cut through tough unwanted vegetative growth. Also, they are carbon-free in terms of fume emission and as such safe to use.

Benefits of Using Dewalt String Trimmers

Here are benefits realized by users acquainted with Dewalt string trimmers.

Easy to Use

Different machines like lawnmower can be used to trim and mow the grass around your home compound. But none of them can reach the level and workability of string trimmer machines.

String trimmer machines are convenient to use and are great at cutting grass in sloppy terrains. Fatigue is a thing of the past since these tools are easy to carry around and have great securement properties.

By getting one of these unique machines, you have an easy-to-use tool that is suited for multi-purpose usability and ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Great Portability

You can lift and use string trimmer machines for many hours without tiring. By being lightweight, these machines are great for beginners and professional user’s altogether.

Eco-Friendly to Use

Most string trimmer products produce less noise and do not cause public disturbances. Also, by being battery powered. they do not produce harmful fumes and thus environmentally safe to use.

Fast Workability

By having a wide-cut area users acquainted with these products can finish their project work before scheduled time which is a great feature realized.

Dewalt 20V String Trimmer Review – Buying Considerations

Dewalt String Trimmer (1)

Look out for these important Dewalt string trimmer buying considerations to get one that is suitable for your overall use.

By getting these valuable buying consideration insights, you will have an easy buying process and get a convenient and tough overgrown grass and weed cutter tool.

Type of Line

Since Dewalt string trimmers do not use blades to cut through tough grass and weeds, it’s wise to get a high-quality trimmer line that lasts long. Continuous use of these products will soon or later deteriorate the quality of cutting string.

So, seek for high quality and durable trimmer product with a tough string line. Also, ensure that the product has an easy and convenient string line installation and removal process.

Noise and Vibrations Free

Since you have neighbors and children, it’s wise to go for a trimmer product that is noise and vibration-free. Gas trimmers are loud while the battery and electric trimmers are much quitter.

Ensure that you wear ear protection buds when operating these trimmers to avoid damaging your ears. Also, battery or electric trimmers are great since they produce less noise which does not disturb.

A vibrating trimmer can cause numbness on your hands as a result of constant operating vibrations produced by these machines. As such, seek for a Dewalt string trimmer that is innovated with anti-vibration tech.

Multipurpose Usability

A Dewalt string trimmer can be adjusted to offer additional attachment heads that extend its overall usability. Different attachment options include; blower, mower, tiller, edger, and other applicable ones.

Customizable Feature

Keeping your trimmer tool at the right angle without regularly having to change adjustments is a great feature to look for when seeking these products. Go for a trimmer machine that has customizable-length shafts to adjust conveniently the shaft size to your height.

Great Portability

Getting one of the best Dewalt string trimmer tools is one thing to getting a suitable one that is great in service and easy to carry and store.

Importantly, ensure you get a convenient to carry trimming tool that can be secured when not in use in compact spaces. Look for a Dewalt string trimmer machine that comes with foldable features that make it possible to hinge it securely.


While on the lookout for a suitable lawn string trimmer tool, you need to take into consideration these safety features to keep yourself safe.

  • Protective eyeglasses: Safety glasses are a necessity to protect yourself from flying stones and other debris that could hurt and damage your eyes.
  • Leather gloves: Strong hand gloves are recommended to protect your hands from flying stones and other debris prevalent on your compound. Since grass can be slippery, it’s robust to have a suitable boot to prevent slipping when trimming.


Depending on your budget plans, Dewalt string trimmer products come with different price tags. All the above 6 best Dewalt affiliated string trimmer tools have different price ranges and are suitable for all-round grass and weed cutting.

To get an affordable lawn trimmer tool, consider visiting different shop outlets to get one that falls within your budget. Also, consider visiting online selling sites like Amazon and compare the prices.

Beware! Price of grass and weed cutter products does not directly relate to their versatility and suitability for all user needs.  

Last Tip

Regardless of the Dewalt string trimmer you decide to purchase, ensure you get extra cords so that you don’t have string shortage while articulating your trimming project work.

Dewalt String Trimmer

Dewalt String Trimmer Review – Q&A

Frequently Asked Question section provides the most commonly asked questions and answers that relate to these products.

By going through this section, you most importantly get first-hand info and solutions that pertain to Dewalt string trimmer products.

Let’s take a look at them:

Q: How can I best maintain my weed trimmer?

A: Importantly, ensure that you remove dirt and other debris from the tool head so that it does not get harden and become cumbersome to use in the future.

Also, ensure that you store it in a cool and dry place to extend its life. In similar conditions, ensure that you store the battery and charger in convenient storage space.

All in all, with proper maintenance practices you can use these products for many years and a replacement need not be an urgent option.

Q: How safe are Dewalt string trimmer products to use?

A: Just like all outdoor tools, Dewalt string trimmer products are safe to use provided that you follow the recommended usability aspects.

A heard guard is an important gadget that can protect you from flying debris and other injurious debris. Ensure that you protect your feet, hands, and face as these are some of the most prone areas that can be affected by flying debris.

Hand gloves protect users of these weed trimmer products from getting sores. Importantly, ensure that you keep children and pets away when using these machines to trim weeds and overgrown grass.

Turn off these tools when you realize they are not working efficiently. When purchasing these products, they come with enhanced protection that maintains the safety and thus prolonged battery usage.

Avoid charging Dewalt string trimmer gadget battery when it’s extremely hot or cold. To get the most out of this, leave the battery in a cool place for an hour.

Q: What is the difference between gas and battery-powered string trimmer products?

A: One thing certain, both gas and battery-powered Dewalt string trimmer products produce noise when in operation. Gas-based string trimmer products are much noisier than electric or battery-powered ones.

Q: Where can I purchase original Dewalt string trimmer products?

A: Today’s Dewalt string trimmer products market is clustered with all sorts of gadgets that claim to be best at cutting overgrown grass and other unwanted weeds.

As such, you need to make a thorough research to get a suitable and original Dewalt string trimmer product.

Visit the online shops or legalized Dewalt products shop outlets. Here you will find original and quality weed trimmer products convenient for your overall usability.

Q: How long can I use my best Dewalt string trimmer product?

A: Depending on your product of choice, you can use these products for many years with proper use and maintenance.

With proper usability, all the above-mentioned products are meant to last long and can serve you for over 10 years when used correctly.

Q: Is it possible for straight shaft weed trimmer products to use blades?

A: Depending on your choice model, some models allow you to use a different kind of head with a sharp blade. But most standard straight shaft weed trimmers cannot allow users to replace the string with a blade.

Q: Does the price of a Dewalt string trimmer product reflect its performance abilities?

A: A great question and the answer is no. Having an expensive lawn trimmer does not guarantee its great in performance and as such it’s wrong to judge high priced products with great performance.

Look for motor performance capabilities to know how powerful your Dewalt string trimmer product is.


Our Dewalt string trimmer review is thoroughly researched with facts about these highly versatile grass trimmers. One thing certain, all the above-reviewed products are environmentally safe to use and thus health-wise great tools to seek.

You are now well enlightened about insights of the best Dewalt string trimmer products that are a great fit for your overall usability.

Each trimmer product is unique and durable to serve you for many years without having to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Therefore, you are provided with different options to seek for clearing weed and overgrown grass around your home or hired project articulation.

Importantly, ensure that you check for safety measures to get a suitable Dewalt string trimmer tool. Achieve a serene and vibration-free lawn improving experience by getting acquainted with one of these tools.